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  1. This is the best post I've seen on this forum. Do you happen to be on discord? Would love to chat crypto with you.
  2. we could hit ath very fast, this is unknown territorry but for the first time ever huge insititatuons can finally hedge on a regulated platform
  3. I believe Ripple seeded 1 billion because coil is going to need it for future partnerships, perhaps theyre already in talks with a big player like youtube and so paying someone like youtube $100 mill for a partnership would be well worth it in the end, xrp value skyrockets and ripple recoups the loss easily. win/win
  4. How about instead of just thinking the price go up, everyone buy 100 xrp on Sunday, every sunday all together whilst thinking about $1 Law of attraction is powerful but one must act on the actions and not just thoughts.
  5. Coin burn is uncessarrary, just stop dumping on retail exchanges Ripple, stick to selling to insitituions/OTC/Investments. I was shocked to see a large portion of their sales are directly selling/dumping on retailers on exchanges like bitstamp.. the volume for USD is soo low there and theyre dumping hundreds of millions, no wonder we missed out on the bull run this year, add to the fact they were OVERSELLING due to inflated CMC volumes, they should stop selling on exchanges for atleast a year to compensate for how much price supression they've been doing unknowingly. I don't agree with a coin burn but as a community if a lot of people stand up against Ripple dumping on retailers they WILL make changes or it'll be a PR nightmare for them. The FUD was Ripple was knowlingly price supressing, which is silly considering a higher price for XRP is very benifical to them, however Ripple has stated in their recent report has been OVERSELLING by huge amounts, and still continue to do sales on retail exchanges but just lower volume.. still the long term affect of dumping all year at overflated volumes is still lingering.
  6. Please do share the video, very interested. Thanks for the post.
  7. Any good news posted you always try to spin negative, I bet you bought at $3 and sold at .25
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