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  1. You may be right. But this long winter has taught me to never again to get my hopes up. So I will just wait till it is all out in the open. The virus might have spiked things for a little while I think. The ODL numbers were growing weekly but seem in hiatus. I’m waiting to see if our gamble has paid off, but I won’t believe anything until it’s all clearly in plain sight. I do take your implicit point though that to be successful in speculating you do need to join dots BEFORE it’s all in the open because by then the the price has already risen. Let’s all hope we see a good price soon.
  2. I’m very optimistic about the future for XRP. And I’ve seen a lot of posts from nakedzzrp that I totally disagree with, and that seem to me to be nearly taunting and disrespectful. But I believe he has nailed it here. There is nothing to get excited about in any of this until the conditions he mentioned are met.
  3. Just more noise. If Ripple were in any trouble with SEC we would all know about it long ago. Lots of people here on XRPChat seem be cheering for the anti-Ripple brigade. Enjoy your time while it lasts.
  4. I find it surprising that people think they know the absolute top price of a utility coin that has never yet achieved even a fraction of its potential. It’s completely uncharted territory for any crypto, but some folk seem to be absolutely sure they know it’s limits. I’ve got no idea why they think they can be sure of the limit when it’s like has never been seen in the world before. And may not for some years more. It may take some years yet before we find out what a utility coin carrying some significant percentage of world commerce is going to be worth. I think anyone that is already sure of its limits has no basis for that belief.
  5. Fred above just reminded me of something too... never ever leave your paper wallet secret key in view of your phone’s or laptop’s camera. If you are really unlucky and a hacker is secretly streaming video from your cameras, then once she has seen your secret key she can steal your XRP in seconds. She simply uses the secret key to craft a valid transaction moving the XRP out of your wallet and into her own. Irretrievably gone in three or four seconds.
  6. Sorry but I don’t understand what you mean. I’m a bit thick sometimes and miss the point. But I do think it’s true that if most of science have a understanding of something then it generally is correct. It often gets refined and improved, but it is very rare for a total reversal of the understanding to happen based on the work of a very few contrarian scientists who saw the truth the rest missed. New facts and measurements often open new fields of study but true paradigm shifts are rare.
  7. I wasn’t able to understand it because it’s in a language I don’t speak. But I got the impression it might be blaming CV-19 (or possibly the existence of SARS-CoV-2?) on 5G signals. I dunno. But if it’s that... then I’m glad I didn’t waste time watching it. Maybe I’m wrong. Not sure what it was. But in general, if the nearly entire scientific community have an opinion, it is most often correct. The lone researcher with a wildly divergent theory is only in extremely rare cases correct. But it is a romantic image that the media often portray, so people who hear such theories tend to place higher credence in them than they really should. Anyway... there is right now a refrigerated van backed up to the loading bay in a New York hospital acting as a temporary emergency morgue. So yeah... normal flu season stuff... NOT.
  8. No problem, it is confusing at first. A wallet address is like a mailbox. It’s an address and it can hold funds. So you are going to your letterbox (Coinbase wallet) and wondering why you can’t get it to receive funds. The reason is because you don’t do anything at the letterbox to receive funds. You do the work at the “sending” end. There is maybe a misunderstanding here so I will lay it out as best I can. Sorry if it’s too long winded. When I said that I meant for you to go to the Coinbase menu item that will tell you the address of your Coinbase wallet/letterbox. There you can look at, and record (copy-paste maybe?) the wallet/letterbox address. The address is the long string of characters starting with an ‘r’. But critically important it will probably also have a ‘tag’. That tag is a number that specifies your account at that address. Without specifying the tag when sending your XRP they will be just floating in the wallet pool and won’t hit “your” account till you contact support and beg them to sort it for you. So don’t forget the tag when sending to an exchange. Now, and this is the bit you maybe haven’t understood... the paper wallet is really just an address on the XRPLedger potential address space. The are quintillion’s of potential addresses and when a paper wallet is created it is really just generating a random seed and finding the related address that the associated (and newly generated) secret key works with. I am not an expert, but I have a fair bit of an understanding of this and I could go on for pages about how this works and what the consequences are. But for you wanting now to send from this paper wallet, well, you will need deal with the gotcha. I sort of didn’t realise you hadn’t got this sorted as yet. I apologise for overlooking that possibility. So you need to craft a transaction to send from the paper wallet address back to the Coinbase address. That’s not easy for the layman to do, so people have created software tools to do it. Bithomp have some. Phone and desktop apps (they are called wallets but in reality are secret key storage, and transaction crafting software with an associated address, hence ‘wallet’) exist also. You should perhaps research on this site to try and decide what one to use. I personally have used the Toast Wallet app for iOS on my phone. I am not recommending it, just sharing one of my selections. Bithomp tools also have the software to send your transaction and so far I have only heard good things about Bithomp. But here be dragons. Any software you use, any browser based tools, any device you use to do this with, be it phone or computer, can (if you are unlucky) have malicious code that is designed to steal your XRP. So you need to be careful, and the moment that you need to be the most careful is when you enter the secret key (the S string that you got with the paper wallet). There are all sorts of issues in this and varying degrees of relative safety. Essentially if you ever enter your secret key you are trusting the developers of the software your are using to not have put a recorder in there to transmit your key to them. If they have your key they can irretrievably steal your XRP in seconds. So you can see why some people just leave their XRP on exchanges. But that is very risky too... many exchanges have done exit scams or people had their funds stolen in one way or another. So I’m sorry but you need to research wallet software and then either need to trust online software like the Bithomp tools or install a Wallet on your phone or computer. I advise my family to install ToastWallet on the phone and ensure it’s properly secured at all times. I use a paper wallet but it’s got issues for the non technical as you are now finding. So all of that is not advice for you. You will need to make up your own mind. I know this hasn’t really helped, but maybe it gives you a general idea of the issues.
  9. Thanks. Yeah. One thing. I see you put a notification tag in there for me. The @ symbol triggers a notification link to be created. In this case it didn’t. I suspect it was because you used a iPad or suchlike and maybe the drag-down effect on a key to get the @ symbol. I’ve noticed that method doesn’t work... you need to select the numbers keyboard and use the @ symbol from there for it to trigger the JavaScript or whatever creates the link. Just a silly little quirk.
  10. I always included tax in the calculations (but for a few moments forgot to mention it in the post, then edited it in). So there is no tax risk if you pay as you go. That’s problematic with varying-value crypto so you need to work out the tax BEFORE you trade and ensure you will have a 5% gain after tax before trading. If that’s going to work out ok, then you do the swing trade AND SIMULTANEOUSLY MAKE A SALE TO FIAT FOR THE TAX. So yeah, it is tax risk free. It’s not trivial though, because in most jurisdictions you will also have to include and calculate the tax due from the crypto to fiat sale. Now you see why the tax implications were enough to dissuade me. But if you are willing to set up a spreadsheet to manage it and do the calcs, or if your tax regime is not as onerous then it can be a way to guarantee you end up with a bigger stash.
  11. Yes I have always thought swing trading is the way to go with crypto. But the tax implications stopped me pursuing it, so I just hold and buy occasionally with very small amounts of spare funds. But if you can identify two crypto’s you are happy to be stuck with, then you can essentially risk free, build the stack. I say risk free, but that’s ignoring the existential risk of each of the two crypto’s. Either one or both could be worth nothing in the long run. But if you can ignore that risk... then there are no others. Say you trust BTC and XRP to survive and be worth something in future. Take say 20% of your XRP and buy BTC with them. Next sell BTC to buy XRP when the trade will result in 5% more XRP (edit: after tax) than you had last round. Do the reverse sale when selling this newly enlarged XRP pile will result in 5% more BTC than the previous round. No matter what happens you always will end up with more of one or the other than you started with. The trades may not happen for weeks though. But every trade is a step up in size. If they both fluctuate without one getting away from the other then you will keep profitably trading to grow the stack. At some point you will notice that one has moved permanently (or a crypto version of permanently) up and away from the other with you on the downhill side. Still bigger than you started with in that coin, but no longer able to trade back. Ok that’s fine... consider that tranche over with and just put it in long term hold status. Start again with a new 20% trade bag. Rinse and repeat. I’ve done it in simulation and it’s always been a good result... if there are any issues I haven’t thought of in this I would love to hear about them. Apologies for the long post.
  12. I haven’t been wrong even once in this discussion. I am certain that I understand far more about this than you do. I don’t need to copy and paste information (that you clearly don’t understand) from Wikipedia. Look, I’ve seen a few things on the interwebbys lately that might make your inexplicable foolishness a little bit clearer. There are now a number of right wing pundits trying to push the insane line that “it’s just another flu” and “the cure is worse than the disease”. Ok, maybe that’s your source of information. Which means it’s become political, and I am definitely out now. Have a nice life.
  13. No you haven’t understood. Immunity isnt about getting better, it’s about not getting sick in the first place. Thats the problem here... because this is a new virus it will rip through the populace in way bigger numbers than a normal flu because the herd of people haven’t got the preventative immunity from previous attacks of this particular virus. Every time you quote numbers you seem to forget that it’s just starting... if we lockdown there is a chance of getting it slowed enough to not overwhelm hospitals. But right now the GROWTH in the numbers tells anyone with capacity to think ahead what will likely happen. If you let a flu rip through without any preventative measures then only a small percentage of people will get it. If you do that same with CV-19 then it will infect most people. So the numbers are much, much larger. They are not there yet, but if we took the “no action” that you seem to prefer, then every hospital on earth would be totally overwhelmed and people would die of respiratory failure as well as all the emergencies that a hospital can in normal times save you from. This is all really basic stuff, it’s fairly simple and easily understood. I’ve explained it as best I can. I hope you have a nice life.
  14. I’ve already told you repeatedly, it’s that no one has an immunity (unlike ordinary flu where many have a natural immunity) so if no action is taken the numbers will go through the roof, overwhelm the health systems and the death toll will dwarf the flu. The word NOVEL is in its description... it’s never been seen before. THATS the difference. I said it best right at the start: how can you be in crypto and not understand what happens with exponential growth? I think there is no point continuing if you can’t understand that.
  15. You don’t need a tag into a paper wallet it has no effect. The tag is simply a way for a pooled walled to know who owns what. To send back to an exchange go to that exchanges “deposit xrp” menu item and use the address and the tag they specify for you. It will differ in tag number to all other members and will in all likelihood stay the same ever after but you should always check by going back to that menu item before depositing in case they have made any changes to their wallets. So do a small trail back and all should be well.
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