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  1. Glad Brad and the guys are doing ok. They deserve every penny from the XRP sales
  2. I don’t think that makes any sense. Its not like estimated gold ore reserves, it is a very clearly identified asset in XRP that can gradually be sold off or immediately sold off for XRP in non-escrowed wallets.
  3. No matter what anyone says about decentralisation etc. Investing in XRP means trusting Ripple Labs. Anyone disagree?
  4. If the investment values Ripple at $10 Billion and Ripple has 50 Billion + XRP (Escrow and other Ripple wallets) that values XRP at 20c and rest of their payments software business at zero. Hmmmm that is not a good message price wise.
  5. Funny there has never really been any clear information released about what building “ripplenet” means. Surely it exists already? Otherwise what exactly is the “plan” in timelines and budget? XRP investors just pump in the money, why would Ripple give them information as opposed to just relying on the Youtubers and XRP Army on twitter to simply spread lies and delusions?
  6. They reveal claims about increases in volume but not volume, that shows they know what their volumes but simply do not want to share them because they are presumably so low.
  7. There assets are now up to £300,000, nine years after incorporation. Maybe they should start renting out DVDs as a side line? https://s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/document-api-images-live.ch.gov.uk/docs/M2iqWgNGrr0DJFvWxvjBujUrsWnhJfu9gM17bfxlsVg/application-pdf?X-Amz-Algorithm=AWS4-HMAC-SHA256&X-Amz-Content-Sha256=UNSIGNED-PAYLOAD&X-Amz-Credential=ASIAWRGBDBV3JPLP2NVT%2F20191221%2Feu-west-2%2Fs3%2Faws4_request&X-Amz-Date=20191221T090941Z&X-Amz-Expires=60&X-Amz-Security-Token=IQoJb3JpZ2luX2VjEIv%2F%2F%2F%2F%2F%2F%2F%2F%2F%2FwEaCWV1LXdlc3QtMiJIMEYCIQDHaPg1hymh5qQmv
  8. With the additional series C funding it means Ripple has generated investments and revenue from XRP sales of over $1.5 Billion. Thats and awful lot of money.
  9. Anykind of pump would be nice. A pump based on purchases by Ripple will be a lot more real than a Swell hype pump. Oh that didn’t happen this year did it? seriously though, a purchase by Ripple would show their confidence in the asset.
  10. And probably the only one where a company had to be paid $50m to “use” it but not hold any. Which reminds me of Bill Clinton smoking pot but not inhaling.
  11. Crazier things have happened. Remember $3.40? Anyone buy at that price?
  12. Finally an innovative idea but I wonder if they have ever done that in the past.
  13. Don’t see the logic of that. If its ok for them to sell in large amounts don’t see anything wrong with them buying in judicious amounts to re-build confidence and maintain some stability
  14. Yawn. Don’t they have time limits per move in contests. Ripple seems to have taken 7 years to move one pawn forward.
  15. News shifts prices in financial markets its how they work. If it is isn’t the only logical conclusions are one or more of the below 1. news is not true 2. news is not relevant 3. news is not new
  16. What regulation are you waiting for in the US? Serious question. People can legally own, trade and be taxed on XRP. They can also (see Moneygram) use it as a bridging currency. We can’t blame lack of regulation for holding back the XRP price in the US. there is also the little matter of whether XRP, under US law is an unregistered security. That is not a matter of the lack of regulation. That is a matter of interpreting state and federal law in relation to the specific case of the creation of XRP and subsequent sales. ps what the UK FCA thinks about the legal status of XRP has impact
  17. I wonder how much Accenture was paid for that?
  18. You really think tipbot is awesome? Its not exactly a new concept. It actually looks like a distraction from the main use case.
  19. How do you know Moneygram is sending 10% of flow using XRP? Has Moneygram announced that anywhere?
  20. Curious development. I always assumed Hodor was a team of people subcontracted to the Ripple marketing department. @CryptoEri You are as prolific as Hodor, are you going to retire or reveal your identity next?
  21. Once again very interesting but I really, really struggle to understand why this creates any opportunity for XRP, if that is what you mean by “digital assets”. If there is more access for non-banks like Moneygram to get reserve accounts and access RTGS, and (the final “if”) somekind of higher speed version of CLS is created. Lots of ifs that kills both XRP and the Ripple business model. BoE for instance has very clearly dumped Ripple as a partner
  22. Oh and nothing to do with Ripple either it seems!
  23. That @GrayFox is very interesting from a general DLT perspective. I read the information on the Bank of Canada, MAS and BoE websites. They don’t seem to have got much further than writing a joint report. It looked mostly at options of tokenising domestic currencies or creating a global central bank currency. Neither of those options are great from an XRP perspective.There is already a high degree of stitching RTGS, that seems to be what Continous Linked Settlement does Thank You 🙏
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