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  1. Forte partner and legendary game developer preview minting features: https://macro.biz/ripples-gaming-juggernaut/
  2. Whoever sent it probably typed the wrong address in.
  3. I think they're bought and paid for, unfortunately. They'll only report on it when the stink gets so bad they can't ignore it.
  4. The SEC’s Ripple Lawsuit Reeks of Regulatory Capture: https://macro.biz/the-secs-ripple-lawsuit-reeks-of-regulatory-capture/
  5. Music NFTs are an explosive area of expansion for blockchain technologies and a promising use case for the XRP Ledger: https://macro.biz/music-nfts/
  6. One of the things I like about this project is that they're going to be maintaining a more curated list of NFTs. Unless I've horribly misread the whitepaper, they're not just going to let anyone upload a meme gif image and mint some nft "art."
  7. The volatility works both ways. With a small amount, you're more likely to hold it until you get a major price spike and your $50 winds up being worth $150.
  8. I've been using Coil for a while now (both the old blog platform and when I migrated to my own site). The on chain payments are as fast as a normal XRP payment as long as the amount is above a certain threshold. But the user base isn't huge.
  9. I think cause of the crazy unsustainable interest rates they advertise.
  10. I remember reading briefly about that Craig Dewitt music marketplace xSongs. I can't find any information about it officially shutting down but the webpage seems dead: https://www.xsongs.store/store-app/ https://decrypt.co/14343/ripple-xsongs-lets-artists-sell-music-for-xrp
  11. NFTs, hooks, and side chains could bring the lucrative gaming industry to the XRPL: https://macro.biz/xrp-expands-into-300-billion-gaming-industry/
  12. Brad Garlinghouse and other panelists chastise the United States for a decided lack of regulatory clarity: https://macro.biz/aspen-security-forum-record-breaking-year-for-ripple-despite-sec-lawsuit/
  13. Smart contracts as a direct to consumer interface between manufacturers and customers is a very interesting idea. One of the things I love about the internet is that it's revitalized these peculiar cottage industries with places like etsy, ebay, etc. One of the big problems we have here in Canada is that some oligopolistic storefronts refuse to carry popular items and instead choose to sell products from manufacturers they have a formal business relationship with. In a way, they have tremendous power in determining what it is we can buy. A system that lets consumers and manufactures interact directly and bypass these oligopolies absent a formal gatekeeper has a ton of potential.
  14. Oh man, I have tons of questions about this stuff. I'm very curious about the concept of "code as law" in the text from Primavera De Filippi and Aaron Wright. One of the scenarios I thought was interesting was a hacker breaking the code of a legal smart contract and extracting money from it. If the flaw is within the code and the code is ostensibly the law, has he actually done anything illegal? I'm also curious about how far away the first iterations of these state-backed legal contracts are.
  15. Scott Chamberlain's vision of a clockwork society run by smart contracts, dApps, and artificial intelligence could find its way to the XRPL: https://macro.biz/autonomous-legal-applications-could-be-coming-to-the-xrpl/
  16. That's very true. Corporate involvement in crypto is a bad thing unless it's for BTC, then it's adoption.
  17. What do prominent Bitcoin maximalists think about the SEC’s action against Ripple? It’s even weirder than you think: https://macro.biz/one-blockchain-to-rule-them-all/
  18. Cryptocurrency Security can be a daunting topic for crypto holders, but it is an important facet of keeping your funds safe. Find out how to protect yourself: https://macro.biz/cryptocurrency-security/
  19. The way I see it - distributed ledgers are the competition. Wrapping them up in a nice package for big players to use and pretending to be neutral isn't going to change the way legacy money transfer services look at us. Hypothetically, if cryptocurrencies like XRP, BTC, XLM, become widely used enough that banks simply let you do direct deposits, why go through an intermediary at all? Or even why have a bank account for that matter?
  20. Stellar also already has a CBDC contract with Ukraine. I'm not sure why Ripple didn't go down the road of owning or funding a remittance company. It always seemed like they built this wonderful decentralized ledger and just set it loose without any sails. It's like, "Hey , we have this technology that lets people send each other money without any centralized intermediaries. Lets get the remittance companies to use it. If it really takes off in 10-15 years no one will need them anymore. Isn't that great. Remittance companies?" Maybe there were securities implications they wanted to avoid, but we've hit those rocks anyways, so why not go all in?
  21. I hope the Ripple lawyers play this during the deposition. I want to see them try to explain this in court.
  22. From Ripple to Bitcoin and Binance, regulators seem poised to reign in the crypto industry with new expansive regulatory frameworks. https://macro.biz/the-coming-regulatory-storm/
  23. I think the strategy here is to implement functional ledger amendments that will hopefully draw some big name NFT developers to the XRPL. With gaming in particular, having a big transaction cost every time you need to mint or sell an item just doesn't work. It's the same reason the Steam marketplace wound up turning off Bitcoin buys, because users were paying insane transaction costs just to buy the game and when they complained, it's not like Valve can ever refund that money. I feel like it's the opposite to the peanut butter manifesto - they've been too focused on just cross-border payments and they've left areas like NFTs and smart contracts underdeveloped, so it's nice to see then branch out into the areas of the blockchain I like to play with. I'm never really going to get to put my hands on cross-border payments, but with NFTs, gaming, smart contracts - they're areas I can dive in and get my hands dirty.
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