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  1. We’re hovering at 34k, me likey. I think it’s time for the bulls to start taking back control.
  2. Can always chuck a bit on XLM and see where it goes, NFA tho. My XRP bags have been full for far too long. I'm just waiting on this case to settle, and it likely will at the perfect time. Things are looking great for Ripple on the case, the SEC is clearly losing that one.
  3. He likely did and just decided to only focus on the part where you’re glad that they’re getting screwed in the same way Ripple did after they had decided to post that hateful tweet aimed at Ripple and co. The irony there is just too sweet to pass up.
  4. Shet, many of em have already pumped significantly, just look at BEPRO 😮 EZ money right there. Might be worth it to just throw $500 to a grand in each shitcoin of choice and then see if even one of them moons. Come to think of it, maybe that’s the way we should have done this whole thing to begin with instead of researching, using our common sense and backing the projects we thought had the most merit. At least that way we would have come out of the casino with our pockets full.
  5. Time to load up on Jeds!! (We called XRP Ripples back in the day so now I’m calling XLM’s Jeds.)
  6. Quick, give us a list of shitcoins thst haven’t had their rally yet. Compound already rallied, we also saw dash shoot up, so I’m not touching those (not calling them shitcoins either, cuz I honestly don’t kbow whether they are so or not).
  7. I think $400k BTC this cycle is a pipe dream. I also don’t think we’re in the bear market yet. One more move up then the big crash. Some alts are already starting to have their own significant pumps. There’s a storm brewing. What’s my proof? It’s gas, as @xrp-nuke would say. I wonder, will you take kindly from us doing to you what you’re doing to us now if we do indeed moon? “Never invest what you’re not willing to lose” as they say. Then you won’t have to stay in an online forum salty as hell long after you’ve sold your stack.
  8. Not sure if it’s official but I think the deposition was approved! 🙌🏽😁
  9. You forgot to say the bollinger bands are tightening. If the bollinger bands aren’t tightening, then it’s not an Eric123 post. 😝
  10. Hmmm, now you’ve got me curious. How can I get in? Do I have to meet certain criteria and make a request or is it more along the lines of the club owner inviting me if he likes me? (And by extension keeping me out if he doesn’t). A place without the same trolls, a lot of whom don’t even have skin in the game anymore is sounding more and more enticing these days.
  11. I did take the BTC and ETH profits, just not the XRP ones yet.
  12. Ayyye, not a pretty sight. Yup, I think this is just a very slow and boring pit stop on the final climb up.
  13. Any time this year for me would be fine. Christmas sounds like the perfect time, that or Thanksgiving so I can eat pork while I give thanks for my sparks.
  14. I’m out of the loop but I remember they were considering a lot of different restrictions at the start in that first drop so as to combat precisely this. They had proposed something like giving you “locked” tokens that would be untradeable for a period of time (something along those lines, I don’t remember exactly, and only a portion of the stack, not the whole thing). I’m not sure what they settled on in the end, though.
  15. Anyone else growing excited/apprehensive of the spark token distribution that’s supposed to happen soon? I’m excited cuz it’s supposed to happen soon and apprehensive because I still have the feeling that there’s a chance I won’y get my tokens and that would rlly upset me. I just placed my zerps on participating exchanges at the time of the snapshot (some on bitstamp and some on coinbase). They haven’t sent any e-mails following up or announcing anything yet about the drop, though.
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