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  1. The real question is that, by being the one backing a solocoin, are you in any way required by law to hold a portion of that backing as xrp (similar to banks and πŸ™„ supposedly 'stablecoins' institutions like tether holding about 33% USD)? If so, this is really really good news (dependent on adoption ofc) as people holding xrp in order to back their solocoin would put upwards pressure on xrp. If not.... well then... nothing to see here folks.
  2. @CryptoCrusader what's your game? You seem like a troll from how you're speaking; Even though your first question was 'smart or dumb move?' you clearly aren't asking for any sort of advice or approval for a 10x leverage trade, considering how certain you sound and how you're talking down to people here in this post... only normally the trolls here aren't so obnoxiously bullish ? @ZzZerper / @Cooliozxrp / @Freaky is he one of yours ?
  3. @VegitaXRP - I actually disagree with the first point, provided the price-through-utility theory is correct; the more people need/choose to hold the asset, the higher the price floor will be. With that said, I think we're far, far, above what the price floor should currently be based on utility and are only holding this point due to speculation. In any case, the presence of a floor in no way protects an asset from manipulation - for example, if you look at the long term logarithmic scale of BTC you could see what appeared to be a strong bottom in 2018, which broke in November to take us down to the 3k range. Was the 3k range the true bottom, meaning the price was artificially high that whole time? Or was the ~6k range the real bottom, with the plunge to 3k due to mass manipulation. I think it's a moot point. The reason I asked the question I did, is because I don't think there's any way one could say with any confidence that xrp in particular is more manipulated than 'all other crypto-currencies' (I mean what about dogecoin or god forbid BSV lol?). That's the sort of blanket statement I'd like to stay away from when talking about this because I see people time and time again taking a strong speculative perspective to manipulation. With that said, I myself think the entirety of the crypto market is manipulated a great deal, but that's purely based on the fact that the TA I expect to occur sometimes goes straight out the goddamn window in many cases, with huge buy/sell walls appearing out of thin air for example. You are correct in that the ambiguous security status of cryptos allows for some funny business to occur. For instance, if xrp were to be considered a commodity, any laws regarding 'insider trading' would go right out the window. The same could be said for any other currency. The fact is, this is a (relatively) new space as far as regulation is concerned and the SEC has been caught with their pants down. I'd love them to clear some of this up so we could move along from this potential for manipulation, but it's probably going to take a little while longer I think as they don't want to do it wrong and set a bad precedent for future currencies.
  4. What makes you say that? What indicates that it is manipulated and if so, how do you know the manipulation is greater than any other crypto?
  5. ^ You can thank Coolioz for that, he's one of our neighborhood trolls. Checkout his post history, he loves stirring the pot. In any case, this is really cool news! I love seeing stuff like this, thanks for the share.
  6. I think an important thing to remember here is that just because we see an uptick in utility (ergo volume) doesn't mean we'll immediately see an increase in price until the volume surpasses the current speculative value. For example, let's assume that based on the current volume xrp actually has a baseline price of 4c but traders are trading it at 23c; even if the volume derived price were to fly up to 22c (roughly a 5x increase in volume) we wouldn't necessarily see an increase in price yet. Assuming this is correct, all we can assume is that the speculative value is higher than the current utility driven price, which really isn't a surprise considering how little Xrapid/Xrp is being used as a pool of liquidity right now. This of course could change DRAMATICALLY in the next couple of years and drive up the price. It also could not. Welcome to being early to the party. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
  7. You are aware I'm not talking about the price? Notice I was only correcting a non-factual statement made by Cooliexrp. Unless I'm missing something (and please educate me if I am, I miss things too) please inform me if this information is incorrect and how.
  8. He actually is - of the technology advisory board: https://www.hsbc.com/media/media-releases/2017/hsbc-appoints-technology-advisory-board With that said I am XRPwinning is right in that we have no idea what is or isn't happening right now
  9. All things considered, I still think the video which started this thread is INCREDIBLE! (Albiet very long). I know people always say stuff like 'the writing is on the wall' and blah blah but after watching the full video... all those documents he showed are friggin CRAZY. Not to mention it's almost hilarious that all those banks and other financial entities condemning crypto while they themselves are part of the god-damn A-team of the ILP protocol. Talk about left hand doing while the right isn't looking.. Anyways, although I think price prediction is a moot point as we're really speculating on the ILP volume and XRP amounts stored for 2030, I used the 2018 xrp price prediction model (with VERY generous values) and only got it up to 1.3k or so. With that said, I don't think hundreds of dollars is out of the question at all provided we stay on track. Crazy considering the current state of things..
  10. You know maybe you're right, in which case you can give me an 'I told you so' but: - The only consortium they name is R3 - "Other blockchains are developing rapidly and CBA remains open to other options in the future." A friend of mine dated a guy once who was 'open to other options in the future'. Didn't take long before he left her for another girl. That's some friggin non committal-language right there, I mean why even include it if you're in bed with ETH. But the people here are right, it's all speculation. After all, if it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck, it might actually be a swan. πŸ¦’πŸ¦†
  11. While I can't speak to everything in that video... 1. The increase of xrp sales by year is in USD, not XRP.. so ofc it spikes up like that when XRP/USD increased from 2016-now. That graph is very misleading. 2. He says XRP isn't used in Xrapid.. that's just flat out false... And then he uses that to point out that XRP might be a security, which 'ya know, we've heard that FUD a million times. Tbh I was really hoping he had some better points to poke holes in my optimism, though I thought two parts were cool: - Google being a starter investor in Ripple. That's neat, didn't know that, though I'm sure some of you do. Makes the whole Google ILP theory that much more respectible. - Missing blocks. This is the first I've heard about this, I'd love to hear smarter people then myself discuss πŸ™ƒ
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