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  1. I'm not really one for waiting around in line, like everyone else. This Buck needs to be RISKY! It's in the name baby!!! -RB
  2. Still waiting for that day, over here in the future. I'll be sure to return with news if this is all shoots off. For now its all about them pennies. It's all I have left. -RB
  3. This is Like a fun little gem you get to look back on and giggle about huh. 10 grand down the shitter ahaha
  4. Thank you for that lovely insight. However as of recent events, and large profit gains. I think I can conclude I'm in the right 'project mate' with my lines and Triangles. XRPUSD rose to above 10% as I clearly stated. None the less I look forward to continuing my predictions. Hope you're having a great week too. -RB
  5. 07/09/2019 Ripple is a slow one. I've been keeping a keen eye on the market for many hours. Going through, too many, news articles and charts, as I'm sure many of you are too. With that I assume most of us caught onto the bearish-ness of yesterdays trades. I made my escape early, on the 6th however I did have too much hope for the market to jump back up again meaning I couldn't catch all of the glorious winnings. Falling flat and seemingly dull for the majority of 20:45[UTC] to around 11:00[UTC], XRP took the steering wheel and climbed up ~4% today. As I type this out, XRPUSD is 0.26000. This to me is a clear sign that we are in this descent triangle that has been holding us for a while now. I feel a strong drop after this dance in 0.26 (That could push us to 0.27 so set those limits), looking to falling to around 0.25 again, and when it will follow that pattern I am seeing a bounce back that will happen, maybe giving us back that sweet our early August 0.3. This time however instead of hitting the graveyard again, XRP is going to rise up 10-13% across a span of around 3days, after breaking 0.3. I know this sounds like mad talk however it all is dependent on the drop to ~0.255. Break that bar, it will surely launch XRP right up there. Anyway just sharing the news, thought it'd be good to spread. Happy trading. -RB
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