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  1. I think people get too caught up in worrying about Stellar. There's so much tribalism in the crypto space - it's like a war or something; like you've supplanted your favourite football team with XRP and Ripple; wearing XRP fan memorabilia and cheering the CEOs on or something! People are going to hate me saying this, but in the battle XRP vs. XLM, XLM has completely pantsed XRP. I remember when the Stellar crowd used to believe that a 10:1 ratio of XRP: XLM was a target! How things change! I could see XLM overtaking XRP one day. It would be of no concern to me. I don't get into the tribal
  2. I used to use ICQ! Mirc, LOL! Gee, I even learnt the acronym "LOL" on ICQ! Memories...
  3. Face it. XRP is a piece of crap that will "one day" make us a fortune. Maybe.
  4. OK, from the looks of it the Nano is safe from this. I'm still thinking there may be some issues when using Nano in conjunction with My Ether Wallet, but that's an indirect effect on the Nano. I still have to qualify my thoughts on this, so as of now I'm still not fully trusting of hardware wallet solutions. I only ever feel 100% safe when my coins are on a frozen dice wallet. But that's my opinion.
  5. No need to call me "dear" - more of your juvenile irony. Thanks for the link - I missed that. I'll have a read and summarise my thoughts.
  6. So could you. Where are the Ledger France comments. Are we just meant to take his word for it? How are Ledger users not affected? Basically you just dissed my original comments and expected that to be the end of the discussion.
  7. Tell me this isn't a juvenile response. By the way, I am somewhat visually impaired, so when I say "heard" it's not just rumour. I use audio aids when I'm "reading".
  8. You're the one who started with the juvenile response.
  9. You take it up with them (based on what you didn't hear)! You're the one who mentioned them!
  10. Based on what I heard of the bug, they can't make this assurance.
  11. Yep, this could be a big issue. All operating systems have supposedly issued patches to this, but because this is a hardware bug there is a belief that they can't patch this completely. I'm basically a HODLer, so private keys never touch my online computer, but I do a small amount of trading using software wallets. I'm going to be restricting this activity and maybe looking at getting a hardware wallet...something I haven't been inclined to do. I'm not convinced of the security of hardware wallets, either. Face it, crypto is the jungle.
  12. Trippy

    Bye folks

    He just wants us to do a crowd-raising and beg him to come back with free XRPs...
  13. Trippy

    Bye folks

    @Berzerker Please don't go! We'll miss you! Where will we go for our daily (or more) XRP pump? LOL
  14. Awww...I sold all my Zerpers based on your advice then I saw the fine-print.
  15. Doctors probably follow that philosophy too...
  16. The Korean government will back off - you watch. They just want to flex some muscle and show who's boss. Exactly what China did.
  17. I haven't used Coinbase but this sounds about right!
  18. On the positive side at least you don't get charged $20 or more for every transaction, like some coins we know.
  19. Are the prices on eBay consistently at or around the price shown on CMC? Point still remains.
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