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  1. Hello XRP Chat, On this list Current Validators I counted 35 Validators with YES in the UNL column. But according to Nik there are 38 validators on the default UNL. Is the current list Current Validators out of date? Thank you
  2. Does XRP have a utility like coinb.in which allows me to create and sign transactions offline? Thank you.
  3. Is there a book written for Software developers about XRP? Similar to Andreas Antonopoulos' book "Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain". Thank you
  4. I think the reason my Exodus wallet generated a Private key that doesn't start with s is due to the XRP functionality described in this article. XRP Seed and Private Key Since Exodus is a HD-wallet(BIP32) they probably generated my Private Key with the method outlined in this article. In this article the XRP private key doesn't start with s but the XRP address does start with r.
  5. Hmmm... I just checked my Private Key on the Exodus wallet and it doesn't start with s? Is this because my Exodus Private Key is generated from the mnemonic Seed?
  6. Thank you. So all of XRP Public addresses start with r and all Private Keys start with s.
  7. Hello XRP expert, Can I simply use the functionality provided at bitaddress.org to create an XRP paper wallet? I think the answer is NO because Bitcoin Addresses start with 1,3 or bc1 and Private Keys start with 5, K or L. I am assuming these rules don't apply to XRP and XRP may have their own rules? What site do your recommend I use to create an XRP Paper Wallet? Thank you
  8. Thanks for your response nikb. Yes, the Elliptic Curve function is necessary for the generation of the Digital Signature that verifies the transaction. I understand now. This video explains it really well. Digital Signature Creation using Elliptic Curve What's fascinating is that the generation of the Digital Signature takes as one of its inputs a Random number, yet the verification always works. It's quite magical. Thank you.
  9. Hello XRP Expert, It's my understanding that XRP uses the same mechanism for creating the Public Key as Bitcoin according to this post. XRP Public address generation same as Bitcoin I've been reading about the creation of the Public Key in Andreas Antonopoulos' Mastering Books. I don't understand the necessity of the Elliptic Curve step in generating the Public Key. Why not just hash the private key (a random 256 bit number) directly into SHA-256 to generate the Public Key. SHA-256 is a one way function just like the Elliptic Curve. Instead the private key is run through th
  10. Sukrim you are right. Also I was just reading that "In reality, Visa processes around 1,700 transactions per second, a figure it rarely exceeds." Visa Transaction Speed
  11. mDuo13, I was surprised to read this. The following is from the XRP website https://ripple.com/xrp/ So XRP cannot scale to the same throughput as Visa in your opinion?
  12. Are the Validators in the UNL solely responsible for the next Ledger Version Or does a Validator not in the UNL also contribute to the consensus algorithm during the creation of the next Ledger Version? Thank you.
  13. So instead of forcing on-ledger escrow as a prerequisite in ILP, the Connector will take on the risk by providing the Sender Credit to move the transaction along?
  14. Hello XRP Community, Are they related? I was not able to get an answer via Google Search. Also I'm new and wasn't quite sure which Discussion Group to post this question in. Thanks
  15. Suppose I wanted to convert 1 of my BTC to XRP and then send this XRP to my XRP Wallet. Could I do this with either ILP or XRPL DEX? (assume both have good liquidity) If I have a choice of using ILP or XRPL DEX why would I use one over the other? Thank you.
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