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  1. I've noticed a lot of these blockchains have nice specs on paper but in actuality they are not as advertised. Today it took 5 minutes for my Fantom transaction to complete. Yesterday Solana was down for 14 hours and a Solana developer told me the blocks are not 0.4 seconds but around 0.5 - 0.6 seconds. I still think the user experience is best on Solana but yesterday was a significant reminder that all these new L1 are untested under stress conditions and we can't believe specs on paper. I am hoping that the Flare network, when finally released, will deliver something competitive and we will finally be able to do some legitimate Defi with our XRP.
  2. Thanks for your response brianwalden. There are networks coming out now such as Harmony One and Fantom that advertise 2 second blocks with immediate finality. I have tested Fantom and today for example it took 17 seconds to confirm my transaction so I don't see it as a threat to XRP currently. Does the XRP community see these upcoming blockchains as competition in the settlement space? PS. Solana has very good consistent performance. All my transactions have been confirmed under 2 seconds or less but my understanding is that Solana has 12 second Finality which is too long.
  3. Interesting. I didn't think the Validators take the fee into account since it's burned and they don't receive it. I thought the fee was fixed for XRP transactions. Thanks tulo
  4. Thanks for your answer tulo. If I am doing a simple valid XRP transfer why would it not be included in N+1? Is there a limit on how many transactions can be placed into a ledger version / block?
  5. Hello XRPChat, I wanted to confirm that once a transaction is included in the next ledger version (block) it is deemed final. Hence, XRP has a finality of 3-5 seconds, which is the time it takes to create a new ledger version. Thanks
  6. Hello XRP Expert, Binance currently offers three methods for me to withdraw XRP to my wallet. The XRP blockchain, Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain. I am confused by this... how is Binance interacting with the XRP blockchain? Interestingly, the fee for the XRP traditional transfer is higher than the two Binance options. Thank you for a further explanation of what is happening here under the hood.
  7. Thanks Hotpocket. That's very helpful. I just checked out the Coston Development network and it still doesn't seem to be generating blocks consistently. https://www.flarescan.org/
  8. jargoman, I found the URL for the Coston Block Explorer: Coston Block Explorer However, it looks like no blocks are being currently mined and the Testnet is not currently active.
  9. Thanks Jargoman. It appears your post on Redit was removed?
  10. Thank you Jargoman. I logged into Metamask today, and ChainID is now mandatory. Unfortunately, Coston is not included in the current list ChainIDs. I did some googling put couldn't find Coston's ChainID. I think Coston may have to put themselves on the list before Metamask can once again interact with Coston. I might have to get a Reddit account and mention this to the Flare Network. Jargoman if you have Reddit perhaps you can enquire? https://www.reddit.com/r/FlareNetworks/ Also it would be good to know the Block Explorer URL. Currently it's not present in the Coston's Readme.
  11. Hello, Can someone send me some Test FXRP for the Flare Coston Network. I don't want to install Node.js at this time (perhaps down the road) which is currently the way to acquire test FXRP. I will be testing out Coston in the Remix IDE which doesn't require Node.js My address is 0xF962e09a92F4127bbC770c22aF41a0c3BaF0b66a Thank you PS. Instructions on how to acquire Test FXRP via Node.js are documented here Coston Readme
  12. Thanks for your response. Has the overlap condition improved in the current XRPL? Is it still > 90%?
  13. Are there any updates on the Status of Cobalt? > 60% overlap required would be a very noteworthy announcement. Thank you.
  14. Hello XRP Chat, On this list Current Validators I counted 35 Validators with YES in the UNL column. But according to Nik there are 38 validators on the default UNL. Is the current list Current Validators out of date? Thank you
  15. Does XRP have a utility like coinb.in which allows me to create and sign transactions offline? Thank you.
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