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  1. Everyone I know uses whatsapp, it's been a good few years since I ever met anyone that doesn't have it as their default messaging app. I only get SMS xts from 2Factor Auth or from the Network Provider.
  2. Molten on his charting Thread says that BTC is likely to Drop to below 8k
  3. I am guessing you set up stop losses before bed time and hope the exchange isn't hacked while you sleep.🤔
  4. Offer him your nuts to distract him?
  5. ShipChain.io Anyone else had a look at this project? It's a supply chain project and is trying to do some really good things in that space. I am not saying to invest in Ship chain or not but it to me seems worth reading about.
  6. Sorry to post this again (i posted in the Epic Pennant thread too) https://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-mining-power-hits-new-high-as-half-a-million-new-asics-go-online But this article claims that a $Bilion worth of BTC ASIC mining chips have been bought recently. Surely that indicates a prediction of a huge increase in demand for BTC?
  7. https://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-mining-power-hits-new-high-as-half-a-million-new-asics-go-online As per this Coindesk link. Looks like Mining firms demand for additional ASICs is outstripping supply. The article says that there have been about $1billion has been spent on new kit. Is that an indicator that BTC is going to be even more popular ergo the price rising enough to justify purchasing all this additional mining capacity ?
  8. Remember Trump was elected 5 months After the Brexit vote. But to keep things Crypto Although we are still early in this new asset class I can see people diversifying into crypto and other assets. I think I read last time gold was in huge demand during the global banking crash people actually had paper gold, there wasn't actually enough gold available for any one to physically have the gold that they had purchased on exchanges. They were “owning” gold that hadn't been mined yet!
  9. @Staigera , @dr_ed The slowness of buying BTC, by mid Dec 2017 definitely was the reason that I stopped buying at that point and made my choice that BTC needs to have some sort of upgrade before it can get much above 17 or 18k. My last purchase at that time took around 20 hours and the fees were stupid too. I still have my original BTC and averaged down in Feb so that I am now in profit, but I do think that its performance is a stumbling block.
  10. Can you edit your post, sir, and remove the trailing fullstop so that the link works? Cheers
  11. @Eric123 value both yours and @Molten’s opinions and don’t want to hijack this thread, but when you boil it down if you have a mortgage and spend spare cash on anything you are spending it using leverage. It might be accepted in the last 50years as not because house price inflation has gone through the roof, but it is what it is. Borrowing additional money on to of a mortgage to invest is even worse' IMHO but honestly, say you owe 150k on a mortgage but spend (invest) a further 30k on Crypto or regular stock, you are spending money that you owe to another entity. I wont disagree with any replies to this as I can’t think of any other way to view it.
  12. Happy to hear your different view. I am very loath to having debts I suppose, not saying that I don't have them at all though.
  13. So in my mind if you have a mortgage, and also have Crypto then you have used Leverage to buy the Crypto. You used spare money that you could have used to pay of your debt.
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