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  1. But would you trust this guy with your money?
  2. I think you overestimate the rest of us on this forum, although plenty of us have managed to DCA over the last 2 years there are some who started at over $3.50, so anything under a dollar for a lot of people is a good average!!
  3. Anybody who feels the need to share this online is usually either full of shit or has gotten in too deep. Either way this is definitely someone you would try to avoid in the pub, especially if the whiskies flowing!
  4. How would that benefit Ripple, it would just be giving free shares to XRP holders? The whole purpose of an IPO is to raise funds.
  5. I understand your points but I think this is a very short term view that would really only benefit holders, Ripple are in this for the long haul and they believe that 100Bn XRP is required for a reason.
  6. The day that Ripple start burning XRP is the day they admit failure and any short term gains will eventually be lost as they will be admitting that demand isn't ever going to be high enough for their original goals. Ripple will never be able to burn XRP after an IPO as they would in effect be destroying the company assets and their shareholders would never allow this.
  7. Yeah, it seems like XRP 24c & BTC $9k are both meeting some heavy resistance. Hopefully this means when they do finally break through they keep going for a while!
  8. Genius logic, I think you need to sell any XRP you may still be holding and go all in Stellar!
  9. Fees on Binance are only 0.25%, some sites are even lower. Tax is another issue but that depends on your location.
  10. What I’ve realised lately is that the same posters seem to be cropping up across a lot of the XRP forums (not talking about googo specifically). It makes you realise just how small the XRP community is and just how early we are into this.
  11. Sorry I forgot you’d diversified, fortunately their XRP value is not the retail price!
  12. Just go to coinfairvalue.com and you can feel like a millionaire again!
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