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  1. Sorry guys I really didn't mean to post any fud here. Just wanted to start a focused discussion on this topic. If there is another thread I should refer to, please kindly direct me to it and I will do my own research.
  2. Hi Tinyaccount, this is my first post at XRP chat. I've been in this space for almost three years, all in XRP. The reason I posted was to hear other people's thoughts on this to reassure myself on my XRP investment.
  3. Since swift is transitioning to DLT technology, is there a good chance they would embrace a settlement asset such as XRP by themselves either developing it or partnering with a different company other than Ripple? Everyone knows GPI and xCurrent is not competitive enough so the next step would be settlement, and this could be under their consideration. Some people would say liquidity would be a problem but since Swift already has tons of volume on each corridor, it wouldn't be difficult for them to accomplish what Ripple is trying to do. What do you guys think?
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