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  1. I don't think a man as vitriolic and eloquent as Galgitron could ever swallow the bitter pill of promoting the lumbering and inefficient crypto that is Bitcoin, even in jest.
  2. https://coil.com/p/macropolo/The-Political-and-Bureaucratic-Rot-at-the-Heart-of-Ontario-s-COVID-Crisis/oopSQSl89
  3. Latest Ontario COVID outbreak caused by mistreatment of workers: https://coil.com/p/macropolo/Working-Canadians-to-Death/ipzpy3Q0I
  4. The possibility of a future where value jumps seamlessly between public ledgers like the XRPL and private Ripple powered Central-Bank Digital Currencies: https://coil.com/p/macropolo/XUMM-CBDCs-and-the-XRPL-DEX/lh8D5jlSj
  5. NFT's have exploded in popularity recently, but how much of a guarantee to ownership do they really provide in the gaming space? https://coil.com/p/macropolo/Can-NFTs-Alone-Guarantee-Ownership-in-Digital-Worlds-/na0fROq6T
  6. Some game developers are drifting into storing items, cosmetics, etc., as NFTs on the blockchain. Gala Games is using NFTs as property deeds in their upcoming Mirandus MMO. A few of the properties are being sold for around $3.5 Million Dollars. Game NFTs, either as collectibles or as property deeds, are probably one of the more exciting NFT implementations, though that price tag is a little nutty.
  7. The videogame property worth more than your house. Find out more on Coil: https://coil.com/p/macropolo/The-3-5-Million-Dollar-Mirandus-NFT/jEdGIUVAQ
  8. 1) I've heard multiple different answers to this question but without XRP I wouldn't expect Ripple to stay around for very long. The world is already drifting towards CBDCs and using digital assets as an intermediary asset class. Without the XRPL their biggest competitive advantage disappears. Ripple would most definitely not be as successful without XRP. They're inexorably tied to it. 2) Low transaction cost and fast transaction speeds are the main advantages to using XRP. They're banking on XRP being the fastest and cheapest route.
  9. I thought we decided to drop this point since no one was actually making this argument. Since we've somehow wound up back here, miners losing income when they irrationally decide to stop mining is probably less ridiculous than Ripple labs deciding to abandon the ledger when you consider how much XRP is still locked away in escrow. No one is required to participate in the consensus process in order to use a decentralized ledger. I don't have to mine to use bitcoin. I don't have to run a validator to use the XRPL or Stellar. I'm not require to stake tokens to use Cardano. Ea
  10. Calling me out for debating a point no one is trying to make while in the same post using the same "could" and "would" statements as the basis of an argument against the ledger is a little inconsistent. You can't wrap an argument in a "could" and "would" statement and then run away any criticism of that argument by saying you're not actually making the argument you're just saying it's possible. You could use that argumentative form to justify any number of preposterously insane scenarios. Bitcoin miners could one day wake up and decide they hate mining. Oh you think that's ridiculous?
  11. I'm not sure anyone could make a more ridiculous scenario as proof that they could half the price of XRP if they tried. What do you think would happen to any of the major cryptos if their development foundations and prominent individuals simultaneously divest themselves of development on the project while they announced they no longer believed in it. I suppose in this bizzaro world the prices of Ethereum, Cardano, Stellar all dutifully humm along while all of the major developers and code contributors do an about face and toss the development and evolution of the ledger into the wind. The p
  12. Ripple releases the amount used in escrow to the public and I'm unaware of any single instance where they had used the whole amount of XRP released to them. The SEC allegations indicated that Ripple were selling with the explicit intent of not having their sales impact the price of XRP so consumer sentiment wouldn't turn against them. It's very dubious in terms of logic to simultaneously take the position that Ripple was both predatorily dumping XRP on consumers while doing their best to sell in a way that doesn't impact the price. The only way that could ever be the case was that you could
  13. Point 1. No they can't Point 2. Can you point to a single example of them explicitly doing this at any point through the history of the XRPL? Also, why would they announce that they were dumping? If we assume that the escrow release dates are defacto announcements of Ripple's intent to dump, why do the prices not drop massively on those dates?
  14. The coins are placed in escrow. They're limited in the amount that they can dump into the market.
  15. Take the place of Agent 47 in one of the best spy games of 2021. 47 is dapper, deadly, and more aerodynamic than James Bond. More Solid than Solid snake and also more Fishy than Sam Fisher. https://coil.com/p/macropolo/Hitman-3/Unb557brC
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