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  1. i guess you lack of friends if laughing on other people make you smile. gtfo
  2. Yes, I want to live in a house, but now i have to take a loan for 30 years when in the past i could buy a house from the wedding money. huge inflation, wonder why.. If i want to start a business I will work hard and earn my money, I wont take a loan for a business that might fail
  3. Days will tell if im right, fed balance sheet qe's, low rates (already negative in germany and Japan) and gold price support what im saying.. dyor No grasp on reality, yea go on talking about reality when i give you facts and you laugh. DENIAL
  4. More hard is to explain to you . Can you tell me why market crashed when fed raised rates?
  5. Tell me, how can you solve the debt problem? How can you solve debt problem when the economics relies only on growth and not on recessions? You fake growth by printing money? Last time the fed raised rates the market crashed.. and when market crashes its over. Hope you understand it..
  6. look global. global debt is not fine, US debt is not fine, china, europe... now the fed prints just to cover the rates on the debt. this is how bad the things are. This things wont last for ever. soon it will end, by huge inflation, or by going back to stoneage those are the only two option for the problems.. oh wait.. now there is crypto.. when there was a crisis in asia USA told the asians central banks not to print money because its not good! the absurd is real
  7. Mortages and Debt are the reasons for a crisis. stop looking at it as it's good because it's not. How can it be good if this what leads to a crisis? please educate me Maybe you are at denial phase, biggest scam of history by the people who give you loans and mortages. what a *** joke BTW, BTC and XRP both created on the same fundamentals. maybe you should sell your XRP and buy FIAT
  8. HAHAHAHA. The only thing the banks can do is to go bankrupt, ask money from Central Banks, Central Banks print money, and just give the banks who just went bankrupt. they inflate the supply, causing the real money which is gold to skyrocket. gold chart says everything. what a healthy way for the economics. RIP BANKS! RIP!
  9. Banks will die after the next crisis. When Ripple says "Banks are here to stay" they tease them.
  10. Conclusion, banks and their fiat money belongs to the past, future belongs to gold standard and digital currencies. That's it. I bet on XRP becuase Ripple actually built everything for this shift. GG WP.
  11. In order to bridge a 50,000 usd you will need 2.5m xrp I don't think there will be enough liquidity at 0.02 becaae who would want to buy into a dead market?
  12. after reading this, think about the global economy and the way the corrupted banks work. they are not scared of crypto they adopt it.. it is the future and they know it lol
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