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  1. You say that like it's a bad thing
  2. Reason being they haven't tested everyone, just those who are showing symptoms. A better statistic is from somewhere like Germany or South Korea, where they're testing everyone regardless of whether they're showing symptoms or not. Mortality rate is much lower there, because it factors in everyone, not just those hospitalised. Also retep basically saying "old people die of it so what" is another for the list of wonderful idiocy that happens on this forum.
  3. Seconded. Am a fan of this topic - it's good to have a nice selection of different sources to get your info from. Don't just rely on the primary sources (Ripple et al) because, while they will tend to tell the truth, they will always spin things in their favour or ignore things that don't suit how they want to present the product. Don't just rely on news sites, because agendas are present in literally every single one of them. Don't just rely on your favourite personalities on social media and Youtube because... well... don't do that. The secret is - like with investing - diversifying. The big problem with crypto news is that most sites are, as OP says, "click-bait traffic hungry sites with no real reporting". The amount of trash they spew is bewildering. As such, it can be hard to actual get that foundation of solid crypto news outlets in your stable. I definitely don't have enough in mine, so I'm open to hear about more that might be out there.
  4. Ah, so you're in the denial camp. Cool. Another for the ignore list. Bye!
  5. Listen to a climate change denier? Nah, I'll pass.
  6. Excellent counter-points, especially how the main proponent for vitamins and their curative/restorative/protective powers died of the very thing he said vit C would protect against. Anyway, muting you because I don't go online to argue.
  7. Play the game, listen along, enjoy the ride - I like the thought experiments, the odd dose of hopium, the 'definitely scientific' analyses. It's all a bit of a laugh that's sometimes right. Just watch out for people asking for money. As soon as they ask for your money, they can sod right off. That's when you stop listening to them.
  8. Seriously, just don't with that vitamin C nonsense. It's bunk at best, harmful at worst. Vit C saturates massively after ingesting 200mg in a day - your body literally doesn't bother using it after that because it has too much, you just end up pissing it out. Same as any vitamin when it reaches saturation levels. It's absolutely basic stuff. And Dr Linus Pauling said Vitamin C cured cancer. Guess what he died from? Prostate cancer. Also 'hand-washing doesn't work' is the second best piece of garbage health non-advice I've seen in a long time, and it's on the same page as this vitamin C crap. Amazing. What a great thread this is. Stick to the BTC analysis, at least in this thread please, because stuff like this is making me question what bunch of kooks I've bundled myself in with by buying into crypto.
  9. guys i partnered with google all i had to do was get a gmail address ill be worth 589 eoy 2020
  10. For future reference, I'm pretty sure this is what we refer to as 'a joke'.
  11. And (though this may have popped up elsewhere) there don't seem to be deposit charges, commissions, or really many fees at all now beyond the spread. That's pretty darn impressive, to deposit £100 and in a few seconds have £100 in your account without that damn £2.99 charge or whatever it was.
  12. Fair enough, my mistake. I think in this case a direct quote would have been more suitable, though - there's a hell of a lot of conjecture at play in this space, so we need all the confirmed sourcing we can get. Keep up the good work.
  13. "Should future demand arise, Tempus is well aware that RippleNet also allows for the use of the digital asset, XRP." Not a quote from anyone at Tempus though, is it. They don't mention XRP or ODL once in anything they said - at least not that I see in that link. Surely this is a good enough story without having to resort to that clickbaity nonsense?
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