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  1. @Hodor, an excellent blog as usual. It is interesting that only 4.11% of addresses own 96.53% of BTC and 95.89% of addresses own only 3.47% of BTC. It is also known that relatively a small number of people or limited groups of people such as large-scale miners have the decisive power on the fate of BTC, and the decision-making processes are not really open for public. I would feel more comfortable in investing in assets that are operated under the rigid corporate governance, operated by the people whose faces we can see and whose voices we can listen to, where approaches and a
  2. Partly from here (SBIVC website). https://www.sbivc.co.jp/ And partly from here (Presentation on SBI Holdings 2017 Q3 Statement of Account, page 105) www.sbigroup.co.jp/investors/library/presentation/pdf/presen180130.pdf Unfortunately I can find them only in Japanese at this moment (You might wish to try google translation). At least the English version of the latter will probably appear before long on the SBI's website. It includes a lot of useful information surrounding the various cryptocurrencies/block chain-related activities of SBI and SBI Ripple Asia.
  3. SBI announced today that: (i) SBI Virtual Currencies will start pilot selling of XRP with limited number of customers in a service by which customers buy/sell XRP from/to SBIVC. More details about this service will be announced in February. (ii) the service by which customers buy/sell XRP, BCH, BTC, etc. in the market will be based on the Huobi system. The date of commencement of this service will be determined considering factors such as the reactions of Financial Services Agency and other exchanges on the Coincheck issue, the development of regulations by national governments, and
  4. In Japan, income tax for natural persons for cryptocurrency's capital gain is between 15% and 56% depending on the amount of the total annual income (including salary and others). If it's above JPY 40,000,000 (about USD 350,000), the rate is 56%. To live abroad for a few years does not easily release one from being taxed as a Japanese citizen. So you are a millionaire only when the value of your cryptos is more than 2 million. 50% max in Australia sounds slightly better.
  5. Thank you, JK. Your comments remove all the clouds for me.
  6. I couldn't join the Tokyo meet-up but watched the Q&A video. There Miguel re-emphasized the Ripple's focus on institutional usages. Some may get disappointed to hear that, but I don't think they should as long as they are investing in what Ripple tries to achieve. Ripple has a very clear goal of realizing the internet of value, and it believes that focusing now on the specific area of global payments is the surest way to achieve this goal. And Ripple has made clear on plural past occasions its understanding that the closer it gets to the goal, the higher the XRP price will be. Believe it o
  7. As indicated earlier by JK, XRP will be a powerful tool for Ripple when its price gets higher. For example, 55 billion XRP at the rate of $1/XRP is $55b. Are there any other start-ups in the world with such huge resources at disposal before going public? Even if the entire 55b XRP is not available at once, this will allow Ripple to take a variety of advantageous strategic decisions.
  8. According to the yesterday's report, the draft rules state that crypto currencies held by corporate entities will be assessed at the market price. It means that any up and down of price will be reflected as profit or loss at the end of fiscal year. Would it work as an incentive for FIs to hold substantial amount of XRP?
  9. Japanese newspaper Nikkei reported yesterday that Accounting Standards Board of Japan (ASBJ) showed in its meeting of the same day an initial draft for corporate accounting rules for crypto currencies. ASBJ plans to make public a set of draft rules as early as November. (Sorry in Japanese only and I cannot find an equivalent article in Nikkei Asia at the moment.) https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXMZO21941280V01C17A0EE9000/ SBI Holdings CEO Mr. Kitao earlier stated that corporate accounting rules for crypto currencies are absolutely necessary for banks and other corporate entities
  10. The Japanese Authorities approved today the application for registration from several exchanges including SBI Virtual Currencies. As being discussed in another thread, at present only Bitcoin is listed as currencies to be traded at SBI, but XRP is expected to be added sooner or later. The timing of announcement of S-Coin does not seem to be coincidence. Finally things are moving forward?
  11. https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Companies/SBI-s-virtual-coin-to-slash-payment-costs Seems like heading for something different from the recently reported J-Coin which sounded like digital money pegged to JPY. Could we expect that XRP plays a role to maintain "a stable exchange rate" to JPY?
  12. 17 September 2017 https://www.bis.org/publ/qtrpdf/r_qt1709f.htm Nikkei reported the report this morning with the title of "Central banks' crypto currencies, challenges in anonymity and settlement cost -BIS Report" https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXLASDF17H0H_X10C17A9NN1000/ (in Japanese)
  13. @Hodor, that's the point. Some banks mentioned in today's article are the member of the Japanese Consortium which are supposed to use Ripple's services. http://gtgox.com/partners-of-ripple/ J-Coin appears to target domestic users for rather small and personal payments using smart phones, based on the traditional fiat IOU mechanism. But won't there be any role or implications for XRP there?
  14. english https://asia.nikkei.com/Markets/Currencies/J-Coin-Japanese-banks-virtual-currency-without-the-volatility japanese https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXKZO21231550X10C17A9MM8000/?dg=1 This coin is pegged to JYN and linked to individual users' bank account. A kind of electric money?
  15. I think the market has some doubts if the price of XRP will indeed rise due to lingering questions that (i) will XRP be used? (ii) will the use of XRP bring its price higher? (iii) will the escrow not prohibit the XRP price from keep rising? To all of these questions, we've got sufficiently clear positive indications from Ripple as a company or its staff. The question is whether we believe them or not. Yes, we are waiting for real use cases to be realized and announced. At the same time, there are a lot of cryptos which are priced at some 10s or 100s of $ on the basis of not much more t
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