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  1. Sorry. I'll take action to remove fake site links. Sending 220,000 XRPs is the worst mistake I ever made. The report was forwarded to Korean police officers and requested to the FBI cyber investigative team. What I'm curious about is how to freeze the suspect's wallet (rhmvjTo4k5odJaMZBrJqMRvGkKspL4c2tU). "Please understand that the sentence is not smooth because it is a Google translation."
  2. Hi. everyone. I made a mistake in sending money to a Web page impersonating Ripple's CEO. < This site removed > < This fake site is still running. > FAKE SITE LINK : <removed> please check this sites. please help me!!! It seems that you have mistakenly sent a remittance to the impersonation page. My entire property sent 220,000 XRP to the low deposit address. • Transaction date(s) or amount : 220,000 XRP at 2019-07-30 11:52 (UTC-4) • The transaction hash (TXID to criminals) : F2F9CB261034A7D7F08BFEDD9083B7E59977A2E68A6DFE6694F749C1F1327E3C • Criminals Legder address : rhmvjTo4k5odJaMZBrJqMRvGkKspL4c2tU There are still 131,000 XRPs left in Criminals ledger. Please be careful that you can not withdraw this money any more. https://bithomp.com/explorer/rhmvjTo4k5odJaMZBrJqMRvGkKspL4c2tU https://ledger.exposed/tx-flow/rhmvjTo4k5odJaMZBrJqMRvGkKspL4c2tU I’m downloaded complete all site sources before the site stopped. While browsing content, I found that the domain of the criminal site is located in Russia. I will attach the details of the domain (ripple-give.net) management site here. I would like to ask for investigation based on the information of the person who purchased the domain and the server information connected to the domain. FAKE SITE DOMAIN INFORMATION https://www.nic.ru/en/whois/?searchWord=ripple-give.net It's fraud alert there. please BLOCK that wallet !!! how ? i don't know what to do ... help me. The person who wants to catch the criminal. Hyoung Jae. Jeong. RedLemon. whitepulse@naver.com
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