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  1. True but how does it deliver it to your account? If the exchange is in another country then it needs some sort of cross border value transfer mechanism. So no... it can’t deliver other countries fiat except by starting the whole problem again.
  2. That’s an interesting idea but it doesn’t really fit the facts unfortunately. The exchange would be located in a country. That is the only local fiat it can deliver. And yet the worldwide ODL has dropped. Unless there is a number of these hidden exchanges, that can’t explain the drop to one tenth of previous ODL volume.
  3. My problem with these ‘support level lines’ is they are drawn from the extremes. In the example above they are from wick-tip to wick-tip. (If they were candles) In reality those lowest highest prices could have been fat finger screwups or panicked herd or busted shorts etc. They don’t really represent what the ‘market’ (whatever the hell that is) really felt about price at that time. The market was more in the body of the candle. So basing a long term trend line on those wicks seems incorrect to me. Just my opinion. I know next to nothing.
  4. Rellie? My relatives are always spending my money and laughing at me.
  5. Oh sorry I was not very clear. The sea change I refer to is the drop of ‘treasury’ batched transfers in favour of the actual transactions in real time. One thing that has occurred to me as a possible blocker for a company like MGI (but not FlashFx) is that they may be locked into business agreements with agents who handle the physical cash outs at destination. Perhaps those existing agreements somewhat interfere in some way that is not clear but even there the ODL corridor could move it into the agents account.
  6. I agree with you that it’s relatively new but my experience with large organisations that find something new they are doing is good, is that after it’s proven they clamour on. So the initial pilot is small and then the numbers come in and then every department and it’s dog wants in on it. Even in large organisations that doesn’t take a whole year for that clamour to start if the thing is looking good. So to me... they (MGI) were already doing much larger volumes, they have at least three quarters of their corridor going the old way so it’s hard for me to understand what the hold up is. And all of that is ignoring the fact that the sea change that recently happened affected every user... not just MGI. FlashFX for instance are running like a tenth of what they did previously if the BTCMarket XRP volume figures are correct. So if there has been a gear change, (and it’s going in the right direction, ) then I would expect a volume improvement very very soon. If that doesn’t happen then it seems to me this recent change can only be categorised as a major setback.
  7. The hopium in me leaned that way, but the realist said otherwise. This is way past pilot phase. Up throttling the corridor volume is probably done with a simple setting. The liquidity seems sufficient to support much more than is currently flowing. I’m struggling to understand why it is not rapidly ramping upwards. I do not understand, and the only explanations that seem to cover the facts are not good ones it seems to me. I really hope to be wrong, but if volume doesn’t rapidly ramp very soon then I can’t see this recent change as anything other than a large setback.
  8. Actually that’s pretty unarguable at this moment. They don’t love it and are not using it. So the thread title is perhaps totally incorrect. You could hope that they secretly love it but won’t touch it till declared virus free, but there is no evidence for that, and certainly the incumbent rent-collecting correspondent big banks don’t like it all.
  9. I don’t follow you. My observation is that if there is one thing that most mined crypto communities hate its the ‘unmined’ coins. Since Bitcoin is the big daddy and most other coins are mined, it’s fairly easy to conclude that if you are looking for a ‘most hated’ coin it will be an unmined one. Of those XRP is the most prominent by a long long way. So it’s reasonable, and it’s observable, to say that yes, XRP definitely IS the most hated coin. But maybe that chain of logic is showing the deteriorating state of my mental health.
  10. Does anyone really believe that a company under so much scrutiny would try messing around with amateur bot type manipulation to affect price? Why in this space is there such an endless creation of nonsense conspiracy theories?
  11. I’ve never understood why people need to invent a conspiracy theory. Why would you need to invent something (with no evidence whatsoever) that explains Hodor’s departure beyond the facts of what he actually said he was doing? If you wanted to guess at his motivations then you could note that the blogs would have been a lot of work for presumably very little reward while being about a coin who’s value continued to fall. I found him mostly informative but occasionally prone to hyperbole and not infrequently aggressively defensive. I know of more than one instance where he had the wrong idea about something and wouldn’t admit his error but instead doubled down on defence with attack. He gave his reasons, it’s long ago (in crypto-years ) why not just move on? One of the things that most annoys me about the crypto scene is this frequent tendency to invent conspiracies and build castles in the air with speculation way beyond reason or available facts.
  12. That’s not the full story though. It wasn’t only the confirmation times. He also had to keep selling the same ones repeatedly as the 65% of Miners in China kept resetting the blocks and undoing his transactions. So don’t go making fun of Bitcoin just because it’s slow. There are plenty of other things you can mention.
  13. That is an excellent thought and metric. It is possible that it gets skewed in future somewhat by any surge or decline in interest in particular customer groups. For instance a surge in bank customers versus FI customers might skew it downwards and visa versa. But overall as a rule of thumb, and all things being equal, we probably would expect a support for that ratio or even a gain. Thanks for mentioning it.
  14. If you really think that there is only one rational thing to do: sell them immediately. After doing that I can’t see any point in continuing here, so perhaps leave the forum as well?
  15. No it won’t. That would achieve nothing other than signal abject failure from Ripple. Stellar did exactly what you propose and achieved exactly nothing. It’s a simplistic solution that has been proven not to work.
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