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  1. We all know deep down that November the 31st is a special date. Just remember that.
  2. That, my friend, is what Crypto / or Stocks is all about. You make a judgement, and see where it takes you. The Lesson that I learned years ago is always diversify your investments. House prices crash, Stock Markets Crash, Som investments never go anywhere for years then go bust. Don't get emotionally involved. It's the name of the game.
  3. How wide would Bart's shoulder be if we break down? Half of November?
  4. Everyone is entitled to discuss and disagree with messages on a chat board. That is fine. There is no justification for telling someone to stop making statements. You can argue with thoughtful points against them but to tell someone to stop Is a vote against freedom of speach.
  5. I am not high profile at all, just someone that started a topic on a chat room. A topic with a theme that seams unpopular. It’s ok though if people disagree, that is what a message board is for. I am sure that Brad doesn’t give a stuff for my opinion anyway. As for your views, I take them on board, I am not offended by anything that is said in response, I put up my view and accept the responses as genuinely held positions of others. What’s the point of a message board if people can’t have conflicting views?
  6. Thank you for your very reasoned thoughts, I am glad that you took the time to contribute and give me your perspective. I havent changed my mind yet, but it’s good that this thread has had some adult responses.
  7. OMG, is Brad sacrosanct? Does everyone have to ride into the same corral?
  8. Seems I don’t have much support for my observation? I am happy to be proven wrong.
  9. I Started writing this opinion in another thread but didnt want to hijack it so. It really is just my opinion and not anything else. Okay as a follower of XRP for 2 years now, not as long as many of you I know, but I have to take stock and give my summation of where the XRP Ripple thing is. This my honest opinion and only that, I mean no malace. By my reckoning, Ripple will soon need to expand their operation and Gravitas, show it has big credibility. You cant sell to the big banks as a small time operation, compared to them. Brad G Is still talking about flying money around in a suitcase and other cliche's. In My Opinion, That is running out of steam. To be honest I think Brad is now not a big enough name to take Ripple forward. He wears a suit to impress a bank or doesn't wear one to appear 'Steve Jobs'. He tells PayPal that they are much bigger [sic] and he is deferential to be sitting in on the same stage at a convention as them. It's looking a bit small time to me. Ripple now needs someone that can walk in the room with the big boys and everyone else stops and listens. Some one that asks for a meeting with the very top guys and they think 'oh yes of course, when?' Ripple can't lift the XRP price by constant sales (which they have now throttled back on). But they need XRP to rise to grow their bank balance. We keep hearing of Utility and that is right, but I really really think that this cart needs a shire Horse in front and not a mule. Brad and the owners need to reflect about how old they are now and how long they want to be doffing their caps to the big Ranchers or employ a Marshal in instead of a deputy into town, who will walk into the Saloon and grab a table not ask its ok if he sits down. I know others will think 'what is this nut case typing here?' But I have worked with hard hitters, they get so far, as we all do, then reach a peak that they can never climb. There is always a group of guys bigger and stronger as you rise the pyramid. No malice what so ever but I think this needs consideration I look forward to everyone's views.
  10. So any predictions for the Bottom for BTC? I want to add another but still think it might be wrong time to buy.?
  11. I work in Europe and USA, have many work colleagues in both and other locations. Some use either. Some never use cash, which is a pain when trying to collect cash for the staff lottery syndicate, some mostly use it, they don't want govt knowing what they spend their money on, or what they pay for a second hand car or to get their kitchen roof fixed. I expect right now that is the same anywhere.
  12. Perhaps most people aren't in the 'plastic' economy. They live day by day or week by week etc. Doing what they can to survive. I have travelled the world and you have to see life away from the cities, before you can say most people don't carry cash (AKA use plastic)
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