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  1. Traders who are exhausted leave no influence to the market if you ask me. Their little trades mean nothing. It is about giant manipulation of pumps and dumps who create fomo and let so many retail and institutional investors step in or step out of the race. It is all momentum.
  2. Yes I agree, the arrows are pointed at him for he can deliver the answers.
  3. Now Ripple has opened an office in DC, and been acquiring several employees with a history in regulation and governments, it is becoming the face of regulation in the financial industry. I have watched all conferences and all questions are being asked to him and Ripple. For Ripple and XRP is a real company with real employees who are finding their roots in the industry. They are often mentioned with Libra, visa, paypal and also many political issues. Anybody who agrees or has more to add to this?
  4. Yes true, but by that time we will have even less influence on the price of one XRP token.
  5. Quite the opposite. I am a dutch banker and I tell you the banking world is winking towards digital assets. As they are a faster and cheaper way to transfer money. Just the supply of options and rumors is too broad. Some banks are working on their own ways to transfer money cheaper. One way or the other, prices of Cryptocurrencies will only redouble. Investment tip, and yes financial advice: Do not sell assets that find themselves in the red sea.
  6. ECB is bigger. It is literally the bank of the Euro. Maybe only some USD or Yen may compete with that.
  7. Good, very good. Its juuuuge. Yes. Nice.
  8. Like it or not, the whole market is based on that hype. It is the only reason why btc ever got to 18k. People smell money and follow its tail - fomo. Focus on enlarging the hype instead of judging it. For when better times come, we need every crypto investor to spread the word like we are standing on a ******* goldmine
  9. True but there are a lot of them, some of them must be so wise to use our lord and savior Brad his xCurrent system.
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