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  1. Ha! You coined the term. If I see this in any articles or academic publications I'll tag you so you can go after them.
  2. I'm not even sure how you fix this problem. The openness of the internet seems to exacerbate FUD or fabricated articles, as a poorly written piece or a catchy but inaccurate media snippet can be driven a lot further into public perception. And the incentives for click-bait or overly dramatized fiction are high as it drives viewers and thus revenue towards a publication. Journalists are almost punished for waiting on a story and doing their research.
  3. I wrote an article about FUD and inaccuracies in tech journalism. One of the articles I talk about is the one in Forbes by Jason Bloomberg called "Is Ripple A Scam?" I'd love to hear your thoughts and if you have any other FUD articles about Ripple or any other tech topics I'd be very interested in seeing them. https://coil.com/p/macropolo/FUD-and-Fabrications-The-Age-of-Clickbait-Mass-Media/OC1ephbY_
  4. That depends on a lot. Do you really know what happens to the ballots when the polls close? In Canada they're counted by the deputy returning officer, the poll clerk, candidate representatives if they decided to show up, and if they don't at least two electors. That's a very small list of people to bribe to change votes. It depends on how much you trust these people to count the vote with veracity because, as a citizen, you typically have no idea if someones fudging the counting. Even if an attacker cannot change the ballots en masse they can still tip the scales by targeting key swing districts. Some of these races are very close. The Don Valley West riding in the Ontario provincial election was only won by a difference of two hundred votes. So you realistically only need to have a corrupt election counter to change roughly 200 votes to flip the district. And as I indicated in my article, outright voter intimidation at polling stations has provably happened, but nothing was done about it. The results still stood. With the link in my post above there were serious irregularities in the voting distribution which would indicate that some of the counters were filling the ballots out themselves to change the result, and none of the observers caught them: "The study also looked at Senegal’s controversial 2007 election, which returned President Abdoulaye Wade to power and in which fraud was alleged but not proven. Suspicious digits — particularly the abundance of zeros — again appeared in these returns, suggesting that Wade’s reelection might have been partially rigged. (He was finally removed from power after another controversial election this year.)" Is a man-in-the-middle attack possible on a crypto transaction? My understanding is that the transaction is signed with the users public key. If someone sent a fake transaction it wouldn't be signed with the correct key and it'd be discarded. And if it's a device compromise or malware, a public attack of that nature would be difficult to pull off without being detected. You could again target the swing districts, but with the blockchain, and unlike paper ballots, the electorate could check their votes to make sure they were being counted correctly.
  5. It seems really hard to get anything noticed on coil. Most of the people that subscribe are XRP supporters, so naturally that's what they want to hear about, and if you can't link a post to the Ripple subreddit because it's off-topic I've found that you don't get nearly as many coil micro-payments. If you have a relatively popular post it can get feature on trending for a while, but that only lasts a few days and there's no way to search for topics that you're interested in to find posts that are off of the front page. The new post section also doesn't seem to rank posts by the amount of upvotes, so a one paragraph hello world is treated the same as a post with a lot more effort put into it.
  6. This is such a cool paper. A vote buying smart contract is something I hadn't even thought about. I'm only partway through the article, but thank you for linking. You're right, the danger with online voting systems is that the vote can be changed on mass without detecting that this has happened. The example I used in my article about voter intimidation is a rather obvious and flashy form of ballot manipulation. Some can be more subtle https://foreignpolicy.com/2012/06/18/the-science-of-ballot-box-stuffing/. This is more of a problem when you're trying carry out a vote in a place where the institutions are very corrupt. Not hegemonically corrupt, wherein an entity with political power is deliberately trying to fudge the elections, but where cheating or fraud is so pervasive you might want to implement a system that is trust-less because you can't trust anybody.
  7. True. It could be something akin to Coil. It would make them money. I don't see any reason why the technology wouldn't come with some kind of licensing fee. Then they'd be able to say the US electoral system runs on Ripple tech. It'd be great advertising.
  8. I wrote an article called Democracy and the Blockchain on coil inspired by Andrew Yang's endorsement of blockchain voting systems. I couldn't find anything about Ripple or Codius expansion into this potential use-case other than a comment on XRPChat: I've always thought systems like Etherum and Codius would be perfect for online voting. I think it's an area Ripple should delve into. It provides an application beyond simply making money. Running a nations electoral system on a smart contract or dapp platform would be great PR.
  9. Thank you, and I agree completely. There are so many different directions the micropayments could branch out into beyond cosmetics sales. I could see this being a huge deal sometime in the future.
  10. Blog: https://coil.com/p/macropolo/XRP-and-the-Digital-Cosmetics-Marketplace/xGALg_oL4 I wrote a blog post on Coil about the potential of a digital goods marketplace for game developers running on Codius and ILP. I'd love to hear some community feedback and general thoughts about the viability of such a storefront.
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