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  1. Is there anything wrong with clustering two different validators along with other nodes?
  2. Appreciate the quick response Karlos. I exported the .cer file from the web browser when you click the lock icon to the left of the address bar. When I go into the file I see: -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- random characters -----END CERTIFICATE----- Is this the correct file I should be using?
  3. Hi all - I tried searching for this issue on the forum, but with no luck. Forgive me if this has been posted before. Appreciate any help! On this page: https://xrpl.org/run-rippled-as-a-validator.html#6-provide-domain-verification I'm having issues with this step. 2. Sign the validator public key using your web domain's TLS private key. The TLS private key file does not need to be stored on your validator's server. $ openssl dgst -sha256 -hex -sign /PATH/TO/YOUR/TLS.key <(echo YOUR_VALIDATOR_PUBLIC_KEY_HERE) I obtained the SSL certification (PEM file) from my domain and entered that command, replacing the dummy data with my own, and keep getting this error below. I've used multiple PEM files types with no luck (.pem/.crt/.cer) unable to load key file 140438533517760:error:0909006C:PEM routines:get_name:no start line:../crypto/pem/pem_lib.c:745:Expecting: ANY PRIVATE KEY
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