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  1. Hi Bob! Silvery here. I agree on your terms... I love that OICH spirit of yours. Wanted to let you know that one of my children has translated and rearranged it to use it as a team work motto at school. A meaningful and inspiring spanish word: AHINCO A = Abiertos H = Humildes IN = Inclusivos CO = Constructivos
  2. Yes, I do like tilde’s beautiful shape, resembling a wave, or a ripple... but it is also meaningful as a good basement or foundation in our symbol because of its first function in writting: COST SAVING. “Such a mark could denote the omission of one letter or several letters. This saved on the expense of the scribe's labour and the cost of vellum and ink.” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tilde Letter x marks the spot: Settling.
  3. Perhaps crowning a brand new designed tilde with ripple’s non-x... I should try that.
  4. It is an issue with letter x in fact. I believe that one of ripple’s proposition strongest points is that it avoids the cultural / religious concerns by denying the very crossing of the x branches. So that you can never tell that it is a cross, but you cannot help reading it as x.
  5. I find the dots idea is indeed interesting, but overall, when mixing x and p there's always a risk of resembling ancient christian symbols, like chi rho. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chi_Rho
  6. Regarding this proposal I’m a bit concerned about two things, related with my lack of skills and cultural bagage on type designing: 1. Being this symbol such an easy juxtaposition of well known glyphs it is likely that someone else has fallen in this very same idea. 2. Even if point one is discarded, I can not go further in developing this symbol. Much help would be needed if it gathers enough support.
  7. Symbolism: Zerpers do know what letter x stands for. Missing letters are replaced by a tilde. Lower case x is the princess of the alphabet, and she is forever riding a ripple.
  8. Here you are, our first use case. Credits to type designer Christian Robertson, for his Roboto Mono font. Feedback, even criticism, is always welcome.
  9. Time will tell, but my impression after listening to their boss is that they are jumping onboard the tech, and proud to count themselves among the brave early adopters. Here’s the interview: https://www.ft.com/content/87c97744-fd4e-4f14-9740-7f487ce5b460
  10. me. no dev blog's link shown on my phone
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