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  1. It’s moving a whole 3 cents both ways! These swings are mind blowing!!
  2. Yeah, but nickle-ing and diming consumes another resource that is much more precious than money, and that is time. You never get it back.
  3. You’re really worried about something that doesn’t even amount to $10? Heck, your whole stack isn’t even worth $30. You lose more money driving around for a few days.
  4. I gotta say, I found that read insightful. Will have to dig a bit more into it and see if it all checks out, but if it does, then it’s definitely worrisome.
  5. Well, sorry to say it’s most likely not just gonna happen out of the blue until we get some sort of news about the lawsuit. If it does though, we’ll all be very happy!!! I like to look at the bright side though, so 30c really isn’t too bad, all things considered.
  6. I like the fact that XRP is hovering around 30 even with all the scrutiny it’s being put under. If this lawsuit doesn’t take ages and the results are favorable, the price will skyrocket insanely.
  7. Dude, your avatar is the best thing in this forum. Always loved it. Now I’m hungry!
  8. That makes 2 of us. I’d likely buy a few properties I’ve had my eye on. Fixer uppers that aren’t in terrible shape and are in a great location. Somehow they haven’t been scooped up yet but people are starting to notice and scoop up some of them. I hope the moonshot comes before then.
  9. Not worried at all. Profit taking is to be expected. A lot of people are overreacting but they just need a pinch of patience and something else to focus on in the meantime.
  10. Yeah, that monumental escrow bothers me. Idk if that’s how it would play out, though.
  11. He really did drop a bomb on us at the worst darn time.
  12. Idk, I think it’s just a lot of profit taking from people who likely bought in at 3k or however cheap they got it. I don’t think it’s over though. I thought it wouldn’t drop till it hit 49-50k but I guess the number’s too magical.
  13. Lol BTC retraces a few K’s and people lose their shit.
  14. To be fair, banks do the same thing people are criticizing tether for. If everybody that has an account in a bank decides to cash out completely, they can’t, at least not that simply. The financial crisis of 2008 comes to mind. The banks are lending out money that isn’t there yet as I understand it. I guess it all depends on how tight of a ship you’re running.
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