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  1. Bradfive

    Do you have a link? You might could give a better title to your post if it's newsworthy.
  2. bittrex and other exchanges

    As I understand with Bittrex, it's compliance with US laws and KYC causing account closures. They posted an explanation: https://support.bittrex.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002187632-Statement-on-disabled-accounts News article: https://cointelegraph.com/news/bittrex-exchange-breaks-silence-on-banned-accounts-questions-remain
  3. Hey Brad...

    LOL.... and I hope the OP of the thread feels better after getting it all aired out.
  4. HODL your XRP

    To me... the Visa / Amex / dLocal questions he hedged and was hesitant as if he was thinking about what to say without revealing anything and try to be neutral. He didn't appear to be prepared for that question from the get-go. To me, his body language gave away there is serious conversations and trials being run; however, it may or may not be announced. It will only be announced when Visa is ready. (not a Monaco debacle) It may be that Visa will never go with them commercially, but you can bet they are definitely trialing things. On the Swift and Coinbase, it was a more straightforward they have it in their sight and are looking to actively see what they can do to engage. Nothing was hedging or dodging there.
  5. I am with you on this idea. I am not thinking there is a formal business agreement between these parties necessarily.... But as we have seen, Ripple's strategy is not to pump Ripple and specifically XRP. (much to many of this communities' whining about missing lambos)...... Rather, Ripple in the past has been very clear they want to create a "bigger pie" and an open system in blockchains. Get as many players in the field to build specific tools for specific use cases, but allowing for interoperability to make the network as large as possible and cross communication. Ripple, as a company, has focused on cross border payments and specifically, RippleNet. They have banks on board and using it. It's a matter of time till the clients/banks take on the rest of the product suite, including XRP to complete moving to digital instead of legacy. They are counting on other players in other fields to bring their solutions to the table with the agreement for a standard communication protocol, ILP. It is also very clear to me that Ripple is in the background maneuvering to make XRP the most compelling use case when a token is needed; but you can only drive that demand once the need for it arrives. I fear if Ripple would insist that XRP be forefront and center and they would be forcing XRP on clients; in the long run would turn folks away because you're creating a walled garden. We may get a several month/year pump to maybe several dollars per XRP, but it wouldn't last and someone with a better plan will come along to standardize everything. For now.... I support Ripples strategy. Sure, they've had communication hypes and bumps; but I fault that primarily to community twisting things beyond proportion equally to Ripple communications team. I am here for the haul... glad I got in back at .006 and can't wait to to see what another year brings us. Cheers.
  6. So is this real or fake?

    Agreed, the other small case "e" in the document have a flat horizontal in the middle line of the "e" ; the Ripple one is slanted. The Ripple font in general is not the same at the rest of the font on the page. I logged into my coinbase account and on that Buy/Sell page there is a nice empty spot there that's perfect for another currency to be added there on a desktop size screen. If you go smaller screen's that content resizes.
  7. Paypal - Near instant transfer?

    Yeah, this was recently announced although I hadn’t known anyone that it was available for yet. https://www.engadget.com/2017/06/20/paypal-instant-bank-transfers/
  8. Judge throws out case against Ripple

    I don't know about casting reflection on either side yet. We know both will spin this in their own favor. It does appear Ripple has "won" the first round by Delaware dismissing the court case for starters.
  9. Judge throws out case against Ripple

    This appears to be an ongoing Twitter discussion. Brads reply:
  10. Judge throws out case against Ripple

    R3 Tweets this:
  11. I should probably add.... I am not intending to classify all ICO's as fraudsters who buy Porsches. I have participated and probably will continue to participate in projects that have solid foundations and projects that solve a real world problem. I expect some of the ICO's to possibly not give me much return. I do believe blockchain and it's groundbreaking technologies are going to revolutionize finance, business funding, supply chains, and many more areas of inter-continental trade, just as the Internet revolutionized the transfer of information. It's only a matter of time till regulation catches up. Regulation can be a two-edged sword; too much stifles innovation, not enough encourages recklessness. I hope there is a balance. But back to the subject at hand. Is XRP an ICO? I don't think so. Ripple and XRP have come light-years from most of the current ICO models that are occurring a dime a dozen these days. Sometimes I do wonder where Ripple/XRP could be if it would have never been labeled as the "pre-mine scam". It's taken years to remove that stigma. But in the end, the tech that solves a real world problem will be the tech that's the next multi-million (billion) dollar company. That's why my bets are here since 2013.
  12. Thanks for your comment. I really liked this definition of an ICO that was posted the other day on Twitter by @jwilkins and retweeted by some on the community here.
  13. On the contrary about using XRP to fund business operations. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has stated that Ripple is a cash positive company. I am not sure if it was said explicitly, but it appears that the don't use XRP to specifically fund the company based on comments from JoelKatz and Brad. They may use it as an asset to leverage business deals and create liquidity in markets, but are not relying on it to keep the company afloat. https://www.quora.com/Why-should-I-invest-in-Ripple
  14. Vinnie was an engineer/programmer at Ripple for a while. Seems there was a fall out somewhere between him and Ripple team. He was active on the forums here back in the day. PS. I will add that whatever the fallout was I don't know; however, the Ripple team members on here have publicly treated him very respectfully. Congratulating him on his recent achievements. For that I have only increased my confidence in the Ripple team.