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  1. I wouldn't say private, but it's definitely running up more than BTC... AT THE MOMENT.
  2. Wow, what a ******* nightmare. I would have cashed out after turning 5k into 800k, though. Who could resist that?
  3. A little off topic but has anyone bought stocks? Which ones caught your eye? What are your toughts? I wanna buy so many. Airlines seem like a great buy here. Only so much money to spare, though.
  4. Or he could call it the Chinese Virus. It’s kind of like the swine flu. If it originated in China, I see no reason to hide it. If some disease originated in my country, I wouldn’t feel attacked if they called it the Puertorican virus or whatever was applicable. Nobody cares what you call it, and those that do are the type of people who just like constantly finding things to be offended about.
  5. Yeah, this just seems like the perfect buying opportunity to me. If prices had crashed due to something actually pertaining to crypto, then I’d be worried, but this is just a panic crash across the board.
  6. And yet it has still had many bursts where it goes up significantly. Gotta take advantage.
  7. I’ve seen a few people lose hope for crypto now for some reason, and it doesn’t make sense to me. The way I see it, this drop is temporary, as everything is crashing except a very select few stocks. I added more to my stack, hoping it’ll pay off long term, and I expect it to.
  8. Nobody knows. Hadn’t bought anything in a long time but I picked up some xrp at 15c. This plummet came out of nowhere so I’m confident it’ll bounce up.
  9. I vote for no reason whatsoever (other than manipulation)
  10. Agreed. What I mean to say is they know a thing or two about finance in general but it really has nothing to do with crypto markets, and neither does our knowledge. I've definitely learned a lot through the years but this is still a VERY speculative and extremely volatile/irrational market. You pick up a few things here and there but it always ends up taking you by surprise no matter how much you know.
  11. I mean I wouldn’t call em gurus but Shiff’s net worth is $70M. Probably knows about as much as we do, which isn’t much.
  12. The scale of all of this is mind blowing. Is setting up a mining operation doable/worth it for an ordinary person with like $10k to invest in the setup?
  13. Sorry to go off topic here but, I gotta pick your brain now that you made that example. Why is it like this? If it’s something so basic, why aren’t more people doing the whole “buy on TEMPORARY bad news, and sell when it inevitably recovers”?. Aren’t people who trade stocks generally educated on this? Can’t imagine your everyday person just trading stocks in their spare time and causing crashes. I’m obviously missing something.
  14. To be fair, anybody who falls for that scam earned it.
  15. Now we just need to see this reflect on the price.
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