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  1. No problem... I'd highly suggest reading the white paper if you have not. https://link.smartcontract.com/whitepaper Every contract has an SLA (service level agreement) that covers these conditions. This case sounds like an outlier that can be covered or defined pre contract... here's a bit more discussion (that addresses SLA's and market volatility) below:
  2. Yes, LINK will be locked up in contracts/nodes and node operators will be paid in LINK, however "fiat convertors" will allow for payment to be made without buying the token. You could technically start a node without "LINK," but no one would use it. High value smart contracts or any contract that has value will use nodes that carry the same or a % of value of LINK. There is infinite amount of collateral available because the token price can rise to meet it. The more data, the higher the LINK price becomes... more valued data, higher the price. The collateral is going to be game theory and play out over time, but the fiat convertors will help... the open market will ultimately decide the value. As for the volatility, a CL team member addressed it this way... "a requester could specify payment in fiat currency off-chain and that amount can be automatically exchanged for LINK at the time of the transaction on-chain." some further discussion on this can be found here (with a team member answering questions):
  3. Chainlink is a network but it's all off chain so it can be as fast as the network it's integrated on... once it goes native on Polkadot, one the newer chains or eth 2.0 sky's limit. It's blockchain agnostic... to technically it can be deployed on any chain (which is why you're seeing so many integrations lately). Chainlink is an ERC677 token which inherits functionality from the ERC20 token standard, while implementing additional functionality, "transferAndCall," that is used with their contracts.
  4. Except it's not exactly... it is blockchain agnostic and an ERC 677. Chainlink is being deployed on a variety of other chains and platforms... polkadot, hedera, harmony, hyperledger, but will support all popular smart contract networks that have demand. You may want to dig a little deeper and see why they created the ERC 677 standard: https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/issues/677 https://medium.com/@ivoidwarranties/chainlink-a-requirement-for-cross-blockchain-interoperability-more-f994b2ee67aa https://medium.com/web3foundation/web3-foundation-and-chainlink-announce-collaboration-df55ed462a3a https://medium.com/hashgraph/hedera-hashgraph-and-chainlink-collaborate-to-provide-a-decentralized-oracle-network-for-hederas-3d1c77a6bcb9
  5. Well said, @Sebastian, fully agree on all points... and thanks for adding that link. I have quite a few saved here as I'm sure you do as well. Glad to hear that you are sticking around, btw.
  6. I realize that you did not address this question to me... but here's some info to get you started: The Chainlink team has been mostly silent since the inception of the project. They have been working on "Smart Contracts" (smartcontract.com) and the idea of using oracles since 2014. As for getting listed on exchanges, they did not even want it listed on Binance... it was listed with out permission of the CL team. Up until now, it was not listed on any US regulated exchanges... enter Coinbase. Imo, this was a big step for the project as it allows retail investors in the US to buy and gets them off of Binance, which come September will no longer be available to US residents. Despite the recent "hype" - the team has never discussed price, tokenomics or engaged in retail hype tactics. They have remained focused on building without engaging with the community. While the community is considered by many to be toxic and cult-like... this was all done by design (I can already see eyes rolling here)... but it's true. Many early investors researched and critiqued this project thoroughly and saw the massive potential. The idea was to purposely "fud" it... literally making up stories of scams and ridiculous info and posting it all over reddit, twitter and other forums... and then once mainnet was live, "normies" would filter in and see what they all already knew. So far, it looks like this strange tactic worked (again!) as these were the same people who did this with ETH back when it was .60c. I admit it's an odd approach, but once you know this, researching it becomes much easier. You can filter out the noise and focus on what the team is actually trying to accomplish. It's a highly ambitious project, but if successful, could prove to be one of the most valuable pieces in the blockchain space. Some may ask... sure, sounds amazing... but will the token even be used? YES. It actually has several functions within the network. Here is a decent thread that sums it up quite nicely: https://twitter.com/cryptofelixleon/status/1140843909091692544 ** speculation *** many believe that Coinbase will offer staking to it's retail and institutional base... even if they don't, there are several key players already planning to offer this to holders. There is a quite a bit to go over, but I would say that this article by one of the LINK OG's (from 2018) is quite an impressive overview of the project and how it fits into the space: https://blog.goodaudience.com/chainlink-the-missing-piece-to-the-god-protocol-fd455dde92ab White paper: https://link.smartcontract.com/whitepaper A 2017 'American Banker' piece: https://www.americanbanker.com/news/the-race-to-connect-smart-contracts-to-the-real-world Here's a recent independent review of the project: https://medium.com/paradigm-fund/chainlink-detailed-review-on-the-project-9dbd5e050974 An MIT review piece: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/612443/blockchain-smart-contracts-can-finally-have-a-real-world-impact/ Use cases (from CL blog): https://blog.chain.link/44-ways-to-enhance-your-smart-contract-with-chainlink/ They have some key advisors in Tom Gonser (Docusign), Evan Cheng (Facebook), Ari Juels (Cornell, IC3 - co-wrote white paper) among others They have been connected to several partnerships and integrations, including: Google (Google Cloud integration + plus more to come, as confirmed by both Google & CL team), Oracle (will co-develop Chainlinks with 50 qualified startups to prepare them to sell their data to Oracle’s 430,000 customers in 175 countries on the Oracle Blockchain Platform.), Integrated into AWS (via Kaleido), Mircosoft Azure integration via Truffle Suite (more to come with Microsoft in the coming weeks), they have been working with SWIFT for over 2 years (expect an announcement later this year) and they have 40+ partnerships with other well-known platforms and services. If you believe that "Smart Contracts" will be a big part of the future of blockchain tech (beyond tokenization)... then the only way to make them "smart" is to have a way of bringing "real world" data into the blockchain in a decentralized way... hence the "oracle problem" - which Chainlink *hopes* to solve. Hope this helps! Happy researching
  7. Sorry to hear that you will be moving on. Thanks and best of luck to you as well... and I think we did.
  8. I hear that! and that's why I have always avoided posting in this forum... I didn't want to be seen as a "noob" even though I've been in XRP since early 2017. I always just enjoyed reading the threads here anonymously. I never thought of myself as a maximalist of anything in this space, but I have held a majority XRP shortly after entering this space for Bitcoin. I follow news and progress regularly and see a bright future for XRP going forward... that said, I will continue to research other projects and ideas in this space. Anyway, I decided to comment because you were a "ranking" member on this forum and I found myself in the exact same position recently. I by no means expect others to do the same... not here to "shill" anything, everyone can decide for themselves what they want to get behind. I will continue to observe here... and maybe post comments more regularly I guess Cheers! *edit* Oh, and yes, I saw the recent reddit "fud" - pretty funny once you know what is going on... seems some of them just can't stop.
  9. Ha! Ok. This is the "Alt Coins and General Fintech" discussion, correct?
  10. Yup, Sebastian gets it. I had to sign up for this forum (even though I have been a lurker for years!) because I did the exact same thing you did, back in March. Had several twitter arguments with Link fans and that led me down the path of actually researching Chainlink. Well, I discovered a lot... and as you said, they heavily fudded this project from the start. This tactic is not new, as this very board (4Chan) did the same thing with Ethereum when it was sitting around .60. Just take a look at this post... particularly the way they describe the project and Vitalik... sounds a lot like the Link "fud" screen grab also posted here. Bottom line, just like anything in this space... it needs further research before deciding to jump into it. Look beyond what's being said. Look into the team, the fundamentals, what issues are they trying to solve and what are the prospects for actual real world use. Best of luck to you all!
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