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  1. I don’t mean to stir the pot but that’s exactly why I asked Eric once why he would still be a buyer of XRP if he “had any spare cash” at the moment when we were literally above a dollar. The reason I asked this was because I saw no point in buying at all during a bullmarket when the price has already taken off significantly. If I loaded my bags during the bear market at ~25 (which I did), why would I want to add more zerps at over a dollar? That would only raise my DCA and expose me to significantly more risk. It just didn’t make any sense to me. Of course he ignored the question altogether an
  2. Just gotta sit back and see how all of this unfolds. Thanks for the info 👍🏽
  3. Lately we’ve been on completely opposite ends of opinion, but I gotta say, this post hits the nail on the head my young trout.
  4. He knows 100% for SURE we are in a bear market and has said MANY times that it’s painfully OBVIOUS that we’re in a bear market… and yet he doesn’t dare short the market. Kinda weird huh? Now he’ll make the excuse that we could still see a big green candle during a bear market, but, I mean, in a bear market price drops are much more probable than rises, no? Hell even in a bull market we see more drops than we do rises if we’re talking about length of price change and quantity of price drops. Price will drop for 60 days and then go parabolic for 7, etc.
  5. Jesus Christ, price is in the gutter right now. XRP lost so many sats. I don’t look at charts but I HAVE seen the pattern where BTC had a big dip, and XRP didn’t really seem to follow *at least not proportionally*. Now BTC kind of “stabilized” at a higher price than what it had dumped in, and in the meantime, XRP’s floor seems to be crumbling as it keeps sinking lower trying to find a support that sticks. Sucks to see. We need a new, positive narrative change, a slew of good news and a few tinfoil hatted preachers!
  6. Hey some time ago we dipped to 30k and then we pumped back to around ~38-39k and I said it was a good selling opportunity for those who bought the dip at 30k, nobody thanked me either 😂. In fact, I got told they were holding out till 40-42k iirc, but I’m not gonna fault him for that, we all have our goals. For me it was a good enough percentage gain. We gave this advice out for free, I personally don’t expect anything in return.
  7. Oh look, were in page 702. Does that mean we moon soon? Or does that mean we’re gonna crash further? *I’m referring to the .702 fib, it’s just a joke*
  8. I gotta say, I found odd that he said if BTC had an ABC correction that he might reconsider and sell the stack. BTC then went on to do an abc (I think?) and he didn’t sell the stack. Idk if I’m quoting him right, taking things out of context or just plain wrong but I think that that’s what happened and he didn’t rlly go through with it. Idk, haven’t watched his latest video and don’t remember his previous ones by heart, but I do see what you mean when you say he’d contradicted himself. Edit: I wanna add that I’m not necessarily bashing BCB, I actually like his analysis and while we a
  9. Agreed, this is exactly what we need. Those are the ideal conditions to press the sell button.
  10. I think we’re gonna keep grinding sideways for a while until we get a really big move with a perfect, miraculous narrative/explanation to go along with it “explaining” the move, whether that be up or down but I’m obviously leaning more toward up
  11. They make some darn good spicy chicken sammiches in there!
  12. I don’t believe they did. I think what they said was that they expected the network to go live some time this summer. I had heard somewhere that it might have been by June but I’m not sure if that was just someone’s guess rather than an actual statement by the guys at Flare. That was many months ago and we’re already halfway through the month and I haven’t really heard any announcements, though to be fair, I haven’t really been paying too much attention lately. I’m sure @Seoulite is WAY more up to speed than I am when it comes to that, as well as many other members like perhaps @brianwalden an
  13. Not sure, but you always seem to be in a bad mood. Perhaps if you came here in a less emotional state, your mood swings wouldn’t cloud your judgment when it comes time to responding to others in the forum.
  14. I agree, and I think that’s where congress needs to step in and legislation needs to take place to put clear guidelines and regulations in effect. I just don’t think the right approach is being taken. It seems as if we’re gonna get regulation through enforcement and litigation as opposed to regulation via legislation. I’d much prefer the latter. It would be much more efficient to write clear rules for all to follow than individually attacking companies one by one without even having new laws planned out and set in stone so we don’t have scammers set up shop in the first place. I mean come on,
  15. Indeed it is. In this case I was using it as a possessive pronoun. And that’s perfectly valid. I respect your opinion. I just don’t share it. I, on the other hand, want Ripple to win all the way and hope both parties can reach a settlement that’s beneficial for everybody. I have no personal grudges against Ripple, but I do have negative feelings towards the SEC. There is space for all of this being addressed in a settlement even if Ripple gets a win in many aspects. I don’t see what the problem with supporting Ripple is. It seems you have a problem wit
  16. Hmmm, all I did was park my zerps on participating exchanges on the snapshot date (bitstamp and coinbase) so I too have similar questions. I assume the exchange already has recipient wallets created and when the network goes live, we’ll see the balance on our accounts?
  17. Well we got some good news after the not so good news at least This is for showing that most sales are outside of the SEC’s jurisdiction from what I understand, so maybe it doesn’t really help prove that XRP is a security or not but at least it helps the defendants nonetheless.
  18. I’m saying the name you gave em “coinmanipulationcap” suits them perfectly.
  19. I know it’s a patience game, perfectly aware of that, in fact, but it’s still frustrating how much XRP lags to the upside but responds so quickly to the downside. Grrrr, it’s just annoying! Friggin 60 more days of discovery approved, even after the fact that Netburn told em twice to hand over the communications but nope, motion granted, do as you please. *sigh* I hope they can come to terms and settle before my grandchildren’s grandchildren need to be put in a home. Rant over, over and out.
  20. Glad I’m starting to see a shift in the media from straight FUD 24/7 to getting some bullish news popping up more and more. Seems like plenty of whales have accumulated enough and feel like making their bags appreciate.
  21. I’m actually watching K-PAX right now, so that question is very fitting.
  22. Yeah, as soon as James K. Filan tweeted this I got the notification on my phone and my eyes rolled so much. All I could do was sigh at the moment since I was busy, but I really hope these people can really take this time to sit together and come up with a good settlement as opposed to this just being 60 days of friggin’ wasted time doing nothing only to somehow come up with another delay once the 60 days is up. In all honesty, though, I think by now the case is irrelevant to the bullrun and if BTC does indeed grind it out and hit a new ATH, XRP will be dragged along with it. Either w
  23. Like wtf? A quarter? Really? When? Ur name suits it perfectly.
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