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  1. @mDuo13 I am using the correct prefix, but I figured out the issue. I inspected the JS implementation of ripple and found that in line https://github.com/ripple/ripple-binary-codec/blob/master/src/binary.js#L49, account-id is added as suffix to the unsigned transaction (in case of multi-signing) which I was not doing. I did not find anything regarding this suffix in ripple documentation. After computing the account-id from the public key and adding it to the blob before hashing fixed my issue of invalid signature. Thanks for helping out.
  2. @Sukrim I use ripple python module (https://github.com/ripple/ripple-dev-portal/blob/master/content/_code-samples/tx-serialization/serialize.py ) to serialize the json to bytes. Hash these bytes using ripple standards (https://xrpl.org/basic-data-types.html#hashes) to get unsigned transaction hash, which I sign using different private keys.
  3. @mDuo13 I use libsecp256k1 library for signing (https://github.com/bitcoin-core/secp256k1). The ripple ledger accepts different types of transactions signed using this. This issue comes only in case of multisigned transaction.
  4. I am trying to use Ripple multi-sig. I have followed docs https://xrpl.org/set-up-multi-signing.html, https://xrpl.org/send-a-multi-signed-transaction.html. I have used ripple testnet for all these tests. I am able to perform tasks like: Create accounts and add them as signers to one account Disable master key of the account in which I added. Finally when I try to withdraw funds from this account using signatures from these signers, I get error "error": "internal", "error_code": 71, "error_message": "Invalid signature.", The json which I tried to submit is provided. I have also tried to submit as blob using submit command which creates error "error": "invalidTransaction", "error_exception": "fails local checks: Transaction has bad signature.", { "method": "submit_multisigned", "params": [ { "tx_json": { "TransactionType" : "Payment", "Account" : "rNvoW4LG6wXVZm6RXbo7qyNRmQj4TNUmTz", "Destination" : "rsuUjfWxrACCAwGQDsNeZUhpzXf1n1NK5Z","DestinationTag": 384725397, "Amount": "1000000", "Fee": "1200", "Flags": 2147483648, "Sequence": 5,"SigningPubKey": "","Signers" : [ { "Signer" : { "Account" : "rGtMsMktyGKC8QeTb6phSSYLG7JWaB1Dir", "SigningPubKey" : "020d4888ba4f8cbb96fa5a2eead2e6bbc90ba94cadae29a4aebe2a7cc62c96b278", "TxnSignature" : "3045022100AC5BBDAAB33F50CEA6DB89DFC65CCDF306B346B3A5975AF8344260548870F3B9022079EEF9C2BFDD0930C6FC72D88DD48D80D97531F9A8349C5B6372E979D76FF603" } }, { "Signer" : { "Account" : "rhNfCZXnqoX35ndyhYgHxhjPy2xs5rg9Lq", "SigningPubKey" : "02b0f22c98a07257f0251d678a23be8e00b238180dde29a71fc3fabfe17740a5cc", "TxnSignature" : "3045022100F1651743DE011E213623C8DB46D35ED89088D0563CE7C399A45AD4BDB349B63002207255ADA9385538C3589D79DF814F9D93836908A09C02E73CDE5303E865963211" } } ]} } ] }
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