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  1. XRP cannot be reviewed and second guessed on charts - they have no bearing on anything and trying to forecast the future value on a triangle and colorful line is ridiculous, use case alone will drive the price up and that could be days, months or probably years, if your looking to flip a profit then your in the wrong project mate best off out of it
  2. MG are trailblazing and there is no doubt that the Ripple/XRP investment has had a fundamental influence on the MG share price driven by improved margins, if the cost base remains reasonably stable and the revenue increases, margins improve and share price follows It clearly remains to be seen whether this position transcends itself down to the wider market and MG competitors wake up, see the benefit and follow suit however if i was Moneygram, when i sold a portion of my business and jumped into bed with Ripple then i would ensure that there are robust agreements in place to limit the use of XRP to my business only and not my direct competitors ie Western Union or similar, certainly in the short to medium term, i may relax this stance once my market share has increased or i may remain resolute and see my competitors go to the wall, whichever way this goes i don't see the 'Ripple Effect' of MG moving over to similar businesses that are in direct competition with MG What it will do is show a use case to the wider financial market that the use of XRP will drive costs down that will correlate to improved margins, share price etc etc
  3. Its clear that there is a lot of frustration kicking about not only in this chat thread but the wider forums, largely in part, i suspect, to people investing a lot of time and money into a project that they genuinely believe will make a huge impact in the financial world but moreover will turn a strong margin and make them money to look after themselves and their families for a long time to come As the price has steadily declined and stagnated despite the persistent good news surrounding Ripple these frustrations manifest themselves and when people in the chat forums pour fuel onto the fire these frustrations only fester and grow arms and legs, at this point people get more defensive and assertive over the future of XRP Now im all for freedom of speech and more than happy to listen to any side of an argument but i cant understand why in these XRP testing times people invested in XRP would be negative and disruptive to their fellow investors - when the ship is on rocky waters the crew works together If your in, your in and if your not happy then maybe you should be out, whichever way you choose is purely down to individual circumstances and your choices and opinions should not be influenced by others
  4. whilst the link between RIpple and MG is clear in regards to Kahina i was more impressed when Ripple secured her services 15 months ago - her experience is impressive and to have her in the mix with Ripple is really good for the progression and future developments generally, it was a strategic appointment then and is still the case now https://www.ripple.com/insights/welcomes-kahina-van-dyke/
  5. as long as XRP price responds positively then all is good
  6. paired with BTC initially so i think ALTS will benefit but not as much as to rise to 0.50 - hope im wrong tho
  7. they can but they're not - that was my understanding although i may be wrong
  8. im an avid hodler but i must say my resolve is really being tested atm, not prepared to sell off and cut my losses but when, and be honest, do you guys think we will seem some improvement other than just a few cents here and there - is the alt run really going to happen and is the bull run still on the cards Looking for some motivation from my fellow XRP lovers
  9. do wolves eat apples ? thought they were carnivores.... like the analogy though welcome to the space - i think your analysis is pretty spot on to be honest im hopeful that utility drives the price up such as the recent Moneygram news and the hope of the domino effect kicking in BTC doesn't interest me whatsoever as i dont think it has a real world need in the long term whereas XRP is a long term investment that has real world use and scalability
  10. sorry ive no idea what point your trying to make is ?
  11. Read what i wrote How have a i got a short term view when i state its a strategy by Ripple that we wont see the benefit of for years - ie its a long term plan
  12. Im new to the chat and forums and im so surprised by how much nonsense is on here and how many holders and alleged interested parties are so negative about XRP, clearly here to disrupt peoples views and scaremonger so people sell up and invest elsewhere - more than likely a number of BTC whales cruise through our waters..... Lets be real, no one and i mean no one in here knows what will happen, were all in the same boat hoping that the price rises so we can all cash out and do whatever we want with the margins, we read the articles, some factual, others, no doubt, made up and we take what hope we can out of the same Now i don't know how old people are in this forum but opportunities like this do not come along very often as technological 'booms' are, historically rare, space exploration, microchips, computers, 3G, wifi, dot.com era etc etc The window of opportunity to financially capitalise on these historical moments is very small and i feel lucky to be able to invest in a token and technology that absolutely will change the world in which we live 25 years ago, i recall, as im sure you do (if your old enough) that we used to write postcodes home if we went on holidays, to make a call required a pocket full of change and a pay phone and if you wanted to study and learn something new you joined a library and read the book..... In 15 years time when we talk to other generations about coins and notes for currency and how it took days to transfer value from one country to another they will look at us like we were from another world Does anyone remember the hover board from 1989 Back to the Future 2, 30 years on and you can buy segways and hover products...... That my friends is how things change so dramatically and so quickly - XRP at $0.32 but not for long Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Years - who knows but strap in and stick together and ignore the naysayers - as above anything is possible.....
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