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  1. Article quoting am even older article,typical crypto hype journalism and as usual this has nothing to do with xrp
  2. If he really wanted to reveal his "real" identity he can just do it straight away no point waiting. He's propably another ripple PR spokesperson trying to pump the price while they keep dumping in the background. A lot of people got tricked with his propaganda thinking the "internet of value" is imminent!
  3. Kinda weird to be part of that gullible discord group with my post history! Tsk tsk
  4. He is a scammer. He makes several predictions at once and people naively latch on to his one right predictions as if he's some kind of genius..then he invites people to join his gullible discord group
  5. If this "project" was using another name other than xrp this place would quickly call it a scam money grab but since it's "using" xrpl people here are doing mental gymnastics on how it can be good for xrp! Lol
  6. Nobody is going to trust a shady exchange with an even shadier imaginary coin. Xrp is not gonna be a worldwide currency,shows a poor lack of any education here The only thing that's gonna explode is the hopium bubbles
  7. Well yeah the place is just made up of moonboys who never worked a day in their lives and near retirement people wanting one last gamble to be rich! Yes 2018 is full of comical posts especially nthe 589 thread hilarious! most of the posters have either deleted their accounts or gone to their private bubble club wanting to live in la la land. Funny how people here only like these chart fortune tellers when they predict the price is going up but sneer at anyone saying the chart says the price is gonna go down lol!
  8. Experience in what? Creating imaginary coins and putting up a generic white paper? Plenty of "inexperienced" people did that during the ico boom
  9. What kind of crap is that? This is another scam ico promoting another coin just using the "xrp" name to get the xrp army in a frenzy of hopium
  10. It's another scam project wanting to dump yet another imaginary coin on dumb people.
  11. Just because you don't like the answer does not mean it's the wrong answer
  12. The price is reality your conspiracy theories are imaginary
  13. And people here make fun of bitcoin bagholers being cultist lol
  14. You describing xrp here also? Or you think you're special for "choosing" xrp?
  15. You can do that now, no need for xrp! And you assume there is some kind of pent up demand for such a niche use case lol!
  16. Yep can't blame them if you can make easy money from kids and lazy adults who thinks they gonna be rich by buying some imaginary coin
  17. As usual do not listen to these YouTube pumpers, their main objective is to make money by spreading hopium to bagholders
  18. You keep predicting this "let's wait for a week or few weeks" since June and nothing has happened
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