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  1. It's still early man, nothing has gone live yet. There maybe a pull back. The website is not live yet. https://CSC.GoodGaming.com/ The real bull run for CSC will be 2020 IMO.
  2. "non for profit") sound a bit like communism CasinoCoin foundation hold approximately 1.3% of total supply.
  3. 1) Casino Coin is making their partners who want to make their own token on the CSC block chain buy $25k of CSC (which they don’t want) then just simply donate it back to the CSC foundation ?? That’s flipping weird man. It’s Doesn’t make any sense. Answer: The CasinoCoin foundation is non-profit organisation. 2) Again each of these companies will have their own token, just on the CSC blockchain. If they have their own token on the block chain they will get the same benefits using their token as they would the CSC token, again showing that the CSC token has a weak-ish use case (not to be confused is the CSC block chain). Answer: Each partner is different. Creating your own token is not something all casinos will do or want. https://casinocoin.org/tokens-what-do-they-mean-for-casinocoin/ 3) It reads to me that Casino Coin is trying to force their potential clients into using the CSC token to get access to the CSC blockchain, even when it doesn’t make sense to own the CSC token. Answer: ? No idea what your talking about. Again, screen shot this and rub it in my face later, but it’s clear that either their use case is a little shakey. That’s all. Answer: It makes no difference to me whether you buy CSC or not. Good luck in your investment!
  4. The team don't pay anyone to promote. I bought xrp at 0.01 sold at 0.90 gonna do the same thing again with CSC. No brainer. https://casinocoin.org/cammegh-token-to-launch-on-casinocoin-blockchain/ https://europeangaming.eu/portal/press-releases/2019/11/27/59555/casinocoin-strikes-omnia-casino-token-deal/
  5. https://coil.com/p/XRP_Productions/SCANDAL-Evidence-Suggests-CasinoCoin-Has-Links-to-Gambling-/uaYpIiZbt
  6. This is just the start man, the cool thing about CssinoCoin is that every deal uses CSC. Its not like Ripple where they get deals and it don't even use XRP. Yes think of token deals like ETH and they all need to buy CSC on an exchange for gas. They got 4 deals in 5 months. It's still early. Join the CSC discord, the place is buzzing with loads of good info http://CasinoCoin.chat
  7. $2 Trillion Liquidity? Ok, got a little wait then one-two years, then 3-5 years, now a decade.
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