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  1. Honestly, I just don’t think BTC will get to those insane levels (100k, 200k, whatever). I don’t have any analytical data to back this up nor am I an expert, it’s just my humble, could definitely be wrong opinion. It just seems WAY too unreasonable to me. Hell, 50k already seemed unreasonable to me, that’s why I sold my BTC around there.
  2. Welcome Mr. laughy laugh, it’s been a while! They’re bearish cuz XRP didn’t rise with BTC, but they just have to be patient and wait for the rotation. Shouldn’t be too long now, I think BTC probably has another like 10k in the tank before it tanks into a multi year bear market, no pun intended. I just hope XRP gets re-listed at the right time so we get massive FOMO from it. I’ve been away a long time, I know, but I’d still like to summon up @Xrpdude to remind him that months ago he was calling us all idiots for still being bullish longer term and to just accept that we were going into a bear market and it was all over. Then BTC made a comeback and he was suddenly all nice and agreeable, and even said “BTC actually looks pretty nice now!” Yeah no sht Sherlock. That’s not how gains are made though. Gains are made when you buy assets when things look ugly and sell when things look nice. After BTC making that comeback, it obviously corrected and it didn’t look nice anymore and he went back to his mocking ways on all of us who were still bullish. Just wanted to put this out there because there was no reason to start calling us names just because we thought differently to you. Most of us who were bullish didn’t type any ill about you until you started posting nasty stuff that was completely uncalled for. Let this be a lesson that even though the TA guys aren’t fortune tellers (and also the people who are just plain bullish like me who never really paid attention to the charts until I actually noticed their merit), that doesn’t make you one either so you shouldn’t just tell everyone to just accept your beliefs because it’s “obvious” and we were being “moonboys in an echo-chamber”. Just be nice and agree to disagree, it’s much easier.
  3. What you guys are going through is total BS. Australia’s gvt and media is out of control. At least what I’ve seen from Sydney/Melbourne. Ppl are pretty much imprisoned in their homes. We’ve been exposed to the virus since 2019, I think it’s been long enough for us to return to back to normal. No more social distancing, no mask, no restrictions, no bs.
  4. Very annoying how BTC is hovering comfortably at 55.5k and XRP is at the dollar stablecoin level. It’ll get its turn, though, it always lags! Just gotta be patient. 😁
  5. Hmmm, hell if I know but I was thinking it’d likely be over by early next year, around Feb, but there’s the whole rona and lockdowns and all that to take into consideration now, and we’re finally starting to see early adoption take place, which might bring regulations earlier, and with more regulations I’d expect less volatility, meaning less pronounced highs and lows and steadier price action. If they keep on with the printing money and with people staying on unemployment longer, I see the party continuing for longer. At the same time, the equities market seems to be crashing, and I would expect crypto to follow it. Not necessarily in tandem, though.
  6. I'm thinking late September to November is when we'll start seeing the BIG swings and the market turning bullish again. Just my intuition.
  7. I think it’s the 2nd or 3rd time they’ve banned it within a period of like 6 months.
  8. Funny how all these negative news magically all arise simultaneously when a big dump is ocurring.
  9. They’re definitely due for a very heavy correction (the dow reached a full 4.236 extension a while ago already )and (eventually) a recession IMO. That eventually being sometime next year if you ask me. But Idk, all depends on what monetary policy the Murican’s decide to put in place (along with other factors).
  10. It probably won’t just to make all the chartists shit their pants and maybe panic sell. Idk though, I just don’t see it dropping to 42k for now, don’t really see a good reason. But this is crypto, you never know and you never really need a reason.
  11. I always test with a very small amount out of fear of entering a single character wrong or messing up some part of the step, and I’m not that computer savvy. Above average but that’s really not saying much. You on the other hand are a computer genius. Goes to show anyone can make mistakes and that it’s always good to follow safe practices, even if you got shit down and know it like the back of your hand. Anyway, I really hope you get your tokens back Could they just perform a rollback if your tokens are found to be lying “in limbo” and wasn’t really sent to another address? Or would that have just invalidated the transaction in the first place and they’d still be in your wallet? I assume N3 Neon is some sort of hardware wallet?
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