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  1. People are scared their hopes and dreams of being rich through xrp bagholding may not come true
  2. Ah damn there goes my Vegas hopes then disappearing... in a blink of an eye
  3. How can you say such a thing to a valuable community member? I don't want to miss the $10 Vegas party
  4. Yeah guess so ,can't stop getting my hopium fix and bubble gum, I want to be rich quick sadly
  5. For every buyer there's a seller using that logic xrp should just be at a stable price then oh wait....
  6. Classic example of a hopium. Also living in a bubble and getting emotional with an investment is a rookie mistake tsk tsk
  7. I know you didn't like it whenever you tried to link a website maintenance to xrp somehow and I called it out which proved to be correct...that thinking just pure baseless speculation. Which is hopium and is toxic to the community
  8. Going by your logic, the word "FUD" should also not be used. Can't have your cake and eat it too!
  9. You answered your own question... buying crypto for rich people is stupid
  10. Stop promoting this fraud's tweets, he is a con artist , what's wrong with people and their hopium desperation.
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