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  1. Yawn. Don’t they have time limits per move in contests. Ripple seems to have taken 7 years to move one pawn forward.
  2. News shifts prices in financial markets its how they work. If it is isn’t the only logical conclusions are one or more of the below 1. news is not true 2. news is not relevant 3. news is not new
  3. What regulation are you waiting for in the US? Serious question. People can legally own, trade and be taxed on XRP. They can also (see Moneygram) use it as a bridging currency. We can’t blame lack of regulation for holding back the XRP price in the US. there is also the little matter of whether XRP, under US law is an unregistered security. That is not a matter of the lack of regulation. That is a matter of interpreting state and federal law in relation to the specific case of the creation of XRP and subsequent sales. ps what the UK FCA thinks about the legal status of XRP has impact on the status in the US
  4. I wonder how much Accenture was paid for that?
  5. You really think tipbot is awesome? Its not exactly a new concept. It actually looks like a distraction from the main use case.
  6. How do you know Moneygram is sending 10% of flow using XRP? Has Moneygram announced that anywhere?
  7. Curious development. I always assumed Hodor was a team of people subcontracted to the Ripple marketing department. @CryptoEri You are as prolific as Hodor, are you going to retire or reveal your identity next?
  8. Once again very interesting but I really, really struggle to understand why this creates any opportunity for XRP, if that is what you mean by “digital assets”. If there is more access for non-banks like Moneygram to get reserve accounts and access RTGS, and (the final “if”) somekind of higher speed version of CLS is created. Lots of ifs that kills both XRP and the Ripple business model. BoE for instance has very clearly dumped Ripple as a partner
  9. Oh and nothing to do with Ripple either it seems!
  10. That @GrayFox is very interesting from a general DLT perspective. I read the information on the Bank of Canada, MAS and BoE websites. They don’t seem to have got much further than writing a joint report. It looked mostly at options of tokenising domestic currencies or creating a global central bank currency. Neither of those options are great from an XRP perspective.There is already a high degree of stitching RTGS, that seems to be what Continous Linked Settlement does Thank You 🙏
  11. @JannaOneTrick Ever heard of Betteridge’s of headlines? “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betteridge's_law_of_headlines
  12. What Moodys does has no relevance to whether XRP is treated as a security or not. You know the main thing that Moodys and S&P do is rate specific securities as well as organisations? Whether XRP is treated as a security will be done on a country by country basis, sometimes by regulators sometimes by courts.
  13. In conventional world the price of financial assets is based on the current return on the assets (if there is one) and expectations about future returns. Based on price action the last couple of years, the market’s consensus on the expected value of all the good news is somewhere around zero.
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