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  1. Branko

    Hi all

    My first investment after I discovered crypto was buying 20k XRP...peanuts maybe, but not in this part of world
  2. Branko

    Hi all

    Franko, is that you? Is new Expanse exchange ready yet?
  3. Branko

    Hi all

    Looking at responses, I already like it here. LSD or mushrooms?
  4. What do you all think about https://www.eterbase.com/ They claim they'll have IBAN accounts, crypto to fiat gateway to all G20 currencies, credit card integrated... Is it at all possible, seeing how Bitstamp removed their credit card, and general obstacles that banking sector seem to put in front of crypto? Supposedly to launch in 7 days from now
  5. Branko

    Hi all

    Got banned on bitcointalk today, so decided to find out if Hodor is hiding on some other forum, and found him here. I hope mods are not former Gestapo employees here, too
  6. Branko


    Zamrla diskusija? Evo mene banali na bitcointalk forumu pa rekoh da vidim ima li kakva alternativa
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