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  1. I would gather that this is talking about the work backgrounds of the employees at Ripple. They have team members who have held roles in those enterprises and organizations.
  2. otstudio

    Current stable version has changed to Rippled 1.0.1

    Ripple has clearly stated they will add validators who have a strong interest in maintaining a robust network. Companies and providers whose interest aligns with maintaining a strong network because they use it. Naturally they will add companies who have an interest in the clear use case for XRP, which is x-border payments. So, until XRP Ledger has strong use cases beyond cross border payments, I expect a large majority of validators will be similar business who work closely with Ripple.
  3. working fine for me: https://finance.yahoo.com/live/allmarketssummit/
  4. bring back the memories... picked up my cheapest zerps right there.... what a day it was. 🙂
  5. Was your Google Pay transfer involving currency swapping/exchange? Here we have going between different national currencies. Instantly using current exchange rates and likely instant settlements with funds ready for use on receiving end. The other big deal is this runs on a completely modern "rails". The underlying technology processing this doesn't have to rely on the old "analog" correspondent systems. I imagine this app is also "future proof". When it becomes cheaper to do a currency swap using XRP as the intermediary asset (xRapid), it will. It's only a matter of time for the regulatory and liquidity in the markets to be built out. I imagine in some transactions/tests it may be already happening.
  6. We plebs are no more than just that... plebs. It's fun to whine, but unfortunately gets us nowhere. However, I think they are concerned about the price of XRP, in that they cannot afford for it to go to low and lack of liquidity. This hinders the ability of xRapid to operate smoothly with large payments. That said, I really thing they are waiting for regulation to clear the air. Nothing more difficult to think you have the air clear and then get slapped. We found out hard with FinCen in 2013. I think rather, Miguel and his cohorts are laying a foundation for when legal and regulatory clarity is here, there will be no stopping. Hopefully soonTM
  7. In the discord group, an attendee mentioned something about the wi-fi choked out during the demo and someone had to reset it. I would say it was likely the "standing room" only crowd that killed their bandwidth and the connection timed out.
  8. otstudio

    Coil a new big piece of the XRP ecosystem.

    How is Coil different than what Brave Browser / BAT is trying to achieve? Seems to me they are on a similar use case. Competition sharpens the service, I guess.
  9. right, cross border transfers are as fast as the slowest point. Old rails is the correspondent banking of money crossing from bank to bank to bank. The power with xRapid is the exchange to exchange transfer. A digital asset direct source in local exchanges eliminates the need for banks to hold a digital asset; at this point most banks don't have regulatory approval to hold them yet. To me this is a brilliant work around, till the market matures to allow banks to hold digital assets. It could even mean that tech giants evolve into banks or money service companies sooner than later.
  10. local rails mean that transfers within the country happen with local ACH or similar processes. The actual depositing the money in the account. Here in Latin America, when I do an online deposit from one bank to another bank, it clears within 30 minutes to 1 hour and is cleared for the receivers use. In the USA or other countries it takes at least one business day.
  11. Ah true... forgot about that necessary xCurrent component. Probably a lot of things under NDA’s.
  12. That’s excellent... What about this corridor? US Banks <=> Bitstamp <=> BitSo <=> MX Banks.
  13. The few times I've used GateHub and XRPL exchanges; it seems bloated; but like you said, is it bad implementation, poor servers, etc... Maybe when Cobalt is released.... (soonTM)
  14. otstudio

    XRP Distribution

    TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE 7,169,567,650 TOTAL XRP DISTRIBUTED 39,122,794,968* TOTAL XRP PLACED IN ESCROW 53,700,000,024 As of April 8th, 2018 *Total includes business development agreements that are still pending.