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  1. i just want to hear your opinions why xrp is better than other coins and why it does not increase like other coins..and why other silly coins increase. ofcourse i do my own research but what i wanted to see from this thread is few more reasons that xrp might be better, what would you say to your friend for example to convince him to invest in xrp. i am a lond term investor, i dont trade, i dont sell.. i just buy and keep. my opinion is that BIG Whales(those who control it) and Banks want to buy ALOT of XRP thus the low price.. when they have enough ..they will do their magic to increase price. what do you think
  2. Hey all, im in a big dilemma, i used to believe alot in XRP but recently i have my doubts. I see so many coins increasing in value (going up to 10$) that i never heard of such coins..and after small research they all look silly to me. XRP for me is the most serious coin, they close some serious deals with governments and companies all over the world..but why doesnt the price go up? My friend says i should sell XRP and buy chainlink instead. what do you think? can anyone here convince me with facts that XRP has big chances of increasing in the next years? chainlink is has some good progress over the last months..i also saw that Facebook is cooperating with chainlink for some sort of Instagram AI... thank you
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