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  1. Yeah, I largely agree with this. It seems price movements seem to happen before the narrative becomes available. Said differently, the price movements seem to happen before the news come out, whether they’re to the upside or to the downside. It’s all coordinated and manipulated by whales like that perfect Wyckoff distribution was. Whales have all the info. They’re the ones who own the exchanges, the search engines, the data collection, the media, etc. They know exactly when to make moves and fleece the general population.
  2. Perhaps, the more time goes by with this case unsettled, the more they seem to me as a corrupt organization who’s main goal is to pirate money against companies/corporations through their extremely high power as a government agency. Hmm, I don’t think it’s that they just don’t care, I think it has more to do with it being a lesser priority on their list of goals for this case, with self preservation being the obvious #1 concern. Nobody truly knows, but personally, I think this ends in a settlement within a few months from now, but I could most definitely be
  3. Would be AMAZING if the SEC just quit being so damn negligent and issued that no action letter already so the rest of the world can move on while they squabble against Ripple and co. They themselves said that the securities offering would apply just to Ripple and the defendants, not third parties, secondary markets, etc. I fail to understand why they can’t see the damage they’ve done and continue to do against the people they so claim to “protect” and at least remedy that in part and bring relief by issuing a no action letter to exchanges so Americans can continue (or START) trading XRP easily
  4. Yeah and I'm confident we will start seeing higher volumes so he might run out even sooner than that (fingers crossed). Time that with some other good news and we're looking at a potential nice little pump. Heck, I bet there would be a rally leading up to him running out just from the anticipation alone. What I meant about happening before the EOY is the $10 per zerp part
  5. Imagine Jed runs out of zerps before BTC even peaks. Let’s say shortly before it. Man oh man, that would make for a crazy ride for XRP IMO! 10 used to sound crazy but with Jed running out, new users piling in tryina get rich quick and FOMOing into rallies, inflation happening due to massive overprinting of money, etc, I can easily see it happen this cycle. I’m so excited. Might even happen before the year is over, who knows?
  6. I also sold BTC around those levels. Sold the lot at like 48k from what I had originally scooped up at around 7k and some at 13k. Big win there, and also sold ETH a little after that, not at the top, but close enough for me to be happy. I flipped money around alts, making gains every time I rotated, and then at the end I decided to rotate those gains to Dash and Zcash, and then the huge crash happened lol, those have yet to recover, I hope they do. If not, then they'll be that one bad trade I made. Grrr it's annoying because the amount I lost amounts to something I wanna buy at the moment Sho
  7. Hmmm It's not that I have bad memory. It's just that you said you bought in at 0.11, which is an excellent price, so I find it kind of odd that you'd buy at such high prices since you first got in at 0.006 and then at 0.11. To make a jump from that to a high value just seemed off for me. But thanks for quoting that other post, it makes sense since you're just doing a short term trade. It's just I thought you'd have some bigger bags from zerps bought in at lower levels like the 0.11 etc. I'm not "looking silly" nor am I saying anything else bad. You're just always on the defensive an
  8. They’re about to seriously get wrecked. That was a very clear V bottom and we’ve been going sideways in an upward trend for a while no. No sudden rallies, no sudden dumps. I see no reason to short XRP at the moment. Why not short it after a really big move to the upside? Makes no sense to me to short after such a severe bottom that was clearly done on purpose to shake retail out of the market and liquidate a ton of people into the fat whale’s checking account. He actually got in at 0.006 originally. Oddly enough now it looks like he got back in at a rather high price. Wonde
  9. Honestly, his voice doesn’t bother me at all. Quite the contrary, I find it a bit comical. I just say out loud “its the blockchain BACKER!” In a really exaggerated way to myself 😂 Also at the end I do the voice really exaggerated with the blockchain BACKER’s gotcher BACK!!!!
  10. I’ve typically ignored TA altogether but recently I’ve started paying more attention and this BCB dude just nails it. His TA is absolutely preposterous. They say he’s from the future.
  11. Probably only insiders.... and people with severe gambling addictions/mental problems.
  12. We’ll get to see soon enough! Exciting times ahead.
  13. This is just your interpretation of the transcript mockingly, right? There’s no way a lawyer speaks like this. If it’s actually accurate, then WOW, I really need to read this transcript and get a real good laugh.
  14. I would relish this so much. The SEC’s corruption finally scrutinized and shown to the public and then them finally being penalized for it.
  15. Ahh, it’s funny/nice to see XRP behave like a Bitcoin of sorts, causing/leading price movements on other digital assets. They grow up so fast :’)
  16. We’re already back over a dollar folks 😁 You can come out of your bomb shelters.
  17. Pretty sure he means switching from BTC to XRP in order to minimize losses.
  18. Hey I hear you, at least in this post, I just wanted to clear up and make a point that you can’t just pick a number or make a plan and have it be completely static, and you shouldn’t have to restrict yourself from social media if it makes you make bad decisions. If that’s the case, you’re just not fit for being an investor or a gambler in a highly risky and speculative market, and likely even just regular markets trading securities and the like. Not everybody is cut out for this. I understand you completely, I don’t really use twitter, but I recently started to just to see what David Schwartz,
  19. Eh, I don’t really wanna start name calling fellow members on the forum (unless they just friggin’ earned it), but I AM with you on this one. We need to have self control and the ability to make our own decisions, regardless if everyone else on social media is panicking or dazed/unrealistic full of hopium and tinfoil hats. In the end, it’s up to the individual to, as you said, “sort wheat from chaff”. I come in the forum every day, people have been panicking for quite a while now, my state of mind however hasn’t changed. I gotta say, I disagree with this. Maybe this isn’t exact
  20. Yep, whales win always. In the way up and also on the way down. They’re the ones rigging it and also the ones with access to all the information
  21. Yeah it’s insane how tribal and primitive this community can be. David Schwartz has to be one of the most humble geniuses out there, and yet people still find a way to hate on him.
  22. Don’t we all? Hindsight’s always 20/20, can’t beat yourself up too much about it. I had actually considered selling the whole stack at that point to buy back later cuz I thought after such a rally, surely we would get a big correction. (I was right! But did I follow my gut? NOPE!) In the end, the fear of missing the boat got the better of me and I just held on.
  23. Agreed, it’s all a psychological game played on retail by big money and institutions. I’m not falling for it.
  24. This was a real eye opener. We always knew whales manipulated/controlled the market, but we didn’t know to what extent and exactly how. This shows the exact science behind it down to the last candle. Jesus Christ. I think everybody should watch this. (BTW, this doesn’t mean the bullrun is over, just that we’ve been milked a shitload along the cycle). Thankfully, I made most of my buys in the bear market, and the buys I got during the bull was when XRP was in the gutter so. But still, it’s disgusting how this is allowed. It’s outright fraud by big institutions. Organized crime that ca
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