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  1. Congress will step in if the traditional Big money sectors lobby them to do so. I doubt that there is too much interest until Business tells them to do something about it.
  2. Personally, the pessimist in me is saying the case is a stitch up, because in every walk of life the Government always win and Ripple will have to Settle for a big fine and no clarity before it’s too late.
  3. I have been in the space lightly between 5 and 6 years ago and more interested for the last 4 years and I still couldn’t express it that well to an audience, so I understand his predicament. He probably isn’t that certain of anything that he says on the subject.
  4. I think that this is still such a nascent market that no one can predict the trajectory of XRP. It's a Hodl and Gamble token because of the SEC case. I believe that adoption around the globe (not USA) is happening for Ripple products and that will have a positive impact on the XRP price. Until the SEC case is resolved, the uncertainty will stop XRP from rising as it should have done. A positive out come in the case next year, even in a bear market will achieve gains, IMHO, but I have for sure, diversified since last December. At that time I sold all of My XRP as the price crashed, then Bought it all back again after pondering for a day or two and gained a bit extra XRP for the same fiat that I sold at. What I also did was realise that to sit on one investment is suicide (stock investors have known that for years as anything can change the outlook) so I bought more in other projects. Towards the end of this bull, apart from Flare and XRP, I will be out of all crypto as I get too obsessive about it and spend too much time on it. Subsequently, at the time of the next decent rise in XRP I will sell off the rest and be done with it, getting too old for this , I think that my moon Lambo days are behind me anyway as my creaking bones wouldn’t be able to get into a Lambo let alone then get out again unaided- I jest... Just my own opinion, DYOR
  5. Well, I planned to be completely out of Crypto at the end of this year, Flare and the SEC case means that I will leave it at least another 6 months. I am out of BTC now though, I retired in May and it gave me enough make my retirement more comfortable.
  6. When countries have done that in the past they have been invaded by the US (IE Libya, Iraq) or at least sternly threatened. (I am not into bashing the US BTW)
  7. Had an email out of the blue from Bloom. Something I bought a few dollars worth about 4 years ago. It Seems that they have been beavering away out of sight and have now produced their blockchain KYC project. https://onramp.co/ And the Original project address https://bloom.co/
  8. I can't see them building on Ethereum. Eth 1 is not scalable and Eth 2 has not been tested in any kind of scale
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