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  2. Welp, at least that is something anyone can work with here. It shows that she is attached, so fine, points for you. You could have just sent the screenshot and be remotely constructive from the get-go though. I do not think this changes much, if anything really. Ripple is still confronted with a case it desperately needs to settle, as the alternative is this dragging on for years on end. However, settlement in itself will take considerable time too, and settlement negotiations tend to start later instead of sooner in the court cycle. I hope you are not of the tribe that thinks there will be some magical settlement, in completely (and only) beneficial terms for Ripple somewhere in February, as this will take time. Q4 2021, at the earliest, and even that is unreasonable given the complexity and size of the case. And even then, Ripple is the weaker party here: the SEC can wait. Remember: the much smaller and considerably less complex KIK case took well over a year. Anyways, that's enough about the SEC lawsuit, as it got nothing to do with Tetragon's lawsuit above.
  3. Ad hominems are in such bad taste. I understand if you are emotionally attached due to your probable date of entry into XRP, but this type of thing is a clear no go. Instead, provide the evidence: she is not listed here https://unicourt.com/case/pc-db5-securities-and-exchange-commission-v-ripple-labs-inc-et-al-777995 Also, again, if she is attached, why would that change the arguments above? Being the former SEC chair does not give the power to bend time and space, or to change historical facts. Why are you so adamant on claiming that her presence is crucially important?
  4. Being present and doing her job, if she is even attached to it: there is no clear proof that she is besides some low quality article about it (the potential source here?) on a rag website. Last time we really heard about her was all the way back in 2018 regarding the civil suits. If she is attached, she will be present and merely fulfilling the terms of her contract. And that will be regarding her current firm: she is not on Ripple's salary list, in case you think that. Also, if she is doing the case it does not mean that in some magical, nonsensical way a 'win' for Ripple is incoming, as that appears to be the implicit (and faulty) conclusion that is present here. All it means is that Ripple managed to get its hands on some good counsel, if it is correct. And even then, it does not mean more than that. Facts suddenly do not change if you get good counsel, or the contents of agreements for that matter.
  5. Many times: you could even say it was the norm for quite some time, especially around 2017 / 2018. The famous 'connect the dots' exercise that lead to the most hilarious 'connections' that weren't there. The strategy you rightfully criticize is the type of exercise that leads to blurring the line between reality and fantasy. What the poster above forgets is that exactly the same talk was going on in the past, only this time around guys like Ken Kurson who was supposed to be 'close' to the Trump administration and that this would work in Ripple's favor. He was close though, but only regarding his own private situation: former president Trump pardoned him on his last day in office, after he fell from grace due to a cyberstalking case. For Ripple, nothing changed at all.
  6. Oh, you are free to know: I cut the chord around the SEC suit, but only after taking account of all the available facts. That includes the looming 2021 bull market for the entirety of crypto and the expectations of XRP underperforming, which are very high. Quite sure I was number 8 or something on this forum to register, just after it was opened. Invested all the way back in 2014 (can still remember the old board, XRPtalk) and weathered plenty of storms in XRP, but the SEC case together with consistent leadership failure at Ripple was enough for me to tap out. It was the final straw: it was longer in the making in that sense. I certainly do not regret it and got out with very decent profits regardless. Important to note here: everyone should decide for themselves, obviously. There is nothing wrong with holding XRP or even buying more, provided it is an informed decision. The latter however is sadly missing when it comes down to a lot of people. The answer cannot possibly be something along the lines of 'things will be alright dawg'. That is how bagholders are born. One needs to truly assess the risks at hand here and due some proper DD if one hasn't done that yet at this point.
  7. "I could be wrong" I hope you indeed take that into account, because what you just unfolded here is some downright tinfoil nonsense. There are no clear pointers that salvation is coming anytime soon by some magical change in legislation that is apparantly tailor made to save Ripple. If Ripple's past 4 years of failed lobbying in D.C. wasn't a strong sign, or the unwillingness of the previous administration to do anything about the legal status of crypto currencies like XRP, I don't know what is. You are clamping on to hopium right now I fear, as so many XRP investors are doing too. It is not hard to see the herd thinking at play too: people are truly grasping at straws right now to tell themselves that all will be alright. The truth is that the SEC suit is real, that Tetragon's suit is real, and that all the otherp pending suits are real. The 'probability' that X may change in Ripple's favor is almost entirely based on hope and not on clear signs that the situation will be salvaged by legislative action. Work with what is known in the now, in reality, instead of basing future outcomes on baseless speculation regarding the new administration's supposed willingness to do a 180.
  8. You have to realize that settlement is not something that will happen in February, or in March. It will probably take a year, if not well over a year, and even then it takes two to tango. There is no guarantee that Ripple can settle under favorable terms. The SEC courtcase can drag on for several years in turn. This case in comparison is not that complicated and could be ended well before Ripple even settles with the SEC. Furthermore, the settlement angle is irrelevant: the SEC taking Ripple to court gives Tetragon the right to redeem, so much appears to be the case. Everything that follows after that is not Tetragon's concern: they can redeem regardless, given that the SEC already made its determination. This is not exactly a deep take on what is going on. The same suit stated that Ripple at the end of Q3 previous year had 250 million in cash reserves. We know from the SEC suit that Ripple spent in 2018 around 275 million for operational costs of running the firm. This 'drop in the bucket' you talk about nearly kills Ripple's entire present cash reserves, assuming they are spending at the same rate as in 2018 right now. Also, a word of advice: try to combine your quotes into one comment and refrain from personal attacks. Nobody likes what is going on, but that does not mean obvious facts should be ignored, or opinions that are not your own for that matter.
  9. Yes, that is what is being said. That does not give it legal status as a security by the way, but that is irrelevant for this suit. The single determination by the SEC that XRP is a security - which the SEC made by bringing Ripple to court - is enough here. Even if the determination is incorrect, which it of course could be, is of no consequence here. Unless Tetragon blatantly lied in the suit regarding the parts of the agreement they quoted, which is, let's be honest here, a completely absurd thing to imagine, Ripple will (very) likely lose here. These are literal quotes that give us the definition required of what such a determination entails after all. And again - and this should be discussed: compare this with Ripple's press statement and tell me or anyone else here that Ripple is not actively misleading XRP investors. This is not the first time they pull this type of shit and it probably won't be the last. But that press statement they sent out into the world - claiming that 'no such determination has been made' - is beyond all shame. Disgusting at this point, really, because I know that plenty of XRP investors will believe them on their word. The same people that sadly will never read a word of the filing above.
  10. I read the suit, have a legal background, however not in relevant US state or federal law (we don't use it, here in Europe ). That being said, I don't even think it is a requirement: anyone of decent personal level should be able to read through the suit, look at the facts and consider who got the best odds of winning here. And Ripple's situation looks bleak, to say the least. We see factual quotes of the terms between Ripple and Tetragon that cannot be ignored - and that clearly shift the case against Ripple. Knowing that, I with good reason call this part in Ripple's press statement utterly misleading to XRP investors: Now that we have the text of the actual suit, it is clear what the definitions are we need to work with here. And the part already quoted above, that being 25., solves the puzzle and leaves little up to interpretation in my view: Nowhere is stated, or otherwise proven, that final verdict is needed by the courts. Ripple clearly suggested that the determination has not been made, while no court verdict is needed for that at all. The single determination by the SEC is enough. There is no clear ground in the terms we have seen right now to suggest that Ripple got anything else but a disastrously weak case. It appears that Ripple made action by the SEC the determining factor for redemption, and this has happened now. As @Pablosaid above: "But they didn't and courts won't add words or infer meanings that aren't there. ". That is very important to understand, because this community got a strong habit to engage into magical thinking. Ripple is in deep shit and that cannot be ignored. It is hard to see how they will walk away from this without having to pay up, but feel free to explain how that assumption is unreasonable. Especially given everything that is going on as of late, and Ripple's long track record of muddying the waters, carefulness is the trait any XRP investor should put in first place here. Do not - for example - believe for one second any moonboy on Twitter that will tell you that "Ripple will win this case, EZ" or that the odds are somehow equal. They are not.
  11. Indeed, also based on other facts out of that suit. Ripple is in a very weak position here and they will very unlikely win this. It makes you think again about that short statement Ripple put on its website again. Not for no reason do I call it misleading for XRP investors, because that is what it is. You could almost call it a lie even, but it falls just short of that. The regular PR smoke and mirrors tactics however - again, for the so manieth time for Ripple - inspire that message they put out. Here it is for all to compare: https://ripple.com/ripple-press/ripples-statement-on-yesterdays-tetragon-filing/ Shameless.
  12. That being said, I did not mention it to patronize. It's just a trap people fall for quite easily. Quite sure I did that at some point in the past too. But in the end, it is you who needs to make the decisions, and no one else. Given that people tend to have a skewed look at things, it is easy to follow wrong advice. The SEC suit hit like a bombshell and the response that followed was understandable. For me, it signals failure on Ripple's side, but not only that. Ripple as a company may very well be threathened in its continuity by it, together with the other pendings suits already. I am talking about the 2018 lawsuits (that are still running, also regarding perceived XRP security status) and the recent Tetragon suit, which Tetragon will by the way likely win. An XRPL without Ripple as a major entity that makes all the necessary investments is unlikely to succeed, no matter what the more rabid 'followers' tend to say. I think it makes sense if you read the SEC lawsuit and the Tetragon suit. Read them full (you don't need a legal education for that, just saying), put the facts in a row and then consider what this will all mean, also on the backdrop of a 2021 crypto bull market. It is very likely that many other crypto assets will outperform XRP this year, and that should certainly be considered. After all, I take it nearly everyone here is in XRP (or was in) to multiply their own capital, not to lose it. A final warning: there is dangerous group think going on again. Not exactly a first for the XRP community (or any crypto community for that matter), but it is dangerous to fall for the carrot that 'all will be ok', even when many signs have shifted to red. Whatever you do (hold or sell) is irrelevant. The only thing that matters however is that you yourself considered all the facts, formed your own opinion, and based on that took a decision that you will not regret, no matter the outcome. Good luck, and I am sure you will be able to make your own decisions here .
  13. Ask yourself why you are looking for 'reassurance'. That is no grown-up investment strategy: it shows that you are very dependent on the opinions of others, while you and only you are in the end responsible for your own investments. The pragmatic direction right now, by the way, is on the bearish side. There is a lot of hopium being thrown around on Twitter and the like, and also here, but you need to look at the cold, hard facts and make a decision based on that. And you need to do that yourself: you cannot rely on others to do that for you. Again: that is no strategy, and you should realize that today instead of tomorrow. Put all the facts in a row, based on what we know now, and make your own decision.
  14. You did not read at all in that case. The Wells Notice was delivered in October. Dated the 19th, as it appears. 60 days later, the courtcase landed. Ripple knew about this ever since October already. Some excerpts out of the suit: In other words, Ripple is obliged to sell XRP if it cannot fund Tetragon, even though it appears it can. But there are important take-aways here: - Ripple got 250 million in cash available, end of Q3. This will have dwindled probably at this point, but still. - Tetragon takes account for 175 million out of the entire 200 million Series C. So almost all the Series C is Tetragon's. From the SEC suit we know the following: Anyone who thinks that Ripple is not obliged to resume XRP sales in 2021 is deeply delusional at this point. Ripple will have to, or it will face bankruptcy. After all, operational costs will have to be paid. Even if we are conservative here, Ripple's operational costs will still be on the order of 200-250 million in 2021 alone. How does this end up to a happy conclusion without XRP sales? Indeed, it doesn't. So that is something to consider too. Everyone should at this point be well aware of what is going and certainly not drink the Ripple cool-aid. This is the time to be critical and certainly not complacent. Looking at the suit, Tetragon got a very strong case against Ripple Ripple's press statement regarding this suit was deeply misleading. Not a first by the way for Ripple, to mislead XRP investors, but it certainly did not state the truth in that short press release. They will have to pay up, the way things look now. They are definitely at a severe disadvantage.
  15. @Dogowner5 About that: Nik Bougalis finally snapped towards the type of people you refer to: And rightfully so. The people as the guy he replies to are absolute cancer to the XRP community. They add nothing, besides shame and comedy. It's time they start to disappear, on each and every XRP oriented hub. That includes this place: clear them out and make sure they are not welcome.
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