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  1. Not going to lie it's certainly getting a little tiresome.. Negative YTD... negative today... negative tomorrow... The token with the highest probability of real world utilization is the worst performing asset in the top 50. Not the top 3.. the top 5.. the top 10.... THE TOP 50.
  2. First real test of the XRPL's security seems to be underway... https://bithomp.com/explorer/r3WRgUARJi8G6SDDjE8w3s6u17d7SrpbWZ
  3. Absolutely.. was just giving people a heads up of what's currently the plan in motion for these BTC & LINK Maxi's.
  4. Volatility is rife in this space yes.. but when something like XRP takes the stairs up and the Tower of Terror (Disneyland) down, it gets rather frustrating. If XRP had moved up 3x like everything else to $1+ and pulled back down to say 80c then a lot of people would be fine.. it's the fact that it hardly moved up at all in the first place and we're now negative for YTD.. the only crypto in the top 50 to do so.
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