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  1. Is there something I don't know about? A reason my channel can't be connected? Or just a bug? I'm in the settings hitting the add your channel button/link, and nothing is happening. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. As a college student, I really still have no idea what to do with my future career. The only thing that I have ever been seriously interested in is crypto and specifically Ripple and XRP. I enjoyed learning about and monitoring all things IOV and IOT, but apart form buying tokens and assets, there really isn't much else I am doing in the space. For the amount of time I put into crypto, I'd like to know of some other ways to either help grow the ecosystem or attempt to make this time into some useful knowledge or profit. I know there are so many ways to help out by developing, but as someone who isn't creative, I have no idea what to develop. I just feel like this tech is a great importunity not only as a monetary investment, but a lifelong one too. This could finally be the thing I am looking for that will give me a future where I actually care about what I'm doing, I just don't really know how to get started. Any advice or your stories would be appreciated. I'm sick of just waiting and watching the price. Thanks.
  3. www.ripple.com A whole new design, not seeing anything about the three we know about, xVia, xCureent, or xRapid. Haven’t heard of the “on demand liquidity” thing officially from them, but on the site, MGI says it is utilizing “on demand liquidity”, instead of xRapid like it said before. Anyone think this mean anything? A merger of all three just being called On demand liquidity now?
  4. Unless you’re all in on XRP, what are some other companies, like Moneygram, that are listed on major stock exchanges that appeal to you? Mostly interested in companies that may be partnered with ripple, or look to have a bright future if Ripples vision is a success. Some examples might be MasterCard, American Express, etc. What are some others you’re keeping an eye on?
  5. https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-announces-strategic-partnership-with-money-transfer-giant-moneygram/ This is ******* great!
  6. https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-announces-strategic-partnership-with-money-transfer-giant-moneygram/ Leveraging XRP through xRapid!! Holy ****!
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