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  1. Small remark. The date is descending to the rigth. On first glance it looks like the volume is decreasing. I'd think about switching the dates to an ascending order to the rigth. Thank you for the work you put in.
  2. That's like your opinion, man. How so? Inspectorate You don't have to do anything. No one holding you gunpoint and forces you to buy gold or gold backed products. What's with the hatred. It's a legitimate buiseness case. If it doesn't tick all the boxes or your expectation how the economic world should be, doesn't mean it's nonsense or ********. It's such a unproportional response. Especially from a guy that's whorshiping the power of triangles and reading tea-leaves.
  3. https://www.cryptopolitan.com/moneygram-drives-ripple-xrp-volume-executive/
  4. If you start an investment with "Took out a loan for *way* more than I can afford to pay back" you're ******. Might as well take a loan and drive to Vegas. Same level of stupidity. Regardless of the outcome. Jesus...
  5. I apologise that I'm not able to perfectly articulate myself in my third language. I'm in awe of your superrioir intellect. Go and get laid or something.
  6. Id prefer that if you quote me, you'd quote me correct but that would indicate that you're capable and reading and understanding context. You're an arrogant prick that's so high up his own ass that he assumes discussing a hypothetical scenario is an attack on his personal belief. You add nothing to the discussion except hatred, arrogance and spite.
  7. " So, in your opinion, how would the next recession affect the market, the banking sector and Ripples strategy?" What's your problem?
  8. Yes. But the indicators get stronger. The yield curve is but one indicator. The unemployment rate can't be any lower, the Fed recession probability is climbing, the market is at a all time high, the LEI is stagnating. The first countries start to develop recession strategies (Germany) and we have a US that goes nuts on the World market, making it unreliable at best and insane at worst. A recession is a normal part of the cycle and the question is not if it's coming, but how bad will it be. EDIT: Predicting recession is a fools game and the question is not if it's coming but what the implications would be for this new market.
  9. I didn't get the music industry part. There where words but no meaning. What were they saying was their business model?
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