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  1. Somebody needs to do something about this. Blow up twitter and hopefully cause an en masse loss of users on their exchange. This is shady business.
  2. A little off topic but I found this video interesting even though I was reluctant to click on it. For those of you that are also baffled by the Dogecoin madness, here's Marques Brownlee talking about it back in Feb. He makes some good points.
  3. This is also a mega positive that people need to take into consideration. The taco stand grows closer and closer to running out of stock. Good night everyone, I’m going to bed, it’s about to be 7AM here. Good morning to everyone as well!
  4. Agreed. I mean, just look at doge. That thing is still holding gains really well (and is extremely overvalued IMO). We’re blowing off steam, a lot of people are panic selling while others are taking advantage of the crash to either get in, or add to their bags. A lot of those people will be panic buying back in at higher prices when it has another good week of pumping, then when it corrects they’ll just make the same mistake again and wonder why they keep losing money. I think a lot of people’s expectations were that after xrp crossed that dollar range, it would just shoot straight to ath, $5
  5. Yes! More people should learn Spanish. That’s my native tongue.
  6. Man, I think a backtest of these resistances is alright. Long term it shouldn’t matter unless you’re trading and get burned.
  7. I’m definitely not buying at these levels. But if anybody is new then yeah, buying when it’s red and people are crying is the better call.
  8. Sell ur bags now and then whine when it goes back up.
  9. I hope whoever’s responsible for this gets some heavy fines and jailtime.
  10. While I do agree that there is much better tech than BTC now, I don’t think it’s just going to go away because of it. After all, it was “the first”. It’s symbolic, it represents the creation, appearance and revolution of blockchain and cryptocurrency usage/adoption. If anything I see them working on BTC to try and make it better, kind of like what they’re doing with Ethereum. I just don’t see it going away just because it’s slow and expensive. Gold isn’t the best conductor there is, it also isn’t the cheapest or easiest to mine. It’s not the most corrosion resistant either, yet it keeps being
  11. Actually, science has shown that we are rapidly evolving as of pretty recently. You just haven’t been looking into it. There are many new mutations occurring and also many old ones that are reappearing. It’s fascinating stuff.
  12. Yeah, now you can retire plus get all those cool gadgets that might have been prohibitive before, like that very nice mirorless camera you saw online so you can take pictures of your flowers and peppers or whatever it is you’re growing, and also take it with you to Puerto Rico and we can swap glass while I show you the yummiest places to eat at and you can enjoy the view of the hottest women in the planet. Really, PuertoRican women are hot as hell, right up there with the Russians that look like Mila Kunis and Yulia Volkova (before she ruined her face with surgeries). Went
  13. I got the popcorn ready for when the real fun starts. The best part is licking the walls of the bag when you’re done. It’s so buttery and SALTY!! (That’s when I’ll dump the remainder of the bags) Always save some for “just in case”. Maybe leave like 1k XRP in case the world goes to shit sooner than expected.
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