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  1. I think it’s the 2nd or 3rd time they’ve banned it within a period of like 6 months.
  2. Funny how all these negative news magically all arise simultaneously when a big dump is ocurring.
  3. They’re definitely due for a very heavy correction (the dow reached a full 4.236 extension a while ago already )and (eventually) a recession IMO. That eventually being sometime next year if you ask me. But Idk, all depends on what monetary policy the Murican’s decide to put in place (along with other factors).
  4. It probably won’t just to make all the chartists shit their pants and maybe panic sell. Idk though, I just don’t see it dropping to 42k for now, don’t really see a good reason. But this is crypto, you never know and you never really need a reason.
  5. I always test with a very small amount out of fear of entering a single character wrong or messing up some part of the step, and I’m not that computer savvy. Above average but that’s really not saying much. You on the other hand are a computer genius. Goes to show anyone can make mistakes and that it’s always good to follow safe practices, even if you got shit down and know it like the back of your hand. Anyway, I really hope you get your tokens back Could they just perform a rollback if your tokens are found to be lying “in limbo” and wasn’t really sent to another address? Or would that have just invalidated the transaction in the first place and they’d still be in your wallet? I assume N3 Neon is some sort of hardware wallet?
  6. Didn’t you buy the top around 2018? Seems awfully risky to me for such a small percentage gain if we do dip down to 90. Anyway, I hope everything works out for you 👍🏽
  7. Guys, War’s just here to stir the pot deliberately. Even his name gives it away. Don’t take the bait.
  8. Nope, it’s common sense, which I’m sure you’ve come to the same conclusion about: it’s most definitely not common, in fact, it’s pretty rare despite its name. There are many things I take for granted believing they’re common sense and then when I’m out and about in the world, I see that most people around just don’t have it. Edit: I don’t watch ANYTHING crypto related on youtube. The only channel I do watch is BCbacker because someone posted a link in this forum a few months back and I loved his analysis. Outside of that, I don’t really follow any crypto channels. I just don’t see the value in it. I do watch some of Thinking Crypto’s videos because he gets a lot of very interesting/high profile people there to do an interview, and I think THAT has value. I just don’t see the value in watching tons of channels where people are talking about crypto and giving their opinion, whether bullish or bearish. I prefer doing my own research and that’s it. Throw in a few BCBacker analysis videos here and there and interviews of hedge fund managers and the like and what they’re currently doing with crypto and their thoughts on the subject (and outside of the subject) and that’s about all I need from the youtube side of things. I already get enough opinions here in the forum. Why inundate myself with more on youtube?
  9. You’re kidding right? Tell me you weren’t actually listening to people like Michael Saylor lol. I think literally every single time he’s talked about buying, the price has tanked afterward. That last time he talked about “buying tomorrow” for the whole supporting the people from El Salvador thing, I heavily considered selling off my bags cuz I thought there was a massive chance that the price would tank the next day. I thought screw it, I’m still bullish long term, I’ll swallow the volatility. BOOM the next day, everything crashes like 30%. I was like fuuuuuuu* shoulda sold my bags and bought back after. It was expected though, and in the end I’m not really playing the short term trading game so that’s just part of the holding game. If you made decisions based on him and people like him, then you have nobody to blame but yourself. Those people have their own agendas and it’s definitely not to give retail investors good advice. This whole thing should be over relatively soon, so I don’t think we’ll have to be pulling our hairs off for much longer. S&P500 already reached a full extension but they keep printing money, so I personally think the markets about to go crazy in the coming weeks and months, with things going parabolic and also with heavy corrections. This is not financial advice and good luck to us all.
  10. Oh nvm my previous post, you’re obviously just trolling lol. Had me there for a second.
  11. It’s funny how you say you can’t predict a crypto market… and yet then you make a statement saying that you win when it goes up and also when it goes down. Well, to win, you need to know the outcome, and therefore correctly predict the movements, both up AND down. Then you make ANOTHER assertion that is CERTAIN “100% bearish”. Hmmm, sounds like a prediction to me. Only difference is, everybody else is wrong and you’re right. Gonna share your crystal ball with us or are you here only to gloat and bully?
  12. My gut told me “there’s gonna be a dump tomorrow, sell the stack” My other self told me “just stick to the plan and hodl through the volatility”. I saw it coming and took no action, I wouldn’t call that well done but thanks for cheering me up a bit.
  13. Aye, I’m still bullish long term, but I can’t say these short term dumps don’t hurt cuz I’d be lying.
  14. Sarcasm, right? I mentioned it on the other thread because of the whole Michael Saylor/El Salvador “planning to buy” at a predetermined date and all those celebs out of nowhere saying they were “just getting into crypto”. Someone even made a pretty funny chart about it (after the dump). Every time the mainstream media/big influencers tell you to buy…. A big dump always ensues on the day you’re supposed to pump the coin/market. Sad thing is I said we were most likely “gonna have a dump tomorrow” and I was worried and yet I couldn’t let go of the stack and sell it. Woulda made a killing if I listened to my gut. But then I would have broken the simulation, and that is not allowed so. 🤷🏽‍♂️ I hodl and wait.
  15. Here’s the docile post for reference. It’s easy to “be nice” when the price is up and you have nothing to say after MONTHS of being a bully to everyone here. It’s easy to think “BTC looks nice” when it’s already near the top but that’s not how the big bucks are made. The big bucks are made when you buy at the bottom when everyone’s bearish and sell when people like you think “BTC actually looks kinda nice now “. Now you’re back to mocking everybody cuz there was a selloff. I’m pretty sour that I didn’t sell last night, but not because some chart guru told me to, it was because of my own gut and I didn’t listen to it. I’M responsible for MY OWN actions, nobody else, including “chart gurus”. That’s no reason to go around being nasty to everyone else on the forum. Nobody wants you here, dude. You add nothing of value except bullying. Even after a selloff you can still be optimistic on the longer term, and that’s what happened months ago. No need to be mean every time there is a selloff and the price action is red. Everybody has yo make up their own mind on what they’re gonna do with their money, they don’t need you to “save” them by being a bully.
  16. It’s funny how you went from a really docile “I actually think BTC looks pretty good right now “ and saying how you were “only” pointing out how the TA dudes get it wrong all the time (shocker! As if everybody didn’t know that already) to your usual, arrogant, mocking and mean “You guys are all idiots” assuming we all base our decisions on the charts lol. Some people might, and I don’t feel terrible for them because they’re letting someone else make decisions for them. If you’re at the mercy of someone else’s forecasting then, well, you’re responsible for that, whether you win or lose. Nobody else. Not even the guy posting the charts because anyone with a brain knows that it ain’t a crystal ball.
  17. Well, we got that Big Candle (10k) you were talking about @Eric123, it was just the wrong color. Btw, I’m not bashing Eric or anything, this is just friendly banter/joking since we’re all in this and it’s definitely not easy on any of us seeing so much darn red. Might as well try and laugh it off you know? I’m a little sour at the fact that last night I was considering selling the stack because of all that talk of buying BTC today from Michael Saylor/El Salvador and all those celebs out of the blue saying “they just got into crypto”. I took that as a sign of a huge dump/selloff incoming (like the time everyone was supposed to buy XRP and instead that day we crashed over 30%). But did I sell? Noooooo, I just HAD to hodl. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Every time that I don’t listen to my gut, I am shown again and again that I should have trusted my gut.
  18. Why did @Xrpdude and @Troote stop posting and telling us that we’re OBVIOUSLY in a bear market and to just accept it instead of continuing with our delusions?
  19. I am growing quite impatient/bored with the never ending extensions being filed and consequently approved by the judge. I wanna see and end to this charade already. Ripple is clearly in the lead.
  20. I think what Bitcoin needs to accept is that it needs to give us a nice, parabolic rally to the upside with that 10k+ BGC.
  21. Gotta get through the .786 definitively to see the fireworks. Then I think we’ll surely get that BGC you’ve been teasing us with.
  22. Very interesting. Sounds like what started up as just a curiosity/tinkering learning experience has quickly turned into something that could end up potentially being very big and of value.
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