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  1. Anybody know what the statute of limitations is for something like this hack? I'm in the US. Thought I'd ask as we are slowly approaching the one year anniversary.
  2. I just searched this site: https://ledger.exposed/rich-index Searched one of the wallets that received funds from my hack: https://ledger.exposed/tx-flow/rMcqiWXMJEAEMXaFFgnjeuASwAMmef8B8c One wallet they then transferred to is here: https://ledger.exposed/tx-flow/r9Be4diPqgUcdPNPvzY1rFTTATLFhFeKSF After a quick google search of that wallet a lot came up but what is disturbing is that wallet is still with XRP and cashing out ALL THE TIME. Look at the amount of the transactions in the third link. This is just from searching one wallet that received my hacked funds. How is this st
  3. Gatehub's statement said" we kindly ask our customers to remain patient" but the title of the post said "Final Statement" which is weird. Waiting for their actual response and reimbursement activity is probably best before legal action. BUT, I think we should all find out what the Statute of Limitations (SOL) are in our respected countries. A quick google search has this for me in my location in the USA: "Most California misdemeanors have a statute of limitations of one year. But, under California Penal Code 801 PC, felonies have a SOL of three years. Some examples of commo
  4. Anyone not able to log into their Gatehub account? Keeps denying me after 2FA. This has been several attempts over several days.
  5. I recently sent communication to @gatehub asking about general security regarding the hack - haven't' heard back yet but just sent it. Any advice from people here about protecting my: name, address, phone number, tax ID number, bank account info and every other little thing anybody has to provide to have an account? Normally I would just delete everything and call it a day. Besides staring at the ALV there I can't transfer anywhere I'm hopeful Gatehub will remedy this for us all since it was their issue getting hacked - not ours. Therefore I leave my empty account open. Or Gatehub files BK and
  6. Police report will be tangible soon, I filed yesterday so they gave me a case number and asked me to come back when they finish the report. Here are the addresses that took my XRP: 1) rpfcbzdZZSWdB5EWDGcQvD5ycFhM6jdhpZ received 62,000 then a second transfer of 4,000 2) rHvWywQiexNeCLWTa9dBjHTMAtt6tPN7Z1 received 62,000 3) rMcqiWXMJEAEMXaFFgnjeuASwAMmef8B8c received 62,000
  7. Another victim here. They made four transfers to three different addresses totaling 190,000 XRP on June 4th. In other words, they took all I had. Never considered myself rich but now I think my net worth is negative - thanks mortgage. My original account was SnapSwap and this Gatehub account is old and where I was instructed by Ripple to go back in the day. I'm not very tech savvy so never did the Ledger Nano that my friends did - wish I had a time machine. I did have 2FA, never stored my key anywhere, had a dedicated password - I did everything I could do to have it secure at Gatehub. Wh
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