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  1. I see some of the address creating an "Escrow Create" transaction but the destination is the same as their own address . Can any one let me know in which scenarios the destination == creator of Escrow Transaction. Ex : r9NpyVfLfUG8hatuCCHKzosyDtKnBdsEN3
  2. 1. What is "OfferCreate" transactions in ripple ? 2. OfferCreate transactions are created by normal accounts of only by gateways ?
  3. Thanks Sukrim for the heads up . could you please point me to some of the rippled Apis if any one is using and have exposed their Apis.Below is the list of validator nodes, if you have some info if some of them are have exposed their Apis for public. https://minivalist.cinn.app/validators
  4. Thank you. But i am using data.ripple.com instead of s2.ripple , is that fine . And some time data data.ripple.com starts aborting my requests , is there any reason.
  5. Thank you for the quick response. you are correct it is for auditing. For example someone provides his address and wants to pull all his transactions in his account till date(09/08/2019) and when we sum up all his transactions it should be equal to the balance he has till that date in his account. So in the above post i had mentioned the steps i am following to achieve the same. Can you please validate if that is the right way to go ahead.
  6. Requirement - For a given address(rh2EsAe2xVE71ZBjx7oEL2zpD4zmSs3sY9) till a particular date fetch the balance and reconcile with all the transactions Steps Followed : 1. Fetch MaxLedger By Date - https://data.ripple.com/v2/ledgers/2019-07-22 output - ledger_index - 48836766 2. Get the Balance for an Address with ledger_index - https://data.ripple.com/v2/accounts/rh2EsAe2xVE71ZBjx7oEL2zpD4zmSs3sY9/balances?ledger_index=48836766&currency=XRP output - "value": "199.888" 3. Pull out all the transactions and and add or substract based on inflow and outflow for the particular address https://data.ripple.com/v2/accounts/rh2EsAe2xVE71ZBjx7oEL2zpD4zmSs3sY9/transactions?descending=true&limit=1000&end=2019-07-22&marker= output - with all the transactions for that particular address till the specified date. 4. choose all the transactions which are less then or equall to 48836766 and then take the affected nodes array for each transaction to identify whether the address we are reconciling has a outflow of XRP(-ve) or inflow of XRP(+ve). From the affected nodes array the fields which i am considering is with key "ModifiedNode" and "CreatedNode" with LedgerEntryType:"AccountRoot" (please find the image attached) - Reconcilliation is perfect for couple of addresses i did. Please help me if my steps are proper or do i need to consider any extra things in affected nodes . Note : i have considered the fee also spent by the particular address as well.
  7. Hi jbjnr, Thanks for your quick response. I have some scenario related to payments of ripple could you please help me out on that. Suppose i have a address and i am trying to pull out all the transactions for that address till date , which are the transaction types i should consider to get the exact balance of that account.(I know there is a API which gives the balance ) but i just want to cross check if that is correct. For now i am only considering Transaction type ="Payment" but there are other transaction types as well Can you please help me on this.
  8. 1. Can we rely on data.ripple.com for accurate data related to payments , transactions rather then s2.ripple.com ? 2. What are the major pros and cons of using data.ripple.com over s2.ripple.com or viceversa ?
  9. No Veteran , I did not . Could you please help me
  10. GET /v2/accounts/{address}/payments - get payments related to a specific account does this Api provide the payment information for all the payment types like Direct XRP Payments Cross-Currency Payments Checks Escrow Partial Payments Payment Channels
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