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  1. Yup definitely I'll buy quite a bit if we go below 10 cents
  2. If there's no higher high or lower low, then quite possibly it's a flag or a triangle... 😜
  3. Nada. That's the answer. Ofcourse the judge can proceed with contempt of court or dismiss the case altogether for failing to follow the rule of discovery process, BUT will a US judge really do that to a government agency? I highly doubt it. I hope I will be proven wrong.
  4. We all know that isn't right in a just system but in the real world? Get ready to be dazzled.
  5. Hope I will be wrong but something will be "discovered", side stepping and diverting the attention away from this motion to compel..
  6. Nothing will happen. They are the government agency. Chill guys. This is how the real world works.
  7. Price didn't move much.. was hoping price to move much higher with liquidation of the shorts...
  8. Yeah XRP was lagging and history repeats itself.
  9. XRP always lag BTC. Not sure if XRP can hold current level.
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