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  1. Sure. Which words would you like expunged from my vocabulary? Btw... not angry at all. Just pointing out your error. Ah. Ok. No point in discussing your beliefs then. I will just stick to the Ripple and XRPL related matters. So you are still comfortable with bold red lies in your post? No need to adjust or amend? Fair enough. You do you.
  2. No. You posted an article, then made a big deal via a bold red highlight about something that wasn’t true. Something that, along with all the other lies in the article, is easily fact checked. If it seemed like new information to you (it wasn’t, it was a bunch of crap) then you should have at the least used some caution in posting it. Perhaps an editorial comment or question like “Could this be true?” Perhaps education these days is failing to teach people how to be analytical which seems a shame. For instance. Saying “how do I know Ripple is telling the truth?” and placing an equal weight on a legally constrained company like Ripple and a crypto news website article shows a lack of discernment. I challenge you, and anyone else, to find one piece of factual information released by Ripple that is a lie. They will certainly spin, and talk up possibilities, and perhaps make bad predictions, but any factual statement they make can be taken as read. Anything else would be madness for a regulated company in their industry to try. Its an unfortunate fact that the information landscape these days is getting murkier and murkier. But common sense and even basic analytical skills should stop you highlighting in red something so easily disproved.
  3. It wasted my time. It wasted anyone’s that read it. Guys! I just got some new information, apparently the world is run by Lizard people who wear human skin suits and have a secret base on the far side of the moon! I got that off a website... will post the link as soon as I find it again... If you have a conscience and a brain, then you really should vet information before posting it as fact. Short attention spans and modern day laziness has a lot to answer for...
  4. Also... it’s a silly question since there is no chance Ripple would do that. But hey... whatever...
  5. Nothing would happen. Consensus would still be maintained and the XRPL would continue to settle immutably every three or four seconds.
  6. The real question here is why such patently false ‘information’ is still being spread about? That article has false statements every paragraph. I was going to show them all but cbf. Heres two just to shut up the ‘ah, couldn’t actually prove any eh?’ crowd: 45.04B from 43.02B last year. So a 4.7% rate. The same as the articles number for Etherium. You mean the ones that stopped a year ago? There were an embarrassment of riches in the ‘which false claim to debunk’ department. So, @JJJ2 are you going to retract? And guys... why do these articles with lies that are easily proven wrong keep coming? I hate conspiracy theories as a rule but I really am starting to wonder.
  7. Nice idea and implementation on the planner. May I suggest that the ability to remove a card (say, if it’s incorrectly completed) would be a good thing? An X at top right?
  8. Unless I’m mistaken, it would be illegal for BTCMarkets to falsely report XRP volumes. So I don’t think you can be correct in your inference that the volume is increasing but it can’t be seen. The reported XRP trading volume is not increasing so I do not believe ODP volume is increasing in AUD and Mexican Pesos at least. I haven’t looked at other currencies.
  9. I feel inclined to agree that some form of obscuring has been installed. So I suspect that the ODL matching and tracking is now going to be less accurate. But the overall volume cannot be masked and it doesn’t show any growth at all as far as I can see. That is what bothers me about the situation. I’m still confident it will save money and be adopted. I just don’t think it’s getting much traction in the current climate. @JASCoder feels it’s a staged process, and he could be right, but that feels like a overly complex answer when ‘it’s not getting traction right now’ seems more likely and simpler to me. I hope something changes for the better soon(tm).
  10. That could be true. The problem I have with a Ripple enforced clamp idea is that I can’t imagine a reason for doing that. Every project I have ever been a part of there is a lot of pressure to ramp it UP not clamp it down. What would be the bad side of increased ODL XRP volumes? I can’t think of one. And yet I CAN think of reasons why it would be a good thing for ODL. So like all of us observing... I am very puzzled. As you say, time will tell.
  11. Warned after it happened, Strange sort of warning, The story is that ODL is being taken up more and more, that it’s very successfully growing even faster than normal Ripplenet volumes. And yet the XRP volume is NOT growing. If there is any growth there at all it is microscopic. We do know that some clients wanted more privacy on their ODL traffic. So Ripple were looking at ways it could be obfuscated. But unless ODL has a super magic trick up it’s sleeve, it can’t hide from the overall site trading volume indicators. And those indicators have been very disappointing.
  12. @JASCoder but irrespective of the ODL usage, the OVERALL volume must go up if ODL is actually increasing. That would be shown by the volume indicator at the base of almost all trading charts. On the two I’ve just looked at and shown here there was the sudden drop as treasury batched payments stopped and yet there is no growth in the volume since. So to me there is a massive disconnect between then and now. It looks like ODL at the very least is in a pause.
  13. You can see a similar thing at Bitso the Mexican exchange.
  14. Unless the site is lying and hiding volume, (which I think would break a number of financial regulations in Australia,) then there is clearly no increase in XRP ODL from the Australian side. This is the BTCMarkets chart as of right now. You can see the treasury volume at base of chart on the far left and the non-growing volume ever since. Masking tags, sharding payments etc would not mask the trading volume indicator at the base of this chart. So I don‘t believe that AUD volume is growing at all. I assume it’s similar elsewhere.
  15. This^ Perfect summation of the XRP market. Utility is perhaps coming, if it does at scale, then a new price dynamic will apply. Until then... the above.
  16. @Riccardo8891 if you were to set a slider for that ultimate price value then maybe don’t hard code it... allow user to enter the value. Or use a log scale. Because frankly there will be a LOT more people entering $1 to $50 than there will be people using $10,000.
  17. Dogowner5


    Aw crap. Time to die and live again then. I find the badge thing is a distraction and annoyance. It’s a target for the idiots that think these sorts of things are significant. Thanks. But seriously thinking of fixing that.
  18. I agree with your logic. But I do wish this forum would resolve to stop using derogatory terms for people and stop attacking the person rather than the argument. This post is coming from the fact that I feel remorse because I just a few minutes ago posted something that added nothing to the forum and was an insult to a person. I try hard not to descend into personal attacks and the fact that I did (and it was very mild compared to many posts on here daily) shows that it’s becoming endemic here to bicker rather than debate. No doubt a reflection of the parlous state of XRP and Crypto more generally. Sorry for loading all this reply on you... it’s just that you had a good point, but you added the personal bit that really wasn’t needed. So it was a good example. But so was mine so I will quote it here too...
  19. Dogowner5


    The premise of your question is incorrect. XRP is NOT ‘going away’.
  20. Clearly not. I don't think I’ve ever seen a more snide and bitter poster.
  21. You have missed the point. He was asking why is it that so long after being in XRP has he just now joined the forum. The quite reasonable reply was that he doesn’t normally use these social platforms.
  22. Dunno but I’m betting yes. It’s just a place for the smart contract to send the Spark. The qualifying side is the XRPL account... and they will all be different even if the terminus is the one Flare account. But it’s fairly likely this will be answered well before December.
  23. Still, all this has just been me musing... it would be best if a more authoritative voice replied.
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