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  1. Whatever it takes? They are running out of whatevers surely?
  2. Thanks for your story, it shows how there are different types with different perspectives here. I am soon to retire anyway, so this bull run should give me the extra that I need to do more than just potter around the Garden each day. That’s all I need. I understand that younger folks might want to ride the market all the way to the top, gambling that they “time it right” and don’t over shoot like some did previously. But I don’t blame them for that, as they have many years left to try again if they miss the opportunity this time.
  3. Wasn't there some news back in Jan/ Feb regarding Doge somehow suported on the Flare blah blah. I can't remember exactly but it was about the same time that they were talking about Flare and LTC
  4. Certainly back in 2017, when I was explaining Crypto as best I could to my friends, they were either unaware of it's existence or only hear of vaguely something called Bitcoin. All were totally skeptical, although Two did listen and put a few hundred here and there into BTC, XRP and Eth. Now a few of those uninterested folks have commented that "you were right about that Bitcoin thing, wish I had listened". That is a sign that the herd is coming
  5. You mean delete the number of xrp from the original post so that the number of xrp that the poster holds is still a secret?
  6. In the UK the Tax office (HMRC) offer advice on how to calculate capital gains tax (CGT) on Shares and similar ly for Crypto. It includes the concept of pools . Which is only relevant I think for CGT and not Trading. Suffice to say I expect that is why Koinly mentions "Pools"
  7. It's a long and steep learning curve, but it's been worthwhile for most of us here (I hope). I have been buying Crypto for 4 years now and I still learn things that I really should have found out a few years back. Good Luck
  8. You can add a custom wallet or exchange. If you can download all transactions from the Ripple DEX then you can upload them to the custom wallet that you just created. Hope that helps - to be honest give it a free trial. I tested that approach for my Trinity Wallet. I have decided that I am going to use koinly after uploading several .csv files from various exchanges that I historically used and not having to many problems. It appears that you only pay when you want to generate a Tax report. $49.99 for each Tax year that you want to generate a report for. Disclaimer: if Koinly doesn'
  9. Koinly have a widget to ask questions. Maybe pick their brains ?
  10. If you can download your transactions as a .csv, they can be imported into Koinly
  11. Yes, probably my bad writing, I am aware that token to token exchange is a taxable event. I just don’t have that many of those events. But that is exactly why I wanted to get some software, to take the work out of identifying my taxable gains. many thanks
  12. Thanks for suggestions so far. Koinly is looking favourable for me at this point but will give it a little bit more time to research because as I said, I haven't cashed out any gains yet but might do in 2021/2022 Tax year (depends on performance) so basically haven't needed to do anything about it before. I thought it would be good to spend time getting the historic stuff out of the way first, even though any reports will just show purchases but no sales apart from token to token transaction where a crypto cannot be bought with FIAT
  13. No Worries - the Politicians sentence is how they say a lot but you can't pin them down because it means nothing Diabetes is often diagnosed by an unrelated visit to a chiropodist/Podiatrist All is good
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