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  1. I am from the UK, absolutely everyone that I know uses Whatsapp, so maybe it’s a national thing.
  2. One thing that is rarely mentioned here is that the American govt Can control cross boarder payments via Swift. It can apply sanctions using it too. US won’t like to lose that control.
  3. Those reports of Scams on Twitter 2 days ago have had an impact in the very short term
  4. Ok point taken. But my first sentence did say that I think XRP will come good, so in that context, my second isn’t absurd. Indeed to underline my belief that it will come good, I will average down in order to scoop more profit. Words that are famously last 😯 Good luck all.
  5. No idea what you mean. But I have done my calculations and that’s good enough for me.
  6. Firstly I still think that XRP will come good. My negative thoughts are mainly based on my stash not rising soon enough to warrant hoddling. But I decided to hold until end of 2021, so That is what I will do. If the price falls even more, say to 10 cents I will definitely add as a way to average down my overall exposure. I am in profit at the moment at above 28 cents, if I can average that down to below 20 then I will. Luckily my other crypto has kept me in profit so far. You should never gamble more than you can lose and yet still sleep at night. I read plenty of advice that you should have an exit strategy, part of mine is Dec 2021.
  7. Yes, it does. A wealthy Crypto savvy entrepreneur sells his stash of Crypto, may make me reduce my exposure. Don’t you find it interesting?
  8. David is quoted as selling off his bitcoin holdings over the years. Just how many did he have if it is taking him years to sell off? why has he been selling off his XRP if he has been earning big profits from BTC sales.
  9. Oh for the days when 100 BTC was within the average mans grasp. Now its probably only One
  10. Still working and planning for retirement
  11. Let’s be fair, plenty that invested lost their shirt in the wild west that was early crypto. I reckon that if I had bought big in 2012, Mt Gox or similar would have broke me. 🙄
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