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  1. We all know XRP is not a security. This SEC ruling is just another way for the Federal Government to legitimise XRP so that it will be the financial model of the future
  2. Well, I seem to remember one day The Digital Asset Investor saying that when he was younger he thought he looked like Mark Walberg. He also stated he's in his forties. So I vote Sam pic younger version
  3. There appears to be something going on behind the scenes. They (US) can not and will not leave a project like (Ripple XRP) up in the air. There is no way they will let China control cryptocurrency knowing this is the future of world finances. We all know it's a race the US can not afford to lose.
  4. I got on XRP back when it was over $3.. Not because it was a fly by night Alt-coin but because I saw the future of world finances being projected through the Ripple projects. You nay-sayers are going to miss out. Even back then you knew the Governments and Financial Institutions were trying to control Crypto. Well now look whats going on in Cryto, Rules and Regulations to protect the investors. Ripple saw it why can't you. XRP is the future.. Lokkup Ripple XRP in gematrix calculator = The Mark.. Lol... Not kidding. Get with the program
  5. Well I'm not exactly sure what is going on behind the scenes but I'm going to fill my bags with XRP and just Hodl for a long time. Patience is the key.
  6. This artical also states that Santander utilizes xCurrent technology without the use of XRP.. What does that mean for XRP value??
  7. Jailed?? If that's the case then all crypto projects are on the line. Ripple seems to be one of the only one's that is trying to follow regulations. Hodl XRP for the long run. Appears to be the prophecy of one world monetary system.
  8. I plan on stocking up on XRP before the court gives the green light to XRP and Ripple. Not a security! Then Zoom🚀🌜!
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