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  1. Hadn’t even heard of that coin until now. One quick look at CMC reveals it would have been an AMAZING quick flip in the summer (if u got in at say 40c then sold at ~$2 a few weeks later). Wish I had a crystal ball.
  2. While I do agree that BTC topped already, you do realize assets don’t go straight down even in a bear market right? You could buy some now and then sell on the retrace or “relief rally” as I’ve heard it called once before BTC’s already made significant moves down (specially that recent, very sharp one) without much of a retrace. I’d expect some sort of reversal before continuing the downtrend. BTC could literally get a 10k green candle or “BGC” as Eric likes to call it, and still be headed downward in bear market mode (though I’d expect a much smaller move). Just look at the chart on CMC, it looks like it’s ready for a “pulse” to the upside next (looks really clear in the 3m timeframe, I’m no TA chartist tho, just gut and a lil common sense). I could obviously be wrong, though, just giving my personal feeling and thinking out loud. I’m not placing any bets, though, I was out of BTC when it pumped hard in spring last year.
  3. Is there an overall structure that you’re following on a long timeframe (since the bear cycle ended up to a certain date in the future or up to the present at least), or is there not really a structure to follow and crashes can occur as many times as they like and with whatever magnitude, so long as it still hasn’t reached the target price at the end? I guess what I’m asking you is; What would tell you “Oh crap, x or y scenario happened, therefore BTC has topped out already and this is most likely over for now”
  4. Doubtful for BTC to recover. It broke 53k and went all the way down to July’s price. Time for the lagging alts to finally shine? My bags would surely appreciate it.
  5. This pretty much sums it up. What I’m wondering now is what will the bear market look like? Will BTC crash down to ~15k or will it go all the way down to around 3k? BTC was created when the Dow Jones was pretty much bottomed out at the peak of the recession, and ever since that time, we’ve been in a bullmarket with no real correction other than the C19 selloff. We’ve never seen crypto prices in a recession or a bearmarket, but I think we’ll find that out pretty soon. Will be interesting to see where all the markets end up at when this massive bubble inevitably pops. I think there’s only a few months left in this madness and we’re off into an extended bearmarket/recession. I’ll be looking for bottoms to fill my bags up in all the different markets. Index funds, crypto, precious metals; true diversification for LONG term holding (like a decade+). This is all obviously just my 2c, not financial advice. I am by no means an economist and definitely not a financial advisor. Still waiting on XRP to moon. Will we get our moonshot in January again? That would be absolutely amazing!
  6. Yeah, I always wondered what the incentive was to destroy/damage/disrupt other people’s property through software attacks. I remember back in the Windows XP and Limewire days. I’m not saying Limewire in specific is the sole culprit of viruses, but it was one of them and it was so popular that everybody that used computers in that era will quickly recognise it, but truth be told, malware was EVERYWHERE online. Heck, you could download a JPEG and then your computer would start getting slow, downloading random programs on its own and just making your computer unusable. What did the malware distributor earn during the process? Absolutely nothing. No important info was stolen, no money was taken, they just broke my computer and forced me to format the drive and do a fresh re-install of the OS from the previous time it was ruined. I never understood the purpose. If we’re talking about keyloggers, password crackers and other malware that just runs in the background hoping you type in info that will make them money (like credit card and the personal info to go along with it) then I 100% see the incentive even if I’m against that scum. But those countless viruses that just ruined your computer?? No clue of the incentive. The bad actor didn’t even have any idea whether you got infected or not. Now whoever’s attacking the XRPL’s… I could imagine they might have a few things in mind.
  7. Cuz XRP acts as a stablecoin 80% of the time, it grinds downward 13% of the time, grinds upward 6% of the time and goes absolutely apeshit parabolic 1% of the time… both on the way up and back on the way down afterward. When I say “grinds” with a direction, I mean it does that price-action in a sideways manner, very slowly over a period of weeks/months. Ahhh, hadn’t been to this thread in ages and came it at just the right time, to enjoy @Julian_Williams’s paintings. Thanks fer sharin’ ur stuff with us, it’s good. You definitely have a style and I could instantly recognize it if I randomly saw it on display somewhere in person. That’d be pretty cool/mindblowing too. I’d get to say I know the artist and when asked where from, I’d say from an online crypto forum. Yep, I can see the looks already.
  8. I know you’re not asking me but if 53k was broken (or ~52.6k according to cmc), then that’d be a red flag. That’s the high we set up on Sept. Eric doesn’t look at Elliot waves or fibs, though so Idk if that’d be a red flag in his interpretation. My input’s based on the little I’ve picked up from watching BCB charting, the dude’s a great teacher even if he isn’t trying to teach so you learn a lot from just watching him. He’s never talked much about EMA’s, RSI, BB’s or any of that so I have no idea about those. Don’t really watch anymore crypto related stuff outside of that, and I started watching him LATE after I already had my plan (some months ago and I’ve been in the market since 2017), so it’s more for entertainment purposes than anything but I gotta say, the dude’s a wiz. If u look back at his old videos and said “what if I found him sooner and believed him?” Then you’d quickly come to the conclusion that you would’ve made a lot of money. I bought during the bear market, though so I really can’t lose and that’s why I don’t seek or actively follow anything, but I would imagine those that bought at higher prices might need a little bit of reassurance from others to calm their nerves in this wild rollercoaster that is the crypto market. Just my 2c, hope everybody’s doing well 🙏🏼
  9. I don’t see 400k happening either. Hell, I think 100k is a stretch. IMO, BTC either topped out already or has a little more upside slightly higher than the ATH it set not long ago. Just look at the chart to when BTC started going up after the bearmarket. BTC was ~3k at the start of the bull cycle… so it’s already done nearly 2000% increase. That’s a MOONSHOT! To say it’s gonna go up by multiples after that… well it just doesn’t seem reasonable to me. Alts have always been the ones to outperform BTC because it’s all about percentage gains. Most of the profit to be had in BTC has almost completely been capitalized on IMO. Now we’re just missing the last crazy rotation into the alts when BTC hits the ceiling and the smart money seeks the percentage gains by getting into coins that either haven’t had their moonshot yet, or have had a run but they still have a ways go to. Retail then FOMOs into the rallies and feeds those tops, while the smart money is dumping and rotating into the next alt. The last alt they rotate into is USD and then they exit the market. They re-enter once everybody has abandoned the idea that there’s any profit to be made, at the very bottom. This is not financial advice. DYOR, yada yada.
  10. I'm bearish on BTC and ETH and bullish on the lagging alts like XRP, VET, HBAR, LTC, etc the list goes on.
  11. Agreed. They’ve either topped or they have the tiniest little bit of upside left in em. Doesn’t matter to me anyway, I exited BTC in the 48-54k range and ETH at a little over 3k. That was like what? 6 months ago? Rest has been in XRP and other alts ever since. I’d rather “exit early” than try to time the top. The profits we make here in crypto are absolutely preposterous regardless.
  12. I don’t think there’s much left on BTC. Price is high as FUUU!! Time for it to crash and rotate into the alts. C’mon baby I’ve been patient, time to get this alts party started. Don’t worry, the fear n greed index has been very greedy for quite a bit too long… we should se some dumping any day/week now. (Apart from that correction where recovery came in pretty quickly). Btw you have any alts or are you completely out of the market? Just genuinely curious, not tryina’ be cheeky or start a fight. I’m extra happy cuz my bags are the greenest they’ve been since the April pump, and I’ve already taken profit out several times
  13. I disagree. If Shiba Inu can pump with absolutely no reason other than “it’s gone up in price!! BUY IIIT!!!” Then XRP can moon too. Fundamentals don’t mean shit in this market, emotions, madness, fear and greed (with shameless manipulation sprinkled on top) do. Look at LTC, a project that’s been ABANDONED for a long time has already started its run up. It’s actually been pumping for about a month but now it’s finally starting to move faster. No other reason than LTC being a household name and being one of the alts that are in the top, easily visible to everyone. The market doesn’t care about utility, it just cares about what ifs and making money on speculation. In my opinion (which I am aware could be wrong) the whole SEC fear passed long ago. Just gotta have patience and nuts of steel to wait for it to moon when the big rotation out of BTC and ETH takes place. Last 3 bullruns have been extremely similar, and this current cycle has been extremely similar to the 2017 one. I believe the same thing is gonna happen this time, even with the SEC case unresolved yet. Alts have been really hot lately, with many already having moonshots left and right, and I’m pretty sure there’s still more alts left to moon (the laggards like XRP and other top coins, plus whatever new ones have their turn) because BTC hasn’t topped yet or hasn’t started consolidating heavily. In every 4 year cycle of these bullruns, many alts have gone on their craziest runs once BTC hits the ceiling and starts consolidating. The money that leaves BTC gets rotated into the alts that haven’t had their run (hello XRP), going from one alt going parabolic and into the next until everyone’s satisfied and the money leaves the market completely back into fiat. BTC will go back down to 12k or whatever (or hell, even 2-3k if you look at these past 12 years as one big bullrun) and the alts will also go back to being worth nuts. It’s about time we have a little recession like in 09’. All markets are in an unsustainable bubble thanks to inflation and more inflation from the relentless money printing and the stupidly low interest rates. Once they shut the printers down and banks increase the interest rates and strictness on lending money, the party is over and it seems to me that that moment is just months away. Market cycles, they happen whether you believe in them or not.
  14. Yeah everybody needs to not only watch that, but fill out the short form in the link in the description so congress gets flooded with our outrage at this unapologetic corruption.
  15. You’ll most likely end up losing if you make your assessment based on what other people say. That’s why everybody always says DYOR. Good luck.
  16. When in doubt, zoom out. You might not be looking at charts in the same time frame, or not far out enough. Anyway, XRP didn’t blow up till like mid December last cycle and topped out in January. It might do the same this cycle or it might be earlier or later. There’s also a small possibility it’ll do nothing. Either way, all you have to do is be patient and see what happens around that time. We’re already seeing signs that we’re nearing the end of this crazy bullrun. Crazy moonshots from random memecoins and other alts, BTC still holding the line sideways getting ready for that final top and that’s when we’ll see even crazier moonshots from the alts left and right as they pump up a bit with bitcoin and then skyrocket as it falls and the profits are rotated out of BTC as it crashes and into the alts making them go parabolic…. Both on the way up and on the way down as they rotate out of those mooned alts and into ones yet to moon. Most people will get burned chasing tops. I’ve had a plan and I’ll stick to it. I just wait my turn to sell and I’ll be out of the market. I’ll leave a small stack of XRP just in case it exceeds my targets so I can still benefit in that “what if” situation while already having booked most of my profits. Can’t get greedy. I’m not in the camp that thinks BTC will hit 100k+ I think we’re pretty close to the top and there’s not much in it left. The biggest profits will now be in the alts.
  17. He doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes either. He’s said a million times he’s never gonna trust them again and yet he keeps watching their content and second guessing himself. All Michael Saylor is doing is telling you the opposite of what you should be doing. The big bag holders give you FUD when everything’s cheap and they wanna accumulate, then when the top is in or near, they start hyping it up and creating FOMO through their huge following so they can get liquidity to dump their bags on gullible retail investors that haven’t noticed the pattern yet.
  18. They’re kooks. Idk about Rauol Pal, never heard him but I know Michael Saylor has his own agenda and it’s to tell everyone to buy whenever the top is in and he wants to offload his bags.
  19. The XRP chart looks like it’s ready to blow up short to mid term. Here’s what Shibw Inu looked like before it blew up to lift your spirits a little bit, though I think that may be impossible.
  20. It does look like someone was fishing for stop losses.
  21. Honestly, I just don’t think BTC will get to those insane levels (100k, 200k, whatever). I don’t have any analytical data to back this up nor am I an expert, it’s just my humble, could definitely be wrong opinion. It just seems WAY too unreasonable to me. Hell, 50k already seemed unreasonable to me, that’s why I sold my BTC around there.
  22. Welcome Mr. laughy laugh, it’s been a while! They’re bearish cuz XRP didn’t rise with BTC, but they just have to be patient and wait for the rotation. Shouldn’t be too long now, I think BTC probably has another like 10k in the tank before it tanks into a multi year bear market, no pun intended. I just hope XRP gets re-listed at the right time so we get massive FOMO from it. I’ve been away a long time, I know, but I’d still like to summon up @Xrpdude to remind him that months ago he was calling us all idiots for still being bullish longer term and to just accept that we were going into a bear market and it was all over. Then BTC made a comeback and he was suddenly all nice and agreeable, and even said “BTC actually looks pretty nice now!” Yeah no sht Sherlock. That’s not how gains are made though. Gains are made when you buy assets when things look ugly and sell when things look nice. After BTC making that comeback, it obviously corrected and it didn’t look nice anymore and he went back to his mocking ways on all of us who were still bullish. Just wanted to put this out there because there was no reason to start calling us names just because we thought differently to you. Most of us who were bullish didn’t type any ill about you until you started posting nasty stuff that was completely uncalled for. Let this be a lesson that even though the TA guys aren’t fortune tellers (and also the people who are just plain bullish like me who never really paid attention to the charts until I actually noticed their merit), that doesn’t make you one either so you shouldn’t just tell everyone to just accept your beliefs because it’s “obvious” and we were being “moonboys in an echo-chamber”. Just be nice and agree to disagree, it’s much easier.
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