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  1. Thanks very much for your answer, Finally i'm able to get it back, the problem is the --ledger {seq} doesn't work, it only works if you use the ledger hash. The ledger hash could be recovered from the sqlite database, then starting one node with --ledger {hash of latest ledger} --quorum 1 and finally start other servers and connect them to the first server.
  2. The --load option does not work, could you please give me more details? should i start servers one by one, or start them all together ?
  3. Thanks for your answer, In case the stock servers keep operating, i managed to get the network back by restarting the validators with the command ./rippled. This way i had the ledger synced again and i had a gap in the full ledger. But when all nodes die, i couldn't get the ledger back with the same start command, what command should i use ?
  4. Hello, I'm running a private ripple network of 5 validators, and 2 stock servers ( full ledger ). Can I recover the network if all validators die, but the stock servers are operating? Can I recover the network if all my servers die, but I still have the full ledger data on disk? Thanks,
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