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  1. Thank you. Does anyone account for Tether during this stabilization? I still don't buy the safe haven argument, at least not in the short term foreseeable future. https://www.newsbtc.com/2020/03/18/tether-is-now-printing-millions-and-thats-huge-for-bitcoin/ "It now appears that Tether has issued a whopping $161 million worth of USDT over the past 24-hours, putting the total number of new USDT issued over the past three months at $627 million." Is this the Crypto Stimulus package?
  2. This is a good point. I own a small business and have adequate emergency funds but none-the-less when I saw the plummet happening I switched over to USD until we see how COVID plays out. 4 weeks vs 6 months vs 18 months is going to make a massive difference in how the market recovers - including my business and many others that have come to a grinding halt.
  3. I agree. Most of the planet is out of work and out of cash for the next few weeks. If and when COVID gets under control, I think we could see an insane bull market but until then I see this pump as manipulation and short term. I could be wrong of course!
  4. Actually $2589 ! Before then we're going lower... maybe this will wipe some of the true shitcoins off the map.
  5. Exactly. Wait until the US halts all domestic air travel (or whatever the next panic news bomb is) then we'll see true capitulation. 3k BTC incoming.
  6. I hope so but am doubtful. Everyone thought it was going to be listed on CB which led to that specific ATH. The smart ones sold on that news. So potentially one 'watershed' event would shoot it up fast. But I think until true use proves that it reflects a change in price we may stagnate or sit alongside BTC or fall behind. There are many of us, myself included that made one of the worst investments of a lifetime. And those that bought at $.05 and didn't sell at $3 might be kicking themselves as well.
  7. awesome. Especially since I originally bought in during the 2017 bull run (yes I know, dumbass!) fortunately, I didn't bet more than I afford to lose but I feel bad for those that did. This market has F'd a lot of people sideways.
  8. 'The market is falling because of the upcoming Chinese New Year' 'Wake up Asia and do your thing' 'Magical Internet Money' Hodl and Hopium are the best.
  9. Yes, but really, I am just waiting for the Chinese New Year. We all know XRP will moon then!
  10. Hello XRP Echo Chamber, I exchanged all my XRP for BTC when it was plummeting in early 2018. While I still have lost money on paper, I've lost not nearly as much. This year I've rebought all my XRP position at around .29 but second guessing that decision. There are so many undeniable red flags regarding XRP that I will be shocked if it rises to the top in the long run. Only time will tell who is right and who is wrong.
  11. Thank you! These are inline with my thoughts as well. Too many red flags. I moved most of my XRP into BTC as it started to crash in 2018 and that proved to be a good decision. I still own a decent amount of XRP but will probably trade it for BTC if and when there is another pump. I'm also prepared for XRP to continue to go to down if that indeed happens. The following you mentioned, for me, is the biggest red flag. 2) Ripple and its top executives, particularly its CEO own a disproportionally large amount of XRP (and founders). There are regularly scheduled sales of XRP from the company's holdings which has a negative impact on the price. Demand on the other hand seems to be lacklustre at the moment.
  12. Any disagreement in this echo chamber is certainly classified as mental health issues. Medicine to treat the disorder = hopium
  13. Unlike many people here, I leave my feelings at the door But this is one of my biggest gripes with XRP. It's a red flag I can't seem to get past. For Chris Larson to be on a list of the worlds richest people (during ATH) up there with Bezos and Gates, just doesn't make sense to me. Now, if XRP hit true utility and changed the financial payments industry, then maybe that makes sense but it has not and has a long way to go before doing that.
  14. I'm sorry but this discussion is akin to discussing what one would do if one won the lottery. A toxic mentality if you ask me. A large portion of people here holding stacks are going to cash out, or at least take substantial profits if we ever hit ATH high again.
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