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  1. As usual our friend Brad dodging questions and not telling the real truth...no banks are using xrp it's all a big fat lie
  2. "Anything that ripple do or say can't be questioned, people who do are evil fudsters, I want to live in a bubble, ripple will make me rich,Brad is my friend"
  3. Yeah Stefan but they can just "sell" it to any of their useless xspring ventures and call it institutions! Now they are "donating" 1 billion xrp to coil l..propably gonna call it institution selling and bagholders get to dream a little longer!
  4. Ripple could be "selling" it to their friend Chris Larsen at coil and they can just say institution selling! There is no proof legitimate institutions are actually buying and holding xrp!
  5. Nothing will happen. Every year these YouTubers will do this kind of crap hyping
  6. Ripple are gonna announce more ways for them dump XRP's that will somehow transfer the money back to them
  7. It was a pump and dump at the end of 2017 so basically we are relying on another pump and dump for "moon" !
  8. You used all the keywords that expert crypto TA's frequently use! Legit predictions!
  9. You also predicted xrp was gonna moon "in a few days/weeks" after the bitcoin rally in June/July but it ended up tanking more...
  10. You got all of that from that post? Projecting much here? Tsk tsk
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