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  1. Idk I’m feeling bullish. More and more big companies are starting to announce they’re into crypto. Does that necessarily mean we will start getting a lot more buying pressure? Perhaps not, but I personally think we’ve yet got another wave of new entrants to the market that are coming in the near future. I know you’re just looking at the charts, but these events are what affect the charts so I think it’s also wise to keep an eye on that as well as the charts. Thanks for the update too! Let’s hope that if it does backtest that 42k level, it’s only to put tension on the spring that will shoot it
  2. Ok this is too good to not share while we’re bored during this sideways movement.
  3. An overview/update on the meeting on the 13th by none other than Jeremy Hogan. I really like his “legal briefs”.
  4. Idk maybe he’s using google translate and copying and pasting here so it’s easier for him to just spread stuff out to then proofread before he posts? Just a guess Idk.
  5. You should come and visit Puerto Rico and you’ll see what REAL bad roads are like 😂 they make the moon look like a nice, freshly paved road in comparison. Thank god I live in a city where we value the roads more than the rest of the island (with a few exceptions, there is another pueblo that has pretty nice roads as well). Another bad metric where we have the Americans beat. In here, even REAL professionals like entry level engineers and people like that get paid either minimum wage (which is only $7.25 an hour here btw) or very close to it. Add to this the fact that everything he
  6. I think XRP will reach the moon before Elon and his company Space X does.
  7. It is in fact today see the attached picture. Next friday, though (the 21st), is the conference to discuss the motion to compel the turnover of documents regarding legal advice Ripple received about whether sales or offers of XRP were securities. We have a few very juicy weeks ahead of us!
  8. Tyvm, I probably had already saved it in my phone but I have so many damn pictures, it gets lost in the noise. Gonna make a folder just for it now hehe.
  9. Which page was the paper where all the hearing dates were written with a brief description of what was the deadline for that day etc? Some user had shared that information and I can't seem to find it atm skimming over several pages. I know there's one later today (Friday) but don't even remember what it was about. I think it might have been about the motion to dismiss but not sure. Might be about the motion to intervene. If anybody can share that page again I'd be very grateful. C'mon SEC give us that no action letter already so Coinbase & Bitstamp relist and we can have a nice, fat pump.
  10. I'm not an American, so I don't really care about this statement one way or another, but where are you getting this information from?
  11. Ty for the update. YES it's nice to see us finally halt and reverse a fair bit in that downtrend we were stuck in for quite a while . We'll have to see how long BTC continues this sideways action. I can't wait for it to finally have another breakout. I'd love to see it blow past the previous ATH and hit like 75k at least, dragging the alts (and specially XRP pretty please!) along with it. Then it would be amazing to see XRP continue to skyrocket while BTC takes a breather and consolidates after that rally. I'm just thinking out loud/dreaming here.
  12. Yeah and I bet it rallies past its previous ATH just because of Elon and Coinbase listing it lol. I'm not touching it though, noooo thank you.
  13. While there are definitely still buying opportunities here, the risk is significantly higher in this stage of the bullmarket to the point where I wouldn't advise it unless you just have the spare cash and are willing to gamble it. I already filled my bags during the bear market (and added more when the SEC decided to sue) so I see no real reason to be buying now. Now I'm on the opposite side, looking for an exit as opposed to an entry.
  14. HBAR's also rallying a bit here, it got listed on Uphold. Congrats to any that have been holding that coin. Wish I woulda bought some when it was a cent or two but I really only had an acc on Bitstamp and Coinbase so, didn't really have anywhere to buy it and I don't like giving exchanges so much personal information so I really limit my account making to whatever's been absolutely necessary.
  15. You forget that the US of A is the center of the universe!
  16. Because the world is full of idiots! The sooner you realize this, the sooner you will understand a lot of phenomena.
  17. Yes I meant more in the short term as in the next week or two at most just from people seeing the news and buying in anticipation of the listing.
  18. Lol here we go. Might be a good opportunity to drop some money there before everybody realizes the news, as Coinbase listings typically tend to pump coins. It might also be a terrible idea and doge is headed to the gutter regardless of listings or any good news.
  19. Another excellent video by BCB. I'll post it in the XRP thread as well as it's relevant in both.
  20. You can, just not for the reason you suggested. I mean, technically, you could. You just wouldn’t get anywhere and it would have been a waste of money and even worse, time.
  21. I am well aware of what a Ponzi Scheme is, but I’m not sure that’s exactly the case with BTC. I think it’s a bit more complicated than that. To many people, it is seen as a store of value, mostly because that’s what the mainstream media has pushed to the public, but others have different views. To me, BTC is more of a collectible, being kind of an icon, a digital “monument” if you will. It was the first, the one that started it all. I believe there is some value in this (to other people who value things such as these). It works for payments, not that it’s efficient at that, it CAN be a store o
  22. Regardless, they’re just sharing information, even if it’s incorrect some times. They’re not telling anyone to take any action one way or another nor are they making any claims from which you could sue against.
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