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  1. I figure Karlos and other moderators want to keep some minimum quality standards here, for which I commend them. Crypto Twitter does not exactly set the bar very high, now does it?
  2. No, Ripple should not do it, at least not well into the foreseeable future. What Stellar did is closer to capitulation than to anything else. From the Stellar.org report: Now tell me: what does this say about XLM? I would find it a (very) worrying sign if I were invested in XLM right now and the response to > 50% of the supply evaporating right now is rather lackluster. Still, give it a few more days, but so far I am not impressed at all. The burn certainly did not double XLM's value, which could be explained as a failure, or even as XLM being overvalued right now. If Ripple would do the same it would amount to saying 'the market does not want to buy our XRP' and that is not good for confidence at all. It will bring short term relief for XRP investors alright, but I also think it would be highly negative - if not destructive - longer term. Such a move will always be explained as a desperate one. In that sense I also wholeheartedly agree with Uloveme above.
  3. Well, there's no need to take my word on it. All you need to do is to read the source that was provided before. This place has been up for a long time already by the way: https://koinvx.exposed/ I have also dealt with him on a Discord server I used to moderate (The Real Zerpbox). I banned him off there at least 2 times, yet he kept coming back. He preys on people, that is all that guy does - and he has struck gold, so it appears. Obviously, anyone that gives crypto funds to total strangers have no idea what they are doing and it is an example of extremely bad risk management to trust strangers with personal funds. Yet, we see it happen. I fear this is a bit telling about what kind of investor is drawn to the cryptospace all too often. The real question you need to ask yourself if you would trust a swindler in real life with your funds, or with his calls providing valuable information, or for anything in that regard. Of course you wouldn't, and I think daddy and mommy told a lot of people here that they shouldn't trust swindlers, or people with a criminal past in general. Yet on the internet people seem to forget about that lesson and I really have a hard time understanding how that happens. People that are in bad standing - with clear criminal / shady pasts - should not be trusted, and that is the end of it. The absolute, ******* end of it. Do not go there after this warning, as you will only burn yourself with it. It is highly disappointing that these kinds of things still need to be explained.
  4. Stay far away from him: you have been warned now. If his recent behavior is not proof enough, start digging into the past. He has also changed his style of conversation a lot since he started to engage with the XRP community: it is one big act if you have seen his previous way of conversing with others. It was a sad experience to see him fake all that enthousiasm towards the gullible, with those insignificant sentences that seemingly all had to end with an exclamation mark (!!). He never cared, and never will. In the best case, his goal is to make money. In the worst case, his goal is to scam more people again. He got a history in that, so do yourself a favor, and immediatly leave his channel.
  5. Sigh. "Let me follow a known scammer and call that wisdom, because his trading principles - that aren't even thought up by him - turn out to result in decent charts sometimes. The fact that I might get screwed over at every turn it something I willfully ignore." I think that summarizes it. It is difficult to imagine how people can still follow others with a such a bad, even criminal, track record and call that a good idea. It is just asking for trouble, but hey, we are in cryptoland of course.
  6. Indeed, that's what will happen. He can come back like that, and it will be forgotten again, or ignored. Sometimes I really hate this market. Words cannot really express my distaste for it.
  7. This matured nicely. And some background info on this guy: The really tragic part is that people were warned about this for a long time, but the warnings were ignored. Moreover, 'Crypthawk' even achieved a state of semi-fame, being worshipped and listened to by lost of gullible people. A minimum amount of research would have prevented this. But even that was too much to do. That it ended this way is hopefully a lesson to the - sadly - numerous ranks of idiots that populate the XRP community in so it appears to be in large majority. But I doubt it.
  8. Yes, it does, if only because it is still better positioned for now. The thing is that the fiat party we know is a party whose members are governments, not private entities. I simply wonder how likely it is to see governments agree on a private solution beyond their control. Do you see them giving that up for a solution that is not of their design? Yes, but ask yourself the question to what extent other solutions out there can provide a fix for this very problem. In the past, it sometimes looked like only XRP could tackle this problem. That idea is gone on this side, due to increased competition. And yes, a small part of the pie (the thing most level headed XRP investors talked about in the past, not god damn world domination) is the big prize in my eyes. But so far, XRP only managed to get some crums. It is not good enough, but there's time left.
  9. First off, I think that fiat like stablecoins have an overlapping usecase which will automatically lead to more competition. It is one of the reasons why I said above that the clock is ticking. In the past, I perceived XRP's position and usecase to be way less threathened - and leaps and bounds ahead. That situation has come to an end and competition has become a real thing to take into account. Mind you: if the negatives were to outweigh the positives, I would have liquidated all my XRP. Fortunately, we are not there yet, although the picture is surely less rosy than a few years ago. Valuation is a tricky business that is opague and hard to get a handle on, but that is my view and only my own. You for sure could call it lazy in nature. For me, the sheer fact that so many variables work into it makes it hard to even give a bandwith on what for example XRP may be worth in the future. All of this remains untested theory until we see it unfold before our eyes. Which is why the next few years are so important, as that period will have to confirm the value proposition in itself. For me, valuation comes second: I first want to see the usecase to be clearly confirmed to even venture into that part. It is at this point all speculation that is besides the point. After all, we won't logically reach this station until after XRP - to stay limited to XRP here - takes off. Lastly: ILP is an important part here. When ILP was announced somewhere around 2015, it was received harshly in my memory, and people saw it as Ripple straying away from what it should be doing. I had a similar idea back then, but it turned out to be highly shortsighted. Without the ILP, the XRPL is unlikely to get succesful in my view.
  10. Check my account age. And that's after XRPtalk was taken out of the air, where I had one too. You can thank Huracan for that, as he insisted on nuking the XRP hub back then. I joined on the same day this board was made, if you really want to know. You are part of the gullible cohort that joined later on. The discussion above showed that much, and I will not waste further time on you. You will get burned more often in the future, as you have the wrong mindset.
  11. Indeed. You do not want to ask difficult questions, so there is no point at all. I am not surprised at all that you got in around 2017-2018. You fit the profile, to say the least.
  12. Well, I perceive this to be a PR disaster, really. CEO says X, associated company says Y. Earlier in this topic I talked about second guessing Garlinghouse' comments (and that of other executives of Ripple) because we often see double meanings. Not strange by the way, as few CEO's give a straight answer or communicate in an unambigious way. Still, it is sad to see my warning for caution to be confirmed in a mere 24 hours. But in this case, it is particularly bad, as you will agree with I think. Yes, communication between both would have prevented this, unless nothing is really happening. Which is, of course, an option. I'd rather have them to be upfront than throwing up smoke and mirrors just because Ripple asked them to do so. This response is giving us some rare view on what is /might be really going on, and not the regular polished variant of semi-transparancy we get served so often. Another thing you will likely agree with is that by being so careless, Ripple undermines its own position. It is not a good thing in the slightest.
  13. That, is how you build echo chambers. I find your mindset disturbing, to say the least. It is the same mindset that screwed over so, so many investors in the past. You say you do not put blind trust in Ripple, but I am starting to doubt if that is really the case here. After all, it appears you are not interested in criticism, or a good discussion. You want to see your faith confirmed.
  14. Related to this topic though: So, we are barely 48 hours further, and look what is happening again. This is what destroys confidence. He got caught red handed on a lie within a very short span of time. I hope that the people that foolishly started cheering at the very start of this topic, the zealot type that is, will finally start to open their eyes now. This is certainly not the first time.
  15. The thing is that this reasoning is circular: you assume manipulation is going on and afterwards blame everything that is happening on 'manipulation'. Or being held back, or whatever you want. You assume, with no proof: it doesn't have to be true in the slightest. It is also quite a grandiose claim and not the easiest explanation here. It would at least need some credibility to be considered as a real scenario. Until then, I see an investment vehicle that is simply struggling to achieve its worth. That is a good thing to hear. Well, is being negative or critical such a faux pas for an investor? I completely disagree on that one, if you think that. If Ripple fails, or botched a lot of things - as I think it did by now - then it can be discussed and mentioned. I am not under the impression that Ripple cares anyways, or that it will influence the already lackluster adoption of XRP and the massive problems the XRP market (that is rather destroyed) is facing today. I think there is much more ROI to be found in XRP. But XRP is slowly changing from high risk / high returns to a high risk / low returns investment. When the latter clearly materializes, it is time to get out in my view. There is no point then, especially if the rest of the market happily moves on while XRP stays behind. After all: we are not running a charity. Not me, not you, not anyone here - at least anyone that is sane of mind. The clock is ticking away. Real progress needs to be made now.
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