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  1. Aside from the mountain of conclusive evidence that xrp is a currency there is also the simple fact that martime law is at play here. Why - this is a banking product. Clearly the SEC will lose. This is a shakedown & shakeout - misdirection. Those that know ,, know this is correct. Soon, very soon it will be clear. (hodl)
  2. Hi All, Curious about other thoughts on this. My thought is that because of CSC's foundation (XRP) and the teams regulatory compliance focus it seems to me that it will rise as adoption and regulatory compliance take root for XRP in the banking sector. That CSC will see large benefits from Ripples success. Thoughts? hodl!
  3. Exactly... which what we all want, right?
  4. Just postulating, pondering.... Its not that I think they will so much as the the simple fact that is is now a huge option. There are other options (as mentioned), what is most interesting to me is the unfolding of their plan, so intriguing to watch. I said many years ago that this game was over and the other players didn't even know it... no doubt they still don't. What would the impact be if 30 or so billion XRP were burned OR escrowed out to 10+ years... demand, marketcap, price,, etc.. Ripple is in an amazing position, the tokenization of the globe is at hand,,, derivative, smart contracts, micro payments, etc..the list is never ending. thoughts? (hodl)
  5. Stellar did indeed do a burn however by comparison the built infrastructure is way different between the two organizations.
  6. So curious of these plans within plans. with a 200m Round C there are so many options on the table. There has been of course speculation in the past that most of the remaining escrowed xrp is already spoken for by banks that cannot legally hold it, also that maybe it will be given to the imf as esdr's , both very legitimate scenarios for Ripple now firmly valued at 10b. What about another option.... they ipo and then burn,, I dunno 25 or 35 billion xrp. What would that do to valuation of the digital currency? No doubt their plans are something far more intricate, such a blunt thoughtless action doesn't suit a group of folks so intelligent and eloquent in their dealings. Sometimes though, the blunt action is the right action. No doubt we'll find out soon enough :-) (hodl)
  7. .. and that my friend is why I'm still here and hodling after so may years! hodl
  8. Anticipation: - Awesome product - Great team - incredible business plan - depth of integration across the globe and within infrastructures I'll be seeing returns in no time at all, super excited, can't wait Animosity: - Awesome product - Great team - incredible business plan - depth of integration across the globe and within infrastructures Why the heck is the price being suppressed, this is ridiculous, clearly it's manipulation, I mean what else could it be... Flip the switch already ... Ughh!! Ambivalence: - Awesome product - Great team - incredible business plan - depth of integration across the globe and within infrastructures WHATEVER, WHO CARES what it's doing, who's doing what, .28 or .31 really??? non of it matters! I have a life and can only hope I'm actually alive to see the fruits of my patient hodling ----- (me 5min later - checking DAI, workingmoney, Sam, TMI, daily hodl, bearablebull, oracletimes, twitter, whats app convos, bloomberg, forbes...etc..) LOL (hodl)!
  9. @mariusthegreat - wonderful logic, very sound. Still I can't help but agree with @2ndtimearound that gold will play a large and foundational role in the support of XRP as a bridge / global reserve currency (maybe I missed that in your argument (it was pretty long)) ..anyhow... it may also be 'cause that bear guy hinted at it, not sure. Time will tell though. Way back when, years ago when I suggested that it was going to be used as a reserve currency (folks chuckled and patted my head saying what a pleasant fellow, daft yes but pleasant non-the-less) yet here we are with a BOE Governor suggesting that "a Libra type" digital currency replace the dollar and we all know there's only one (currently (XRP)) that can even come close. either way (hodl)
  10. Carney Urges Libra-Like Reserve Currency to End Dollar Dominance "His most striking point was that the dollar’s position as the world’s reserve currency must end, and that some form of global digital currency -- similar to Facebook Inc’s proposed Libra -- would be a better option. That would be preferable to allowing the dollar’s reserve status to be replaced by another national currency such as China’s renminbi." https://www.cnbc.com/video/2019/08/23/carney-a-new-virtual-currency-could-ease-reliance-on-us-dollar.html Might I suggest....XRP??? oohhh wait I bet Christine LaGuarde alreaady has. (hodl)
  11. Action steps are always good. I'm tapped out however so this is the closest I can get. for those that can though - Awesome idea!
  12. Some of the great thinkers of our time Tom Campbell along with others like Dr. Joe Dispenza (quantum reality possibilty) and even those from long ago - Budda, Jesus, Socrates etc... heck even Thoth. have proposed that we live in a reality that while having rules can be affected by thought or "intent". Tom Campell does an excellent job of laying out the core concept that these thinkers have hit on. What he says is that our reality has rules (more like guidelines), a few are hard and fast, most felixible and some downright malleable. The core concept here is that the rules operate on probability and that the greater the probability the more likely the potential for actualization. He suggests that future events that do not abide by the "hard fast" settings are shape-able by intent. With all the recent news about XRP usage and such we see the "probability" of xrp usage rising at at an amazing rate... and yet price stagnation. Why? Liquidity, outside manipulation by TPTB, the intent of bad players holding onto past finance methodologies for personal gain and control is stronger than those looking for new and better ways to conduct business and expand prosperity? The theories go on and on. So lets try an experiment. Every Sunday, all of us at close to the same time, stop whatever we are doing for 5min or so and focus on a price target for xrp to be at by the next Sunday. My thought is that (being at .30 approx as of this writing) and using Fibonacci as the guide (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144...etc) our first Sunday intent would be to focus collectively on attaining $1 XRP, once that price target is attained we would focus on the next - $2, then $3, then $5 and so on. Sunday between 11 and 11:30am EST is when I plan on stopping for those 5min. Hopefully some of you can join me in an effort to intentionalize positive usage and price appreciation for XRP. Do your best to focus the benefits XRP can bring to all those bereft of financial services, the end to practices of control and manipulation which prey on the poor / misinformed benefiting only a select few. Hey! its an experiment, can 't hurt and it might just help us all.
  13. You're assumptions / arguments are suspect. they assume, in both cases shady operators are still in control. I respectfully disagree that that is still the case. Of course there are still players however they are fewer and fewer everyday. You also approach the subject of non-usage by companies due to rouge nations ....I think as of today (and even at the time of posting) that argument was inaccurate. I do however appreciate you donning the tinfoil even if only momentarily - thanks for playing!
  14. pffshhhh ,,, absinthe - not ....ayahusca - hmmm, maybe
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