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  1. Could this be the end of bitcoin?

    Technically in the memo field of the XRP ledger you can store data... I guess storing illicit content would potentially be possible.
  2. Harbor wallet over at Secure Block Chains has the memo field in for transactions or escrows. https://www.secureblockchains.com/
  3. I can fully understand the concerns that @TiffanyHayden and others are raising on social media about the Abra app. I do feel Abra can "come clean" in explaining how they handle actual crypto handling and control. However, in my endeavor to get folks acquainted with crypto, the vast majority tune out when I begin to explain secret keys and how to manage a wallet and cold storage. They're like, can't I have an app that just keeps it and I forget about it till I want to sell it. I don't ever really intend to use it other than speculate with it. It's these type of folks that Abra can sell to and believe me, there a many folks out there who are like this and why getting into crypto is still beyond the "average" non-techie minded person. A lot of folks don't really worry about the "mechanics" of crypto, they just know it's the fun thing to speculate in right now, so they do. To me, the more exposure the field gets and spurs interest, the better for all of us.
  4. is Jed actually considered to be that wealthy.... as he doesn't have control over it; but it is systematically released for him... On the other hand, I have no problem with inventors and founders become filthy rich. They had they idea, they were the early adopters, they stuck with it, they should be rewarded. The wealthiest people of most of the industries in the past -> Gates Microsoft, Carnegie Steel, Rockerfeller Oil, Ford Motors, and the list goes on... have all been people who had the right idea at the right time.
  5. Rippex removed wallet software, how can I open my wallett?

    There are other wallets like Toast Wallet (mobile) or Harbor Wallet (desktop) that you can input your secret key and it will import all your funds into the new interface. Wallets simply are interfaces that make it easier to transact on the ledger. If you don't need access right now and have your secret key backed up. Your set to HODL for years.
  6. It's very much like any related markets. Crypto will be considered an asset class all it's own. Like commodities, tech stocks, manufacturing stocks, pharma stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. Often those sectors will move in macro movement together. From that standpoint, BTC will always be a factor to all other cryptos. However, btc could lose it's major swaying factor over XRP when it moves from speculation (it's main value now) to actual use case (xRapid). The use case coupled with speculation means we've just begun this ride. Another 3 years will tell us if XRP is successful or just a wild dream. I am more confident now than I was 4 years ago when we received the giveaways from World Community Grid.
  7. that's been for the last 2-3 months. for the 9-12 months before that it was XRP $.15 - .25 while bitcoin went $1,500-20,000. and for the 3 years before that it was XRP .006 while bitcoin went $200-1,500 and back down. There's been plenty of bull/bear markets when they haven't traded together; but it is true that when neither coin is in a major bull or bear market, it seems bots do well at keeping a correlated price.
  8. toast wallet

    Some exchanges (I think Bitstamp) will actually not allow an XRP transaction without the destination code. However, it is something that not all exchanges have setup that way, so do be careful.
  9. Ripple Wallet

    Gatehub has to 2 types of wallets in their site. Gatehub offers "hosted" wallets where your wallet is part of their XRP pool with destination tags; like most exchanges do. If Gatehub disappears, these wallets will disappear. Gatehub also provides "ripple" wallets where you control the secret key and can import the wallet to any client anywhere if you have the secret key. You can delete and remove the wallet and reopen in another wallet (like Toast or Harbor) when you want to regain access.
  10. Those who have been on the Ripple ride since 2013 have learned that good news usually has an adverse affect on the price in the immediate time frame. No need to fret about it. Patience is the key because when XRP makes it's gains, you don't want to be caught out of position. XRP's gains have been fairly intense and in short periods of time, with hard corrections. Learn to work with it and you'll be rewarded! The use case and value has never been clearer; we just need to break through the bitcoin fog with dynamic, full scale use.
  11. Win 100XRP

    Any risk if an escrow is set to say 50-100 years from now; what's the chance the Reservoir system is no longer in existence? can the xrp easily be retrieved by means outside of of the Reservoir or Harbor wallet?
  12. Modern Consensus - new crypto news site

    https://twitter.com/AriDavidPaul/status/959598411954651136 follow that thread.
  13. Modern Consensus - new crypto news site

    Yeah, weren't they the ones who broke the Circle/Poloniex buyout story a few weeks ago and then were roundly criticized and mocked on twitter as spreading fake news till it was confirmed earlier this week.
  14. 2 Non Bank HouseHold Names....

    Professor: Let's keep this simple, what's the difference between a hammer? Student: A hammer and what? Professor: No, that complicates the question, just a hammer. (joelkatz way of replying with 'yes'. anything else complicates the matter.)
  15. perfect, thanks, that's what I thought, I just wanted to confirm