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  1. Is it still today? A momentary snapshot says nothing in the end.
  2. Remember that Ripple did that or something similar to it, a long time ago? I can remember it being around 2015. It can be found in public sources out there.
  3. A typical example of a not-trustworthy source. It's like listening asking the pope about god. Learn to vet your sources and do not read such websites.
  4. The wallets I am watching have not moved yet. But not unlikely she will, not that it really matters in the end.
  5. This option is wrong. Gold dived together with stocks throughout 2008. I know it goes against popular ideas, but the poll is flawed in that sense. That being said, I expect crypto overall (and not only XRP, it doesn't really matter which crypto it concerns) to follow the stock markets, at least for some time. Maybe later on a decoupling can happen, like gold did in November 2008.
  6. XRPchat was rather different in the past, before the major wave of newcomers, something akin to what you point at. Maybe you find that interesting. Also, about personal attacks and all the other tricks right out of the book: there is a strong cultist habit among crypto investors. XRP is not alone in this, even though it managed to stay free from it for a long time. Around late 2017 / early 2018 this definitely changed - for the worse. I do not think it can easily be beaten: it got to do with the demographic that is strongly drawn to crypto. First you have the niche crowd, that tends to be well read and considered most the ends before jumping in. After that, the mass comes, including their mothers and great aunts. That is where it all starts to derail, to put it a bit more cynically. It is a fundamental problem with the crypto user base overall in the end that will unlikely get solved. The best thing you can do is filter out all the noise (easily 90% of XRP oriented Twitter for example) and create your own echochamber (albeit one for good). Ignore all the distractions and people that add nothing.
  7. What was said elsewhere already, and some things on top of that: OD will take time to ramp up. Until then, you have to wait for you can cast any verdict. Revenue is not an indicator for success, especially on the background of ever shrinking profit margins. Transaction volume however is, as well as the amount of transactions performed, in a highly competitive market. Be patient and wait. So far, this report is rather ambigious if not more on the positive side than the opposite. Don't engage in mind boggling gymnastics by ignoring what was quoted above.
  8. Oh my, the Dutch language is leaking
  9. I figure Karlos and other moderators want to keep some minimum quality standards here, for which I commend them. Crypto Twitter does not exactly set the bar very high, now does it?
  10. No, Ripple should not do it, at least not well into the foreseeable future. What Stellar did is closer to capitulation than to anything else. From the Stellar.org report: Now tell me: what does this say about XLM? I would find it a (very) worrying sign if I were invested in XLM right now and the response to > 50% of the supply evaporating right now is rather lackluster. Still, give it a few more days, but so far I am not impressed at all. The burn certainly did not double XLM's value, which could be explained as a failure, or even as XLM being overvalued right now. If Ripple would do the same it would amount to saying 'the market does not want to buy our XRP' and that is not good for confidence at all. It will bring short term relief for XRP investors alright, but I also think it would be highly negative - if not destructive - longer term. Such a move will always be explained as a desperate one. In that sense I also wholeheartedly agree with Uloveme above.
  11. Well, there's no need to take my word on it. All you need to do is to read the source that was provided before. This place has been up for a long time already by the way: https://koinvx.exposed/ I have also dealt with him on a Discord server I used to moderate (The Real Zerpbox). I banned him off there at least 2 times, yet he kept coming back. He preys on people, that is all that guy does - and he has struck gold, so it appears. Obviously, anyone that gives crypto funds to total strangers have no idea what they are doing and it is an example of extremely bad risk management to trust strangers with personal funds. Yet, we see it happen. I fear this is a bit telling about what kind of investor is drawn to the cryptospace all too often. The real question you need to ask yourself if you would trust a swindler in real life with your funds, or with his calls providing valuable information, or for anything in that regard. Of course you wouldn't, and I think daddy and mommy told a lot of people here that they shouldn't trust swindlers, or people with a criminal past in general. Yet on the internet people seem to forget about that lesson and I really have a hard time understanding how that happens. People that are in bad standing - with clear criminal / shady pasts - should not be trusted, and that is the end of it. The absolute, ******* end of it. Do not go there after this warning, as you will only burn yourself with it. It is highly disappointing that these kinds of things still need to be explained.
  12. Stay far away from him: you have been warned now. If his recent behavior is not proof enough, start digging into the past. He has also changed his style of conversation a lot since he started to engage with the XRP community: it is one big act if you have seen his previous way of conversing with others. It was a sad experience to see him fake all that enthousiasm towards the gullible, with those insignificant sentences that seemingly all had to end with an exclamation mark (!!). He never cared, and never will. In the best case, his goal is to make money. In the worst case, his goal is to scam more people again. He got a history in that, so do yourself a favor, and immediatly leave his channel.
  13. Sigh. "Let me follow a known scammer and call that wisdom, because his trading principles - that aren't even thought up by him - turn out to result in decent charts sometimes. The fact that I might get screwed over at every turn it something I willfully ignore." I think that summarizes it. It is difficult to imagine how people can still follow others with a such a bad, even criminal, track record and call that a good idea. It is just asking for trouble, but hey, we are in cryptoland of course.
  14. Indeed, that's what will happen. He can come back like that, and it will be forgotten again, or ignored. Sometimes I really hate this market. Words cannot really express my distaste for it.
  15. This matured nicely. And some background info on this guy: The really tragic part is that people were warned about this for a long time, but the warnings were ignored. Moreover, 'Crypthawk' even achieved a state of semi-fame, being worshipped and listened to by lost of gullible people. A minimum amount of research would have prevented this. But even that was too much to do. That it ended this way is hopefully a lesson to the - sadly - numerous ranks of idiots that populate the XRP community in so it appears to be in large majority. But I doubt it.
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