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  1. Let's not get all superior. It's a long way down from a high place
  2. Agree, As I said previously, you can't go mainstream (Ergo mass crypto participation), without regulation. Most people aren't interested in "pay and hope"
  3. When I first became interested in DLT I bought BTC, and then Eth. I was playing with the Tech rather than looking for a profit. I have been interested in Technology since I was a kid, except in those days it was machinery and electronics. I got a job in telecoms that gave me access to both and was paid to fix it when it broke. I have been lucky. I enjoyed my job. Anyhoo, I bought more crypto and learned the rudiments of exchanges and wallets and DLT. But for a while lost track of what I was spending on what a and the cost of changing from one fiat to another in order to buy Eth that allow
  4. It has always been a concern of mine that if moon happens, exchanges will not be able to pay out, and will withhold funds. this is why regulation is required.
  5. Thanks for your response. You know what, I have had Xrp since before the ATH bull run, and although I read all the stuff about it’s use cases and so on, I still haven’t spent enough brain power actually understanding the relationship between wallet, account, ledger and the XRP token. I sort of read it and forget it, as something I don’t need to bother to to memorise.
  6. A hypothetical question about the Spark give away. Let’s say that I followed the process (I used @Wietse method) to be ready for the December snapshot. If I now sell all of my XRP, and in a weeks time buy it back (before December), do I need to follow that process again in order for my new XRP to be included in the snapshot, or is it my Wallet on my Nano S that has had the Flare address added?
  7. 🎶 Welcome to the Hotel California you can never leave you can never leave 🎵
  8. I guess it is now subjective, is the fact that they both fell at the same time, BTC by about 55% and Gold by about 18% justifying my comment or not?
  9. So if I have an account with GermanoBank and I take Euros out of a SpanoBank cash machine how does that work?
  10. Let me ask this question, how does GermanoBank transfer Euros to FrancoBank or EspaniolBank and EspaniolBank to GermanoBank? Does it involve pre funding of Euros in all of those banks?
  11. It's a concern that BTC dropped the same as the stock markets in March 2020, rather than followed Gold upwards on the Covid bad news.... If it's a store of value it sure looked like a scared stock
  12. I have worked from home for the last 7 months. I appreciate that I still have a job so not complaining, but (always a but) I work harder and longer hours as my company has decided that cloud computing is more expensive, by a large amount, than On Prem Data centers using vmware or Hyper-v. Its up to a team of mixed skills to get us back on Prem so that we don't need to make so many redundancies. I'm work harder to keep others in a job. Fingers crossed.
  13. Maybe he sold only a small percentage of his XRP stash, surely that would mean that he was Long on XRP anyway?
  14. Was watching Fiat leak all day, on and off, there were long periods when there was almost zero xrp trades
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