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  1. Check it out : http://CasinoCoin.org/BRM If you would like to learn more and talk with others join the official discord http://CasinoCoin.chat
  2. https://www.livecoinwatch.com/price/CasinoCoin-CSC Rank 160 CSC had a coin swap from 40M to 40B when it switch from LTC tech to XRP tech. ATH high is 0.003 CasinoCoin Have partnerships with https://www.cammegh.com/ http://TrustTracker.com http://CSC.GoodGaming.com https://egamingfund.org/ Just release the new wallet : http://CasinoCoin.org/BRM Learn More:
  3. To follow along with CasinoCoin: Social platforms Discord and Telegram are the two main discussion platforms. Discord: http://casinocoin.chat Telegram: https://t.me/CasinoCoinChat Twitter: https://twitter.com/casinocoin You can download the new wallet here: https://CasinoCoin.org/brm < New CasinoCoin BRM Download Now!
  4. Source : https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1213574613516660737.html
  5. Once Ripple Buy R3, they can block all other DA and only have XRP used. The best thing for them to do IMO is just to buy everything. Once they own everything that can force people to use XRP.
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