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  1. In light of some of the recent Swell news, I wrote an article about the role Ripple could have in a world of nation-state backed digital assets. https://coil.com/p/macropolo/Ripple-and-the-Titans-of-Money/J0H9sq_dR
  2. They seem to suggest that their neural-net is an improvement over existing authentication mechanisms that use biometrics, but until we see a finished product that can be tested it's hard to say if that claim is true. I've read about a few proof of concept attacks where testers took a users biometrics and tricked Apple's touchid into unlocking phones, but I'm not aware of any specific real-world attacks that have been successfully carried out against actual users. There's also a risk of a false unlock with faceid, though it is very rare. My hope is that as the tech gets better these kinds of attacks will become harder and harder. I do think we're at the point now where it's simply easier to coerce someone into giving up funds instead of tricking a fingerprint reader. There is a risk with mainstream crypto adoption that people could walk around collecting beer bottles and trying to capture fingerprints and steal identities and authentication, but we're nowhere close to the level of adoption where that scenario is a risk, and by the time we have such widespread crypto adoption I suspect the tech will have improved to the point where that would no longer be viable.
  3. That is one of the big risks with this kind of tech. And people need to be careful which manufacturers they trust with biometric scans. It should be fine so long as the scanners are not storing the plain capture of your fingerprint in a readable form. Apple stores the fingerprint data locally and encrypts it with their secure enclave. I'm not certain specifically how Keyless is going to handle authentication over the internet as I only saw those brief slides about how the tech works, but I would be very surprised if Ripple was granting Xpring funds to a company that wasn't using secure encryption algorithms to authenticate biometric data.
  4. Thank you! I agree, it's a huge issue. I've done test restores of my seed-words a few times just to make sure that I haven't messed up the whole process of writing the code-words down and storing them safely. And I just can't imagine my mom or my dad taking the time to figure out how to use a hardware wallet. But they all use the biometrics on their iphones just fine, so I think something like Keyless could be a huge boon for the cryptospace.
  5. Why do you feel like it's not worth the ease of accessibility?
  6. I wrote an article about some cool new authentication and key management programs that are integrating XRP support. One of these in particular seems like it could have big implications for the ease of use of crpytocurrency wallets for less technically inclined members of the public. https://coil.com/p/macropolo/Ripple-s-Xpring-Holy-Trinity/ydJsQU0V-
  7. From what I remember of the Senator's statement, he suggested that his data was getting stuck in the series of tubes because of streaming video and other bandwidth intensive activities. And he used this analogy to criticize an amendment to a bill that would have forced companies like Comcast to treat traffic with neutrality. So that response by me above is given in that context, by which I mean if the series of tubes has become that congested, instead of charging users more for certain types of data, why not build more tubes?
  8. I didn't suggest that age had anything to do with tech aptitude. I just thought it was a bad metaphor. Mostly because if you have a tube bottleneck why not just build more tubes?
  9. I agree. Lobbying is very important and I'm glad Ripple is focusing on making these legislative and judicial connections in major economies around the world. I also think their push to educate lawmakers on the potential legal uses of blockchain tech is paramount because it will hopefully counter the reputation we have as being a medium only for illicit services. The mechanisms of the state in the U.S. can seem dreadfully slow but it was made that way by design, and for good reason in my opinion. This can lead to some frustrating feet dragging with certain legislative issues but I have faith that we'll get there in time.
  10. I wrote an article about Ripple's most recent push towards educating and working with regulators in Washington D.C. and around the world. As I'm a fan of both fintech and politics I find the intersection of politics and blockchain to be endlessly fascinating. https://coil.com/p/macropolo/Ripple-A-Washington-D-C-Blockchain-Heavyweight/ueDzPC5aC
  11. One of the things that worries me about the concept is that the company also needs to make money. It's essentially a big pool of cash that is being divvied out by a talley of attention. Assuming it gets ubiquitous enough that every website is Coil monetized, considering how much time people spend online, they're going to have to start picking and choosing who actually gets paid at all, even if they drastically increase the subscription fee. Which would make them a publisher, and I feel like once they start making those kinds of decisions, we've come full circle. And that's not mentioning the natural tendency people and companies have to take a big slice of the pie for themselves. That being said, I do adore the concept and the site in general and it's a place that has motivated me to get off my butt and start writing. I just tend towards practical cynicism.
  12. It won't stream payments on your own Coil article. I just checked my youtube channel and it seems to stream payments for that. With twitch I'm guessing it'll stream payments to your own channel, but I can't confirm that because I don't have a twitch channel yet.
  13. I've been seeing a lot of news on twitter about people in the XRP community getting phished or having crypto stolen, and it inspired me to write this guide on how to keep your XRP safe from hackers and scammers. https://coil.com/p/macropolo/Keeping-Your-XRP-Safe-A-Practical-Guide-to-Digital-Asset-Security-/uGeb-gQUY I hope you guys enjoy it, and if there's anything I've left out let me know and I'll add it as soon as I can.
  14. Do people who are already using the Coil platform to blog qualify for grants? Or is the intent here to attract some bigger names not yet on Coil?
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