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  1. @JTxrPP @Joppie @XRPCascade @King34Maine @fiik @Milly238 @Sweaterbear @wegfox @BentCopper @HermesX13 @R-2-D-2 @migelal @BluKoo @BlueCollarHedgeFund @Thomas_TVO @FNS @PavelJ @Coolio @Jesjredhca @Jedivh @DonnyBrasco @Johnwdt @JoeyBevo @horizon @Flashos @crypto2libertas @aroop @Droptop93 @deBereboot @XRPanding @xrp-pat @ZerpEnthusiast @BraaiBeer @Matthews @SongstoFilltheAir @ZerpTidalWave @JordanC @BruceWhale @captainjack @DannyRipple @Makanakis @makinho @TinyRick @Cristallx @jeromem75 @Moonraker @Magickarp @ZX81_1k @Riz85 @WillGetThere @Nihilist @tokyocop @xSODAx @Tonnie @HumphreyBear @Tayto @LordAMV @LateAdopter @greentrader @ultramarathonist @XRPwinning @PhiGuy @Defryu @Tinyaccount @BurtMacklin @g0fudurself @Baazerper @SirPalot @JustSomeGuy @Busa_ @madToo @Kaidan @Humdinger @Mr_Rippling @DreXRP @TheHoff @Shockwave_XRP @TheEnd @LeGonze @Dinoizzy @FlyingFox @XRPKronk @RipDip @OnTheXRP @zerp300 @Scarpa @Madbull @bloodhound @Dorth_Vader @poothoot2 @Sheldon @knuckledragger @LeXuZ @MegaNerd @XRPto50dollars @GAC1848 @TheHyena @CarloRossi @G-Men @CountZerpula @BCRevolution @Chewiecoin @WrathofKahneman @Ironhalo @Rippelsteeltje @Gazelle77 @fastfalcon94 @xrpElvis @trogdor @SCHUMIXRP @Benchmark @Zerponaut @CT99 @PikaXRP @PlanK @Tradekraft @EcneitapLatnem @Robocrab85 @Haadrin @SaladFingers @Yorkies @Ripplebeliever @legomaracas @nicktemple @LiquidGoat @fbsna @jag216 Hi guys, Just wanna give everyone a heads up. Things are changing with CSC partners are about to go LIVE this Q4. CRN applications was opened yesterday, and 100 have already been submitted. There will only be 1000 CRNS. You can learn more about the CasinoCoin Blockchain network here : https://asg.im/a-new-way-to-incentivize-your-community/ If interested you can Submit Your Application here : https://casinocoin.org/crn-application-centre/
  2. I am. You can chat about running a CRN here : https://discord.gg/DUv6cXu
  3. Not taking about the end user. talking about banks.
  4. Does anyone really care about settlement? The main selling point I can see now with XRP is to source liquidity and settlement.
  5. They got to get the Cross-board payments NAILED! before moving on to other things. or it's just like BG said peanut butter.
  6. For the XRP ledger , quantum-resistant signing algorithms can be implemented when the time calls for it: https://xrpl.org/cryptographic-keys.html#future-algorithms
  7. Everyday Swift get a little closer to what ripple is trying to do. Ripple say they are not in competition with Swift. But I think Swift sees Ripple as competition for sure.
  8. XRP & CSC Had a look at VET they got some good Partnerships. But i don't know much about the token getting used.
  9. Yeah makes sense. John Caldwell, Director of Advocacy, has spoke in a video about each board member is there for a reason. Sometimes we hear about what they are doing, most times we don't. The same way with Ripple and NDAs. But all Board members work with CasinoCoin Foundation. Brandon Knowles, an executive director of casino provider Aruze Gaming, recently joined the CasinoCoin Board of advisers. Link 1 : https://www.cscchat.com/topic/895-new-casinocoin-board-of-advisor/ Link 2 : https://casinocoin.org/aruze-gamings-brandon-knowles-joins-as-casinocoin-advisor/ Richard Cammegh, Managing Director of Cammegh Joined a few months ago Link 1 : https://casinocoin.org/richard-cammegh-joins-casinocoin-advisory-board/ Link 2 : https://europeangaming.eu/portal/press-releases/2019/05/28/46226/cammegh-token-to-launch-on-casinocoin-blockchain/ They also have two more token deals to announce this year. Q4 is just the start. But if you have any questions the team is very helpful and active in discord.
  10. CasinoCoin is still in the very early stages. Q4 is when things start to go LIVE for the first time for CasinoCoin. Yes Cammegh is going live. All transactions use CSC as gas. Which is bought on the open market ( An exchange) People that run a CRN (Community Relay node) the tx fee gets shared to them. I don't think this will drive price much or it may, not sure. Best thing to do is watch Q4. Or you can join http://CasinoCoin.chat discord to learn more. also http://CSCchat.com forum.
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