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  1. @Dogowner5 About that: Nik Bougalis finally snapped towards the type of people you refer to: And rightfully so. The people as the guy he replies to are absolute cancer to the XRP community. They add nothing, besides shame and comedy. It's time they start to disappear, on each and every XRP oriented hub. That includes this place: clear them out and make sure they are not welcome.
  2. You could say that the lost profit potential partially got to me. But yes, what you say is right, considering the first part. That does not however make any criticism that Ripple dramatically failed in its strategy several times over less true. For me, XRP is an investment, and in the past it was an 80/20 proposition. Nowadays, it is more closer to 60/40, if not 50/50, from a view of pros and cons. At some point, it may be time to cut the chord and move on, but we are not there yet. However, few people that entered years back would be happy with the present day state of affairs. Very few.
  3. Another drop in the bucket.
  4. Believe what you want. Being around in the XRP sphere for 5+ years I have seen Ripple turn ship many times, and have witnessed a long list of broken promises and things that might even be called criminal in hindsight. Promises are one thing (you are referring to that, let's be honest): actually delivering on those promises is something else altogether. And the latter, sadly, is a thing in which Ripple's track record is anything but stellar. You will know that if you have been around for a longer time. It is not about being fast enough either: I have been patient enough so far (arguably
  5. Still looking for a usecase indeed: I see them mostly trying to throw sh*t at a wall the past 2-3 years to find out what sticks. The fact that Ripple is still 'looking' in 2020 is a great cause for concern. You can't keep steering the ship around all the time. Moreover, you can ask yourself if Ripple started to stall under Garlinghouse his wings. Maybe it is time for a change in leadership, given the (very) poor results from 2018 onwards regarding the utilisation of XRP.
  6. No, it is completely different. This idea that it 'will work out eventually' means that there is a 100% chance of success, which is ridiculous. Saying that there are no guarantees (read, 100% success or guaranteed returns in general) is not of the same order. People forget this is a high risk, high reward environment: they seem to think too often that crypto is a relatively safe investment, albeit volatile. A lot of them appear to be first time investors that are treating this as some type of golden ticket or worse, a 'way out' for themselves. That's the theme that constantly comes back.
  7. People still think banks will use XRP at some point? Seems like a very distant possibility after years and years of not delivering on this subject by Ripple.
  8. @RippleRicky I am just asking you to practice some rationality, that is all. There are no guarantees here, and you could lose everything, no matter how hard you 'believe'. Take a good look at my profile about when I joined. The deranged XRP investor was not here back then: the mindset was very different, and more mature.
  9. Yet you still use 'will'. How can you be 100% sure? You seem to be convinced there is no risk attached to this all, as all will be good in the longer run 'anyways'. I find that a very poor mindset in such a high risk environment as this one. That type of conviction in the face of great uncertainty does indeed automatically result in comparison with religious conviction, hence the cult comparison. Cryptocurrencies can fail, make no mistake. Partially or wholly. There are zero guarantees in this sector.
  10. Some of us might you mean? This type of absolute conviction reminds me of cultist sentiment. Do not say such things, as this is not exactly a risk free sphere. Quite the contrary.
  11. https://ripple.com/insights/staying-the-course-in-remittances-and-sme-payments/
  12. Is it still today? A momentary snapshot says nothing in the end.
  13. Remember that Ripple did that or something similar to it, a long time ago? I can remember it being around 2015. It can be found in public sources out there.
  14. A typical example of a not-trustworthy source. It's like asking the pope about god. Learn to vet your sources and do not read such websites.
  15. The wallets I am watching have not moved yet. But not unlikely she will, not that it really matters in the end.
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