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  1. that article cites 0 sources. doesn't seem to bother any of you. pretty telling.
  2. the guy lighting a cig in his avatar wants american muscle? what a surprise.
  3. every crypto has this. people get too emotionally invested, especially when investing money they shouldn't in the first place.
  4. they never will, they're scumbags. as the other guy said, look how long it took to add LTC and the creator is their head of engineering.
  5. my only real gripe at this point is their media/marketing team don't really seem to do that much. seen a lot of news repeated on their twitter the past few weeks.
  6. i've been following your posts since i bought into XRP. i like that you offer probabilities for undesirable outcomes as well, since people need to realize this isn't a done deal. so i've already made a little profit but i'm just worried at this point about future growth. XRP has stagnated pretty damn hard since it crashed and it just feels a little different from other situations. there is a lot of negativity towards XRP from so many angles, and the fact it can't go all that high too soon due to the total supply is making me want to reevaluate my exit strategy a little bit. i'm new to this, but does this feel "different" to anyone else? seems like XRP makes huge gains the corrects and stagnates heavily.
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