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  1. @xerxesramesepolybius thank you. “That’s why Ripple has to compensate the market makers in regards to both their direct costs and market risk” How do they compensate MMs? With XRP?
  2. @xerxesramesepolybius I will have a try at explaining, if only so that I am corrected. USD value needs to go to Bank account in Mexico. USD to XRP to XRP to MEX P eventually MEX bank has too many XRP to and needs to sell a bunch of it, to fullfill future transfer Mex bank offers a portion of the XRP it has to a Market Maker at a lower price hence a differential, so a possibility for the Market Maker to make profit by selling XRP back to Us or to Euro or GB pound.
  3. isn’t Sunday night usually a time where the price slips back a little as a rule ?
  4. It said, “XRP is a gamble, but you can hear a fuse being lit, if you listen right ear”
  5. One night in bed a moth crawled in my ear and got stuck. I could hear it moving it's limbs about inside my head. It tickled my ear like hell , i didn't like it.
  6. I can't see anybody being able to put a figure to the price in 3 years time. It's just a gamble.
  7. For those of us outside the USA ,What time do you mean by "Close". I get a bit confused in my old age, as a European Insomniac ?
  8. I am just going to sit with what I have and watch the ride.
  9. Isn’t this what happens around each halving? Maybe not so severely but BTC pumps, dumps, then slowly rises to a rapid bull in about a year to 18 months?
  10. Does the ledger grow in size for infinity? Is it unavoidable?
  11. If it is a problem that is. @JoelKatz didn’t seem to see it as such, if my reading of twitter is correct.
  12. It’s worth following the thread on twitter to get perspective, it won’t take long.
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