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  1. I guess it depends on how much you're giving them! The most secure option is a hardware wallet like a Ledger nano. There are a few extra steps involved with using a hardware wallet, so if they are not good with computers, I wouldn't suggest it. If the amount is low, or if they are going to use it frequently like a hot wallet on their phone, then Xumm is probably ok, but there isn't a xumm desktop app. Atomic wallet is a bit problematic. It appears to work as a good multicurrency wallet, but, there are a lot of people complaining about it. They use a non-standard key generator so that you can't
  2. Yes, this was a joke. However, the fees did go up by a factor of several for a sustained period of time. Also, the reason for this fee increase is probably interesting. If you look here https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/metrics you'll see that the number of payments, exchanges and transactions have been kind of odd recently. There is probably something going on that we aren't privy to.
  3. Like the title says. Worse than Ethereum!
  4. So you understand forex, but not exchanges? That is the odd.
  5. I'm not sure why they release these numbers in their press releases.
  6. This comes from https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard The numbers presented on this web site are very similar to what Ripple claims for ODL usage (give or take 10s of %), so it is accurate to first order. Also, you can easily verify that the volume on Bitso has gone "to zero", and they were the exchange handling all of the USD-MXN corridor. An interesting possibility is that they now have a way of hiding ODL transactions, such as by using one-time-hierarchical addresses for each transaction, but the volumes on the exchanges participating in ODL doesn't support this hypothesis.
  7. What every happened to David Schwartz's proposal to create an XRP-collateralized stablecoin? Of course, this could be done using Flare https://blog.flare.xyz/closing-the-circle-on-xrp-flare-interoperability/ But I would much rather see this built in to the XRPL and not outsourced to some interoperable side chain.
  8. My vote is for this * XRP is not a security, but Ripple is selling it as if it were.
  9. Can someone who is a native English speaker tell me what tense this is? Not being able to speak English well, I thought that this might have already happened, but when I checked the relevant market capitalizations, it still appears that XRP is greater than XLM by about a factor of two.
  10. This is depressing. Not that XRP is not going up in value with the rest of the cryptocurrencies, but that Litecoin is still a thing. Ok. I'm going to cool it on my hatred of Litecoin and do some research to see if they have innovated at all since launch. For the longest time, the main difference (wrt bitcoin) was the proof-of-work algorithm and a slightly quicker block chain confirmation: Maybe they have done something novel since the old "silver to bitcoin gold" days???
  11. Does anyone have any experience with how accurately these IOU prices will reflect the actual FLR price when it is launched? The price at Giottus (and Indian exchange that I never heard of before) is quoting 0.33 USD, whereas Poloniex is an order of magnitude lower.
  12. Here is the relevant information from the document.
  13. Explain how burning unused XRP (presently in escrow) would affect liquidity. Burning this unused XRP won't even affect the price (consult Stellar). Perhaps give me the equation concerning the divisibility problem you are referring to.
  14. This would have zero impact on price. Stellar burned all their tokens a long time ago, with zero consequences on price. https://cointelegraph.com/news/stellar-burns-over-55-billion-tokens-worth-47-billion-usd However, if Ripple would have burned their XRP too, as many of us have been urging since it was created, do you think the SEC would have started this lawsuit? Of course not. Ripple owns half of the XRP in existence, and they sell them to fund their operations. The games they play with escrow are simply that: games. The net effect is that they still have access to them and can sell th
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