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  1. With Shipchain, the SEC prevented ShipChain from using the token, effectively closing the project down. https://shipchain.io/settle.html this could apply with xrp too
  2. Received lots of fishing emails now which have my name and other details. also received today a (almost certainly) genuine email from ledger explaining that a security leak came via shopify, last year. will post the text when I am next at a PC
  3. If the settlement included a ruling that XRP had been a security has but moved to become an exchange token, then that could keep SEC happy
  4. Yes - but I would suggest that you want to slowly feed it out so that it lasts... rather than blow it on one Lambo and Yacht
  5. OK - so Property is the stable harbour for Baka -
  6. Don't get bogged down on the numbers - let's just say they are big and you Held, but at some point we all see the bubble bursting, so you sell. Where do you put the money so that it lasts you as long as you hoped it would?
  7. If anyone believes that BTC will rise to over $100k will have to believe that at some point , this year, next year or when ever, that they should hodl, even when BTC is $40k, $50k, $70k, $90k - that is a lot of nerve to have .... Then where do you put those profits? .... what place is safe enough to put your crypto earnings that mean it won't devalue?
  8. BTC Still higher than 5 days ago - Let's see how it develops
  9. Will there even be a “next reserve currency” or will each nation have their own digital currency with a digital bridge currency (XRP hopefully) between them?
  10. Anyone know if a wallet has been released for FLR, I have been allocated some but how do I access it without a software wallet" ?
  11. No - it was something that I was reading last summer, many companies allegedly paid into the Biden election fund or BLM funds in order to appear on the right side of the rioters that trashing shops and offices in the US at that time.
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