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  1. It is my impression that our very own crypto satan could less impact on the market than Ripple. Probably still after Ripple's recent announcement (or well, confession) that it will sell less XRP on the markets. But we'll see how the wallet flows go the next few weeks. My hope is still on Ripple finding a consortium that is willing to buy him out.
  2. Funny. An old email adress of mine that I have phased out has been pwned six times over the past 5 years. A great reminder to never trust third parties too much. Six times! And I am the rather careful type. All the rest is safe though.
  3. Oh, I just recall you from the past. You do not recall me, but I think we were there at the same time, or in my case, before that. You seemed very much in favor / in defense of Stellar in the past. Now, I do not want to make this all tribalist and all (that is pointless), but at least I know what the plan was back then.
  4. @Robbieboy Is that you? The original XLM fanboy? I can vaguely remember you, if that's the case. Just curious here.
  5. So, I visit in XRPchat for the first time in a long while again and I see a 195 page topic dedicated to some cartoon character. The XRP community its standards really have fallen compared to the past, I'll say that much.
  6. In short, tables like the one given here above are wrong. Everyone should be aware of that and be more critical with respect to data shared, uploader and reader alike.
  7. It is rather annoying to see that nobody double checks these figures, at all. As there's a mistake in the table above. Here are some useful links: https://ripple.com/insights/q4-2017-xrp-markets-report/ 20.1 million in direct sales, 71.5 million sold programmatically. https://ripple.com/insights/q1-2018-xrp-markets-report/ 16.1 million in direct sales, 151.1 million sold programmatically https://ripple.com/insights/q2-2018-xrp-markets-report/ 16.9 million in direct sales, 56.6 million sold programmatically https://ripple.com/insights/q3-2018-xrp-markets-report/ 98 million in direct sales, 65.2 million sold programmatically. So yes, there's a strong rise in XRP II sales (the difference between Q3 and Q2 is telling!), but in total sales Q3 was similar to Q1 as well.
  8. Important to note is that all his funds have been identified and are in Ripple custody. 'The Bearwhale' is not linked to the wallets belonging to Jed. Look into which wallet funds ~tacostand on Bithomp: those are all Jed his funds.
  9. This is false. The agreement can be found here: https://forum.ripple.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=15885 You are citing an old agreement, that was active before the last lawsuit was settled. I notice this misinformation is spreading a lot in the XRP-sphere, to the point that it is a rather stubborn myth that will not die down. Jed is volume bound and his funds are in custody of Ripple.
  10. That is not how litigation works: lawyers excel in picturing the other party as unreasonable and will do anything in their power to strenghten the position of their client and to weaken the one of the opposite party. R3 probably withheld does documents to not give Ripple any unexpected ammo: it's more of a strategy thing during proceedings Curious where this will go. Good post @brjXRP17.
  11. Do not trust this article until you see confirmation about what is being stated. As far as I know, xRapid is not even being tested by BBVA. So all we have at this point is a shady crypto 'news' site that comes up wtih this. If it turns out to be wrong, cryptoslate ought to be blacklisted.
  12. I think there will be, but you correctly assumed there will be a timelag until that jump happens. Positions need to be set up, funds gathered, strategies thought out, etc. I would keep a close eye on the XRP market in the next two months: it could strike out of nowhere.
  13. Just assume that bigger groups have the financial power to hire someone to properly program a bot. It is actually a safe way to manage funds, and it helps in accumulating as well. Don't think that any price action you see most of the time is done by normal people. It's all bots, bots, bots. Same as on the stock markets.
  14. A point of criticism, but mostly aimed at how this conference has been received. I again notice a strong tendency to say everything is fine, and that Ripple is just laying further groundwork for XRP's future success. It is nothing new, and nothing that is necessarily incorrect. But what it does confirm, is that the can gets kicked down the road - again. This can only happen so often, at which point investor confidence may take a hit out of which XRP does not recover. Mind you: we are not there yet, not by a longshot. But it is not encouraging as well.
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