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  1. What about other cryptos? Are they also vulnerable to quantum computers? Are they planning to secure this issue? That is very intresting thing, and people not talking much about it.
  2. True. I am not hyping myself, it's not even close where I wish it to be, but it looks good.
  3. End of this week? Are you watching charts? $1.00 we can get in 2 hours
  4. Ye that's sad, but the good thing is: the price is stable, even on so much selling pressure. Jed is selling, but someone is buying. Jed is selling systematically and someone is buying systematically .
  5. So let's say BTC mining generate 900 BTC a day (info I found) Right now JED's sales is 38M/day BTC 900/day Making all the calculations and keeping proportions of Market Caps of both, JED's sales alone making 20x more selling pressure on XRP than the WHOLE mining industry on BTC. Am I missing something? Someone else tried to calculate this thing?
  6. Where are we going boiz and gurls? What's the target?
  7. Source of funding is another crypto
  8. Some amounts from foundation may be airdropped for next cryptos like BTC.
  9. I am noob at that matter, but here's what I got: Orange is support, black is fibo. One of my first TA Edit: And it might be reversal head and shoulders:
  10. There is not such a thing like Binance EU. There is Binance.com and Binance.us And just like XRPisLOVE said, why would you do anything with Binance US at the first place.
  11. That would make PoS crypto owners mad. But can they be even more mad on XRP? Atleast Ripple would give them a good reason
  12. Hi Oh and I am bad programmed, cos don't think XRP will 30% ATH anytime soon.
  13. That would take XRP price into a space rocket.
  14. That would be awsome. Just like Polkadot, you stalking by voting for the candidate which is a validator. You have to trust a validator to stake on him, becouse if he's offline or he act malicious, your stake will be cuted. That's how it works on Polkadot, and IMO that is a very good idea to XRP. That would also make it even less decentralized, and actual holder, would feel like a part of the infrastructure.
  15. XRP go home, you are drunk. Please go sub 0.2 so I can buy you back
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