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  1. Judge Netburn agreed to extend the discovery process by 60 days for the SEC. 🤦🏽‍♂️
  2. Guys, let’s not go back to fighting please I know sentiment is in the gutter but let’s try and make the forum a place where we can come and take a breather instead of keeping the same pace as the fear and greed indicator and toxic workplaces. As Marcus would say in Bad Boys:“Whooooh saaaah”
  3. Question is, will it hold and push further, or will it pulse back down to 30k?
  4. I wish I had something to add on whether I’m feeling bullish, bearish, skeptical or what, but truthfully, I’m just feeling neutral, which I haven’t in a while. Let’s see what happens these next few weeks.
  5. @retep Don’t worry, the forum will come back to life once we get a sharp movement, be it up or down but for now, we’re stuck in boring sideways accumulation. Not much to say.
  6. Of course, governments always want their cut of your effort and risk while they sit back, relax, and use that money to enrich themselves instead of paving the roads and providing good public services. Well, at least that’s how it works in Puerto Rico. 😤
  7. Thanks for your input, I had not thought of it that way but you’re absolutely right. We need some damn clarity to move forward and yes, governments are typically VERY slow in this process and only make regulations after it’s too late. Seatbelts didn’t use to be a requirement by law and a lot of people died because of it. There were groups of people calling for a mandatory rule that would make car manufacturers have to add seatbelts to their cars but they did not because “nobody would buy a car with a seatbelt on it”. It was only after the deaths kept piling on that this was made law.
  8. Yeah, this whole response has me scratching my head as to what’s going on here.
  9. What do you guys think about this response to Ripple’s fair notice defense by the SEC? Doesn’t seem very compelling to me considering the cases they cited are not really as similar to this case as the SEC wants the court to believe. @Pablo You’re a lawyer (right?), what are your thoughts?
  10. Hope we go up there but as it is already, it’s good enough profit for me.
  11. Good selling opportunity here for those who grabbed some BTC on that last dump to 31k
  12. BTC seems to have pretty good support here after testing that 31k range. We haven’t had a massive bounce or anything like that yet but it seems like it doesn’t wanna go below 30 (for the time being anyway, I might wake up to an ugly day, who knows). I’m kind of expecting us to keep going sideways in an upward fashion for a decent amount of time.
  13. I had considered selling around 20% of my stack when it pumped to nearly $2 and my cost average is around the same as yours so I would have gotten back my investment and then some pretty nice profit, but alas, greed got the best of me and I didn’t pull the trigger! Lesson learned the hard way!
  14. Because, unlike you, I’m not actually CONVINCED of anything as of yet. The money I have on the line is just for pure speculation, thinking it has a good enough chance to go up in the not so distant future and the risk to reward ratio is fit for me. On another note, I have recently entertained the idea of actually learning the technicals and giving it a try, so you’re not TOO far off.
  15. I also sold around 10% at 1.08 and yes, gotta take SOME profit along the way and not let greed kill you. That’s been the biggest lesson for me.
  16. But it’s clearly a bear market, right? So prices are going down for sure. Why not short such an obvious event?
  17. Pretty sure you can just margin trade on Binance to short the market. Do a quick google search on how to short cryptocurrencies and make money on the way down in this bearmarket! Wasted opportunity not to.
  18. Many users here will call statements like that tinfoil hatty, even though it’s blatantly obvious that the market’s manipulated by a minority. They even laugh at Wyckoff distributions actually being a real thing. They dismiss it completely even though it’s happened so many times.
  19. I assume you’re shorting the market, right? I mean you’re absolutely certain we’re going down, so that’s an excellent opportunity for you to make money on the way down, no?
  20. I fkn love steam trains. The sounds they make, the trail they leave, how imposing they look.
  21. I mean, we don’t know for certain if it’s over just yet. We need more time to fairly assess this. I’d say at least several months to see where the market’s actually headed. On a macro level (including outside of crypto) we’ve been in a bullrun for the better part of a decade, so it’s possible we could be entering a VERY extended period of bear market. We don’t know that yet, though. We just have to wait and see what happens. We already know you think we’re in a bear market, you’ve made that point crystal clear many times over, and I think all of us get it by now. I was also expecting
  22. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get a concrete answer about any of your questions from anyone here. Hell, even the SEC and Ripple don’t know with certainty whether they’ll settle in a few weeks or if this will go all the way to trial. As for the price of XRP lingering for another month or two, that’s also a tossup. If anybody KNOWS of market movements, they’re inside traders doing illegal shenanigans with their informational asymmetry advantage and they sure as hell won’t post about it on an online forum. It would defeat the purpose.
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