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  1. https://www.coindesk.com/whats-next-in-the-securities-case-against-ripple-over-xrp
  2. I am not a lawyer. This isn't advice. As I posted elsewhere.. I have read that with actions such as these, it is in no interest for the defendant to allow a verdict to happen quickly. The tactic can be to delay delay delay such that the complainant folds as the cost rises. Who knows?
  3. The West is going to get left behind in all this, unless it is watching progress and seeing if it all works in the far East first?
  4. I think that I read somewhere that a typical approach for a defendant will be to introduce arguments to stall the class action, get an adjournment for several months, then do the same again, repeatedly, on little points, until the claimant runs out of cash and the claim can not continue. I am not a lawyer so don't know if this is true, or even relevant in this case.
  5. As I have asked before, what price approximately, does XRP need to be in order to be a bridge currency for say 10%, 20%, 30% etc of cross border transfers per day? I am not clever enough now know how to work that out, but plenty of people in the world with cross border banking experience must know that sliding scale. Surely? I don’t know why it’s a secret or not published, if XRP is used in say 30% of cross border payments per day, XRP must therefore be in the region of nn USD per XRP I guess I am oversimplifying?
  6. This being the BTC thread, I have to say if I hadn’t bought more BTC at the start of the year than I would be in the Red in my entire Crypto investment portfolio. BTC is still around / almost double what it was a year ago. So all in all BTC has had a good year IMHO, and I am glad that I diversified. XRP? Terrible. But I still have faith that it will move up.
  7. Read most of his books and others that have challenged the ‘official’ human civilisation timelines. Started to read his stuff back in the early ‘90s. I think much/some of which has been debunked. like his message boards too. sorry, back to the thread.
  8. Ripple’s will have stated it's business plan in order to qualify for that loan. If XRP is integral for Ripple to achieve those goals - How much does each XRP need to be for the it to be effective for Ripples stated purpose? I can’t see any other questions that are more relevant at the moment.
  9. I have read that German banks are in trouble? If so Is this being rushed in to protect them in some way?
  10. 8. Do some research, buy a spread of BTC and Alts. Forget about them completely, until the National news papers start raving about crypto gains. Then take a peek and decide whether to sell or not.
  11. From Coindesk Maybe this is why https://www.coindesk.com/chainalysis-report-on-plustoken-scammers-blamed-for-mondays-crypto-selloff
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